79 thoughts on “Asuka vs. Rei”

    • I haven’t even watched Rebuild yet. Waiting for 4.44 and then I’ll have the lamest best marathon ever. About 4,000 calories of jalapeno poppers and pizza will be consumed, guaranteed.

      • Really, many things are enhanced by 4,000 calories of jalapeno poppers and pizza. When 4.44 comes out in 2024 you are sure to have a really excellent experience watching it on your retinal imaging display while android catgirls serve your food.

  1. TL Note: My WiiUFriendCoderName is ReiAyanami. I have betrayed my namesake for the sake of internet fame and fortune. I am a terrible person. ;_;

    (Asuka’s still the best girl though.)

    • You’ve watched Kenshin but not Eva? Gotta at least have the basics, y’know. The show’s worth watching even if only because it’s been parodied by like every other anime out there.

      • The only reason I never watched it on TV was because it came on too late at night. Believe it or not, I use to have trouble staying awake that late. It would definitely help to watch it. Ever since 3.0 came out, this series has been talked about everywhere.

        • Took me a while to watch it too, actually. It was one of the ones I missed during my American televised anime-watching days. Of course, by the time I watched it, I already knew everything there was to know, lol

  2. You guys got it all wrong. There’s lots of Rei’s so that’d mean instant orgy as soon as she gets in the bedroom. How could you not choose her? There’s only one of Asuka.

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa.

      Okay, while I’ll admit Kaworu is pretty great, how can you hate on a plaid-skirted meganekko with the best grin?

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