Guest Article: Fansub Group Tiers

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They all fucking suck.

[Dark_Sage edit: I didn’t write this post, Mango-chan did.]

So I wrote something similar around three years ago, and I think it’s due for an update. I find it hilarious how fansubbers take reviews so seriously when they’re all fucking terrible. Taking reviews seriously implies you want to become the least stinky piece of shit. It’s funny and sad at the same time, really.

Basically, fansub groups can be split into Good and Shit groups. If a group’s not good, they’re shit; it’s a mutually exclusive property. Therefore, in this tiering post, I will categorize and explain what groups are Good and what groups are Shit. Here’s a hint before you read on: all of them are shit (kinda).

Oh, and before we start: I’m using the list from this post.

Good Groups

  • HorribleSubs/BSS
    • They’re good because they don’t fansub.

Shit Groups

  • Asenshi
    • Do these guys even fansub? Half the shows they sub are on Crunchyroll. Seriously, stop wasting your time.
  • Anime-Koi
    • You can tell they’re shit because they love anime (koi = love), which in itself is an oxymoron. If you like anime, you wouldn’t be fansubbing.
    • Same shit as Asenshi. Subs only Crunchyroll shows. Why are these fansubbers so fucking desperate to get into the “scene”? This is something I’ll never get.
  • sage
    • Ran by some retarded fujoshi who translates despite not knowing Japanese.
    • Also, who the fuck would name their group sage?
  • Hiryuu
    • They’re like dead. Useless. Zero contribution to the anime scene.
  • GotWoot
    • This is one of the funnier groups. Their leader is some stupid bitch called Sapphi who apparently has no idea on how to run a fansub group.
    • She apparently restructured her group and kicked out half the people for efficiency reasons. Way to burn your bridges and look like a bitch.
    • Also, they don’t treat their translators well at all.
    • Shitty translations from time to time.
  • IB
    • These guys are so fucking slow they don’t even deserve to exist.
    • Remember guys, the fansubbing scene is competitive. You’re shit if you’re still working on last season’s shows.
    • Shitty translations
  • SFW
    • Leader is a retarded nigger (read: black person). This group is a fucking joke for trying to exist in a predominantly white community.
    • Shitty translations.
  • Muteki
    • Shit because I’ve never even heard of them.
  • EveTaku
    • Slow shit. How do you be so fucking slow? Stop it.
    • Quality fluctuates way too greatly: See their joint on Henneko.
    • I’ve heard that fansubbing is harder than scannalation, and by the quality of this group… it sure seems like it!
  • NyanTaku/CTSS/Kiteseekers-Wasurenai/CMS/Whine-Subs/Oyatsu
    • I’ve never even heard of these groups and I’m pretty important; therefore, they’re shit.
  • Hadena
    • Their leader is some fucking retarded Brazilian who lives in Japan. Sorry, bro, jungles don’t exist over there.
    • Can’t translate for the love of their lives.
  • Chihiro/CoalGirls
    • Their leader is an ugly guy with lots of acne who pretends to be a girl on the internet.
    • Yes, that means people who work in it believe that he’s actually a girl and that they might, some day, get some!
    • Shitty translations and KARAOKE.
  • Doki
    • lol
  • Hatsuyuki/Tsuki
    • It seems like all groups that have “japanese” names are shit, and that is usually the case.
    • They all seem to not be able to translate properly as well.
    • Shit.
  • Ahodomo/Asuka-Subs/Zenyaku/Ayako/Shini-Subs/Kata-Subs/Chiki-Subs/Esc-Shinbunbu/AraAraUfuFu~
    • Read above.
    • Holy shit! Why do people name their groups in something that’s Japanese? I don’t understand what the fuck is being conveyed here.
  • Vivid
    • Read below.

Blogging about no name groups is tiring. I’m sure you all want to read about the groups from “This is our life”.

