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Poll’s up, review queue’s updated. Lemme know what ya want. Nothing tonight, but review(s) tomorrow.

Vote for me

Vote for me

Why the poll?

Figure it’s best to give ya the reviews you want.


Where’s the poll?

Scroll down and look to your right.


Why now?



Captain Morgan?

Tastes terrible.



Do note that if you vote for Photo Kano, your vote is likely wasted. That show is fucking terrible and I’m gonna weasel my way out of ever touching it again.



Kamica says:

Valvrave is worthy enough to be listed twice on a poll? I guess if Dark_Sage likes it so much, i’ll just have to start watching it now.

Dark_Sage says:

Fixed. But yeah, I actually do like it that much. Gives me the same feeling I got when I watched Geass’s first ep.

Izuchi says:

Same for Shingeki no Kyojin?

Dark_Sage says:

Shingeki works by its own rules.

Jii-san says:

SnK TL party when?

Kono-yaro says:

Are you gonna review it? Shingeki no Kyogin I mean …

puddi says:

I still think Shingeki no Gyojin is the better parody.

Dark_Sage says:

No actual reviews, since I have better things to do than deal with Commie staff crying about bias. TL Parties, though.

No says:

Don’t let the terrorists win!

Kono-yaro says:

I’ve watched gg and commie releases… I donno why I getthe feeling that commie did a little “too much” “liberal translation” on that show…

Azurist says:

Photo Kano has -19 votes? Inconceivable.

Dark_Sage says:

Huh, wonder how that happened.

aoihakurei says:

Idk, probably by not selecting something it’ll get negative votes? :s

Dusty says:

Whacking it behind the knees before it even leaves the gate, huh? Good man.

flipr says:

Is it at all related to the vote numbers and percentages not at all adding up?

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, me fucking with the votes tends to break things. But sometimes it’s worth it.

Dusty says:

It’s 482 voters, not votes. The percentages work out, with the exception of Gimpy in dead-last.

kayserlein says:

Tsukiko = Best Girl.

temp_late says:

Got the first four letters, but that’s a pretty bad typo at the end there.

alexander says:

( ¬‿¬)

FalseDawn says:

Confirmation (yet again) for shit taste. Captain Morgan’s is great – especially when lacing punch :D

Georgie says:

Hentai neko suggestion tonight?

Gotta know if Coalguys are better than Eveyuu and Rori….

Dark_Sage says:

There’ll be a TL Party.

2ColouredEyes says:

> There’ll be a TL Party.
when it is done.

So that Georgie, I and the other people furiously anticipating expecting it is properly informed. :(

2ColouredEyes says:

Oh.. failed. I used italic instead of strike out command, lol

Georgie says:

I live and die by your suggestions ⊂((・x・))⊃

Denzil says:

Please review Hadena-Chihiro’s Yuyushiki.

Hairy says:

I think they dropped it.

anon says:

even though Zettai Bouei isn’t getting much talk this season, I’m curious what comes out on top between HS vs. Oyatsu vs. CTSS

I’ve got a favorite I think, but I’d like to see how it shakes out here

dmonhiro says:

Bla bla bla… where’s my Hyoubu?

pandoramon says:


Dark_Sage says:

The hell’s that?

Solaristics says:

>Reviews tomorrow
>3 Days later nothing


Dark_Sage says:

TL Parties count!

Real review(s) tonight, though.

Solaristics says:

Oh, I forgot to account for that har har.

Kamica says:

Update the poll? Azazel and Hentai Ouji should be taken out as options.

Dark_Sage says:

Good idea.

Kamica says:

Spoilers: Every anime on the poll with less than 200 votes is terrible. (although Leviatan is decent at times I suppose)

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