51 thoughts on “Time and Eternity (Toki Towa) Announcer Dub “Review””

  1. I think you’re being a bit too negative here.
    While Patrick Seitz, the trailer’s commentator, did a bad job doing this, it doesn’t have to mean that the game’s dub will turn out like crap. (Yes, I am “pro-dub”, as long as it is good). Let’s wait till we the characters’ actual voices.

    And to prove that this was a one-time bad performance, check the Disgaea 4 trailer, where he does a much better in narrating (watch the whole thing).

    • I looked that guy up and half-expected him to be the voice of Snarf. He wasn’t, and I was disappointed.

      I’m with ya on dubs, though. When given a choice, I tend toward dubs. Though if a dub is awful or British (but I repeat myself), I’ll switch to Japanese. Or, in case of emergency, actually just mute the whole damn thing and turn on some Birthday Massacre or something.

  2. I was pretty excited for this game, but then I heard it was basically unpolished/bad and felt like an alpha version.

    I’d probably grab it if it was 20 bucks maybe now, lol.

      • What exactly do you mean by “British”? Made by Britains or with a froced british accent? The only “British” one I know is the Black Butler dub which I really liked and that was only with fake British accents. Are the Britains even doing dubs? All my UK DVDs and BDs have the American dub on them.

      • Yes, but Agni’s off about them always doing dual-audio. Some of their releases are English dub-only, and some of their releases (a much higher number) are Japanese dub-only.

        Hell, their anime is all sub-only.

        • Their anime is sub-only, but most of their recent games have been dual audio–Mugen Souls, both Hyperdimension Neptunias that have been released, all the Disgaea games…this game will have dual audio, I’m 99% certain.

    • Except when they get screwed by unforeseen circumstances, like Atelier Ayesha (seeing how Gust was bought(?) by Tecmo-Koei), which may end up with a partial English dub and lost the JP track.

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