  • gg
    • I think they’re the best group out there. Jeez, I wonder why.
    • However, since they’re in this list, they’re shit.
  • CoalGuys
    • Read above.
  • UTW
    • I don’t understand why people think this group is good. All I see now is a group trying desperately to survive.
    • Most of their shows they sub now are joints with other groups who wants a ride on UTW’s glorious epenis train. Take, for example, UTW-Vivid. They can sub Gargantia themselves, but they’re still in a joint. Oh wait, that means Vivid is shit.
    • Their leader is some retarded asian kid (who apparently goes to med school in Hong Kong? well, I wouldn’t want to be treated by him in the future!) who has no idea how to fansub.
    • In their joint with gg on Railgun (or Index?), they tried to blame the spectacular failures of episode on gg.
      • How does anyone fuck up fansubbing anyway? I don’t even.
    • During a QC round, when a QCer from a joint project suggested fixes to typos and missing words, UTW told the QCer to “stop worrying about unimportant shit.”
    • Their taste in shows is very questionable.
  • Commie
    • Half of their group are autistic and/or clinically depressed: see RHE/herkz.
    • Fun fact 1: RHE nearly OD’d on sleeping pills because his mother didn’t let him play DOTA2 (I would understand if it’s LoL, but…)
    • Fun fact 2: RHE thinks the world revolves around him and got extremely angry when he found out the people who “works” for him are in other groups fansubbing.
      • I’d label this autism, but I’m not autistic, so I wouldn’t know.
    • Fun fact 3: RHE has mental breakdowns every now and then in the commie-staff room. Those logs are actually pretty funny to read, and they make you wonder if this is how school shooters are born.
    • They think their fansubbing decisions are so great, but anyone who’s not autistic can immediately tell how retarded those decisions are.
      • One of their policies is to remove honorifics from show titles, which naturally resulted in some hilarious moments.
      • They renamed “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun” to “Tonari no Kaibutsu”, which is, uh, not quite the same thing. I’m not sure if they even realize that.
    • If I were to describe commie, they’d be like a college engineering fraternity (this implies socially awkward people) at a community college.
  • WhyNot
    • I don’t know much about them, but last I heard, they deliver terrible translations. I don’t even know why the fuck they’re in “This is our life” group when they’re not even that good at fansubbing???
  • Underwater
    • They’re dead. Even though they prize themselves on being good, they drop most of their shit anyway.
    • This group is the prime example of why you shouldn’t fansub if you like anime, because you’ll end up fucking hating it. Only the strong-willed will continue to fansub while hating anime.
  • Mazui
    • It’s been three fucking years, and instead of rolling out v2s all the time, they just stopped caring.
    • Get a fucking editor you retarded fucks. You can’t write coherent english for fuck’s sake.
  • rori
    • This group is ran buy some mentally impaired Brazilian pedophile (does being Brazilian imply being a pedophile?) named Sutai.
    • This group is basically Mazui, but with not very good editors who puts out shit like “PR Instinct.”
    • In the end, they’re the same shit as Mazui but with a different idiot in the executive role.
  • FFF
    • They really, really, really need to stop styling like shit. Three years ago, they had the same problem. I can fucking train my penis to pick a good font in three years!
    • Slow as fuck.
    • Shitty editing from time to time.

I hope I’ve convinced you that all fansubbing groups are shit because, well, they are. Like I’ve mentioned before, groups not mentioned are either just SLOW, OLD, or not important enough (read: shit).

Thanks for reading.


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stgmefly says:

Fansub group tears indeed

Solaristics says:

Lets be serious.

Haidaraaaaa says:

Lets not.

aers says:

hdr-kun pls

Dark_Sage says:

This was written by Mango-chan, not me.

Edit: Went ahead and made this more apparent by slightly editing the title/intro/linking to the CoalGuys site.

iloled says:

Sorry, meant to write vodka.

dood says:

This convinced me to get a CR subscription.

NIAIK says:

Are you mad?
What’s HS for?

corocoro says:

People who can’t get a CR subscription because they live in the third world.

Aru says:

Or in Germany.

Dark_Sage says:

Give the Turks a few more years.

Beelzebub says:

“Give the Turks a few more years.”

I see what you did there and I approve, because it’s awfully true.

corocoro says:

I live in Germany and I have one.

Aru says:

Yeah, but many shows are only available to the US.

corocoro says:

True, but I mostly support them because I realize that without CR fansubing quality would sink to scanlation level (not that all scanlations are bad – it’s a case of 90% giving the rest a bad name).
Personally, I wait for BD rips. And no, I don’t have the kind of money to actually buy the blurays myself, though if I ever become rich, I’ll certainly do that.

Fred C Dobbs says:

What’s your opinion of Fansubbed Anime Critics?

