49 thoughts on “Reasons why Fairy Tail is the greatest anime of the past two centuries”

  1. Too bad her seiyuu got into whole bunch of shit.
    So Dark_Sage, do you think the anime going on a long break has anything to do with her? Or do you think it’s only because it’s catching up to the manga?

  2. Fairy Tail is crap. Sappy dialogue, fragmented story, generic characters and tropetastic narration… ugh. I could really line up this show with Bleech, Narutard, and One Piss.

  3. Lucy has to be the most useless anime heroine ever! She hasn’t done anything worth my attention over Erza. Not to mention you forgot to replace “greatest” with “worst” while writing this title (you were probably masturbating thinking of her). Naruto seemd a lot deeper after trying this anime.

  4. I am very interested in watching/archiving this series. Which groups’ releases do you recommend? Thanks in advance!

    • I’m a big dub fan so I’d suggest Funimation blu-ray rips. As for actual fansubs… the series has been going on for too long to give you an accurate impression of which subs are best.

      So, I don’t have much of a clue. Gimme a list of the groups and I can tell you which have the best reputations (undeserved or not), but that’s about the best I can manage.

      • Ah, I do plan on getting the dubs which go up to 48 at the moment. From those there is DorianHD and Anime-Supreme; they don’t state whose subs they use though.

        The groups that have done the series are: Darksoul-Subs, Hiyono, HorribleSubs, Kyuubi, Ryugan, Tsuki. HorribleSubs, Kyuubi, and Ryugan are the only three that have either completed it or have the vast majority of the episodes.

        • I’d go with Ryugan after the official versions. Used to work for them and they had many issues, but I assume they’ve improved since then. Kyuubi is… well I’m not sure I trust them to do anything beyond wap up the HorribleSubs version.

          But again, I can’t say for certain. Ryugan could be the worst. That’s just who I’d go for based on the options presented and the limited information I have.

          • Kyuubi is the best subs for Fairy Tail IMO. They actually get the names right, while CR fucks them up. Plus their usage of doing effects for the attacks and stuff.

              • The hiatus thing began even before that and for different reasons. And no, they’re not nearly as good to be worth waiting for their last six eps. (I’ll admit they’re better than CR though)

            • Except for Kyuubi calling Jelall, Gerard. They were the subs I went for since they were better on the rest, but his name change annoyed me. Where the fuck did they hear a ‘d’ in his name.

                • I haven’t watched Fairy Tail in years, but from what I remember, the CR names come straight from the author himself, while the “alternate” ones like Gerard and whatnot are what some random scanlator came up with way back.
                  If Kyuubi uses different names than CR, I’d say chances are pretty high Kyuubi are the ones fucking them up.

              • French, official, or whatever it annoyed me. If what I’m seeing on screen and what I’m hearing don’t match it’s annoying. And he kept coming back, so the name annoyance wasn’t as minor as I originally thought it would be.

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