Mango-chan says:

I hope I’ve convinced you that all fansubbing groups are shit because, well, they are. Like I’ve mentioned before, groups not mentioned are either just SLOW, OLD, or not important enough (read: shit).

alpha says:

Well I actually was…. But then you wrote that gg is the least shitty among all those shit, which invalidate your article entirely….

Fred C Dobbs says:

:o) Well, I suppose it’s like the old standup comedian used to say: “Life Sucks! – still, considering the Alternative…” ;o)

Squiggy says:

I’m grinning so much right now

Edward_Bebop says:

Hahaha, especially at commie’s, sage’s, and SFW’s

Solaristics says:

“Doki: lol”

I fucking lost it.

Fishmoose says:

I was hoping for something more elaborate.

2ColouredEyes says:

So am I. The fact that he can’t say much about the group and post
> gg
> I think they’re the best group out there. Jeez, I wonder why.
is so… how do you call it? Jerking?

mahay says:

That was a fun read, but would you agree that Eclipse is/was the greatest fan-sub group of all time?

Mango-chan says:

no, they are dead

temp_late says:

Wait, did Sage work any on gg HenNeko Ep. 2? (v1 / v2?) Seeing the release post:

“P.S. Special thanks to Dark_Sage for editing/subbing in this week!”

…unless that’s some high-level sarcasm lost on me.

returnity says:

Nope. D_S did Ep.02.

Sage, why are you letting Jaka write “articles”? You’re gonna have to v4 this post now.

temp_late says:

Still waiting on Hemlock to start subbing HenNeko, but for everybody else, I guess that means no reviews for the first two episodes. Anyhow…

0:01:04.50,0:01:07.50,Overlap,,0,0,0,,{\i1}Today I’ve gotten even closer to My Master!
> caps wut

0:03:34.02,0:03:38.45,Default,,0,0,0,,{\an8}I’m sure we can get some great ideas from the puppies and kittens!
> full-grown animals inside

0:03:59.67,0:04:03.23,Default,,0,0,0,,Officially, it’s so that the pets would make your heart melt,
> wut

0:05:57.50,0:06:01.16,Default,,0,0,0,,But still, my virgin heart, exposed since I lost my facade
0:06:01.16,0:06:04.63,Default,,0,0,0,,wants to jump on the next level on the stairway to adulthood!
> missing a comma between lines, also wut

0:10:42.31,0:10:44.91,Default,,0,0,0,,How can you say with such a straight face?
> gotta use this line later (“that” missing)

0:18:31.09,0:18:33.54,Default,,0,0,0,,Why did you pick my sister to date?!
> top-tier flow

ugh, got bored looking around. nevermind

2ColouredEyes says:

There’s no V2 and V3 yet. But, you might be correct re: V4’s significance.

returnity says:

Actually, yes, it’s been v2’d & v3’d.

Both times to increase emphasis that Dark_Sage did not write the article, v3 even featuring that Titanically Eotenous red disclaimer.

FalseDawn says:

gg? High-level?

Mango-chan says:

have you found a job yet

Burrito says:

Well, with what you wrote I can take that gg, FFF, Commie (I bet you know more about them than you wish you did) and UTW or EveTaku (supposing they don’t do joints) are the least shitty ones.

GX-9901 says:

jaka, pls.

who_cares says:

So all fansubs suck, let’s watch streams or HS! I learned something new, thanks to your sophisticated views on life.. erm fansubbing.. or whatever.
Now I don’t have to put up with autistic retards, niggers, pedophiles, bitches, brats, weaboos and commie. Can’t thank you enough. Your opinion is worth a lot, nothing else matters, which has to be why everyone on MAL always redirects to your reviews.
You know sooo much about fansubbing, yet you acknowledge that your own group sucks in comparison to HS, truly an adult!

Yeah… thanks for your troll.. erm advice. Always a joy to ride your ePeen. Imma take your suggestion and get me some Fairy Tail on CR, cuz I wanna fap to blonde bigtits and redhair bigtits and savor the taste of the best anime ever.
Don’t get HS! Instead pay CR to watch blonde tits LEGALLY! Pay for your bitches, people! Real life is the same!

[btw, I’m not a butthurt fansubber you insulted, only one who watches their shit, so you don’t have to guess from which group I am. Kthxbuhbye]

Dark_Sage says:

If it wasn’t clear in the title, the introduction, or the content of the post, I didn’t write this. I’m not sure how much more obvious I can make it.

Dark_Sage says:

Okay, made it more obvious.

Dark_Sage says:

Also, I liked the article. <3 Mango. Okay, now I'm going back to sleep.

who_cares says:

Oh sorry, my bad. In my defense, most of the articles on this site are made by you, Dark_Sage, and I’ve grown accustomed to your… well… ‘style’ of doing stuff :D
(I don’t even remember seeing somebody else’s name in the header…)
Well, who cares; let’s enjoy the internet^^

Dark_Sage says:

Nah, if I thought it was just a case of pure illiteracy on your part, I wouldn’t have tried to make it more clear for others — I woulda just told you to learn how to read.

At this point, though, I hope it’s glaringly obvious for everyone. The article is a lot more enjoyable when you know who wrote it.

thecowgoesmoo says:

You could change the title from:
Guest Article: Fansub Group Tiers
Mango-chan Says Fansubbers Suck

Besides that, I’m out of ideas.

Zan says:

Or even better, “Mango-chan Bashes Fansub Groups”

kokujin-kun says:

Or even, even better, “Mango-chan being Mango -chan”. Shit is old even three years ago, but strangely still an entertaining read.

Hairy says:

Wow. He mad.

Dao says:

Seems like there’s only 1 tier to me.

Please rename post ti: fansub group tier

anon says:

I don’t think it’s very wise to let a Chinese -> English translator make an analysis of fansub groups.

Vale says:

Why are you so desperate to cause shitstorms? You can’t get enough pageviews from inflammatory reviews anymore?

Vale says:

(No, I didn’t read the post. Feel free to delete my comments.)

cautr says:

I laughed through the whole article. Glorious! Mango-chan = gg = Best group. Haha. :D But what I indeed realized is, that somehow the editors grow worse, while the timers and TS get better. Seems like editing happens on an autopilot-level now. Great article Mango-chan!

tormaid says:

10/10, would read again.

lasoparo says:

Whine-subs…….also shit?O_o

Dark_Sage says:

You’re going to make me cry. Let me just outline the subtle hints in the first section that this article wasn’t written by me.

Kenshin_sama says:

>They’re good because they don’t fansub.

Most reliable translations you can ask for. Much faster too.

Kenshin_sama says:

Half awake. Sorry about that. >.<

returnity says:

I love that you actually DID have to v2 the post.

Ellis says:

Wow, I thought Dark_Sage was the dick here, but it seems I was wrong.

Yumi-chan says:

( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Communard says:

League of Legends is a terrible fucking game. This is my only issue with this article.

rwn says:

I just read it like the rest of the article, in my mind it was sarcastic. Of course LoL is just a casual and shit version of Dota.

pclv says:

You forgot to mention that being a fansubber = being a failure as a human being.

Mango-chan says:

very good point

anon says:

It’s sad how much drama Mango-chan has to force in order to validate his self-worth.

Mango-chan says:

whoa, let’s not get there shall we

Zan says:

>It seems like all groups that have “japanese” names are shit, and that is usually the case.
Does the same thing apply to people too, Mango-chan?

Sonic Syndicate says:


Mango-chan says:

unfortunately, yes.

i’m the exception though.

lygerzero0zero says:
P32L says:

I concur.

Internette says:

How unsurprising to see the usual suspects rush forward in the comments with unironic vituperation over so obvious a provocation, obliviously reifying the article’s very premise.

P32L says:

Having fun with that thesaurus there? And I frankly don’t see that much outrage over the obvious troll post.

Internette says:

True, not much, but the select few you’d expect to show up didn’t miss a chance to display their autism. That they would persist despite the obviousness really displays their character.


I worry for you if anything I said seemed like a complex word.

P32L says:

I see roughly 3 comments I’d regard as butthurt, which is rather low considering the readership. Oh, and prose of such a brilliant, vibrant mauve is veritably retinopathic and not at all indicative of one’s sagacity.

Internette says:

The point is not the quantity but who made those comments and who they represent. I’m not sure I can make this any simpler for you.

P32L says:

The only comments I’d regard as butthurt were written by vale and a couple of random commenters, so I’m not sure who comprises this “select few” you speak of.

Internette says:

But you just named them. Who else would you expect but Vale (who you of course shouldn’t take as representing only himself) and assorted dogmatic sycophants/idiots? It’s the typical rabble. Nobody else would be that quick to anger. I didn’t think this would be a complicated point, but here we are.

FalseDawn says:

And the Commie-bashing begins?

As much as the activity amuses me, I feel you may be jumping to conclusions by suggesting that vale is talking for the whole of Commie.

P.S. You can drop the act now. You’re fooling no one ;)

Internette says:

I wasn’t implying he spoke for all of Commie. Just his typical circle.

FalseDawn says:

Circle? You mean, fansubbers? But we’re fansubbers too, so which circle are we speaking for? :S

Or is fansubbing set up in pretty much the same way as Hell is?

rarely_upset says:

Coloncrushed post count rising.

While we’re at it, your English has become a lot less pretentious over the past hour.

Worry not, a thesaurus these days is but a click away!

FalseDawn says:

Maybe, but I think many minds have been blown. I mean, it’s hard enough to imagine females on the internet, but a *female internet*!

I’m finding it hard to stop my brain from leaking out of my ears :o

P32L says:

Given vale rarely comments here, I fail to see how he counts as the “typical rabble”. And literally two random commenters, one of which later recanted, neither qualify as “assorted sycophants/idiots” nor “rabble”, which, by the way, has a very different connotation than “a select few”. I’m not sure why you continue to arg— oh wait, I do. Look up hubris in that thesaurus of yours, will you?

Internette says:

Different head, same Hydra when it comes to Vale. Also, those select few who actually bother commenting represent the rabble that doesn’t bother but holds similar views.


Wait, you were taking this as an argument? I only took it as clarification. Well, that would explain a lot. I’m not sure what you think either of us is trying to win, though. I’ll let you have whatever point it is if it’s important to you.

rarely_upset says:


Zan says:

Not even close. Take this: “I hope you all get pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.”

rarely_upset says:

Not even close. SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALADOCIOUS is 48 letters; pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis 46.


Zan says:

Except “SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALADOCIOUS” is a distorted version of a 34-letters made up word that was created specifically for a Disney musical film.

You thought I wouldn’t know?

flipr says:


kokujin-kun says:

>Leader is a retarded nigger (read: black
>person). This group is a fucking joke for
>trying to exist in a predominantly
>white community.

So you chineseses are now speaking for white people? That is soo kawaii! (◕‿◕)

Communard says:

How I long for the Empire of Great Japan to make a resurgence and put these uppity chinks in their place.

Mango-chan says:

i’m actually half black half japanese

kokujin-kun says:

*Pinches cheek* Whatever you say, sport.

Firebird says:

The most amusing part is where he says he hasn’t heard of Whine-subs… on the Whine-subs blog. I’m guessing this is sarcasm, but it still gave me the biggest laugh of all the groups.

Sans-serif says:

This article caused my lizard to bleed all over the place.

UrethraPerformer says:

So Mango-chan is Jaka?

Dark_Sage says:

So the legends say.

Yumi-chan says:

Hm… No picture for this post?

Dark_Sage says:

Probably because I didn’t write it.

Justinnnnnn says:

Uhh, to me it seemed this Mango guy is a 12yr old kid – seriously, just putting ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ into every sentence is a laughable job of a rant. I’m sure I’m wrong and Mango is way older, but man, the post was so lame I couldn’t finish it.

Plus, “Basically, fansub groups can be split into Good and Shit groups” is just a bad starting point. You so true n funny you!

Would much rather have DS’s elaborate and constructive insults <3

kokujin-kun says:

Nah, pretty sure he’s a college junior. But same difference.

Mango-chan says:

did you not read my disclaimer?

YumA`tron says:

You forgot Subdesu-h.

CraN says:

gaawdd, such a bad post…
all I saw:
x-group: fuck shit bad
p-group: shit bad fuck

Mango-chan says:

that’s basically it. the entire article can be summed up by the first sentence.

Brw says:

10/10 article, best I’ve read in a while.

“How does anyone fuck up fansubbing anyway? I don’t even.”

(╯°□°)╯︵ ʌʞɯ˙[ɐp0413ɟ4]‾3ʌ30‾-‾uıظoʎʞ‾ou‾ıʞǝbuıɥs‾[bb]

Chosp says:

Mango-chan’s article is about as funny as the humour gg tries to inject into their god-awful subs.

Ciel says:

The writer of this article seemed so mad it’s scary. D:
He/She probably broke 2-3 keyboards in the process of writing this… thorough rage review or whatever it is. O.O

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