I am Dark_Sage AMA

I am Dark_Sage AMA

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Organizing my music collection, so a night of me fucking about on my computer is pretty much set. So, thought the Dark_Sage, why not have ourselves a regular old circlejerk?


If you don’t know what an AMA is, it stands for “ask me anything”. The point of such a thread is to stroke my ego as I tell you lies I think you’d like to hear in response to your questions. So ask away~


I will also accept thinly veiled requests for stupid articles. Just so long as they don’t take me more than 15 minutes to write. Help me help you waste your time.

Let's go
Let’s go

366 thoughts on “I am Dark_Sage AMA”

      • Ha, you should check out my arguments with some people who think foreigners will never be “Japanese” and that they should fuck off and never touch Japan! Those guys are closed minded!

    • Well, I had enjoyed kiddy shows like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, so looking those up naturally led me to Elfen Lied and the rest is history.

    • Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

      Mountain Dew Voltage as my second choice (because I don’t have a Taco Bell at my place).

      Oh, you thought I didn’t have any taste, didn’t you? Looks like everyone just got facted into humility.

  1. Bet you $10 someone’ll comment “Hyobu when?”.
    I expect my cheque to be delivered within the next 5 business days.

    • 7 figures and I’ll sit down to the bargaining table. Anime blogs are a wise investment these days and I myself am holding out for a cool 10 mill.

  2. I’ve started playing Ever17 recently. How would you rank that game in comparison to 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward? And are your rankings based on the quality of the twists or some other factors?

    • I played Ever17 for about 10 minutes, got bored, then spent the night looking up Yu-Gi-Oh card info on Pojo.

      • Are 999/VLR the only VNs you’ve ever played or are there others? Which?

        I do agree that VNs can be tough to get into. Too time consuming.

        • Hung out in Cuernevaca mostly. Least I got to chill with ZerosGrl for a bit (don’t know if she’s active on the Mexican fansub scene anymore).

          • Cuernavaca… Never been there, funnily enough. Most people I know from there came to the city to try their luck at having a big paycheck without committing the unfairly-stereotypical crime.

        • You should have posted that eight fucking times, just to drill the point home…

          You should have posted that eight fucking times, just to drill the point home…

          You should have posted that eight fucking times, just to drill the point home…

          You should have posted that eight fucking times, just to drill the point home…

          You should have posted that eight fucking times, just to drill the point home…

          You should have posted that eight fucking times, just to drill the point home…

          You should have posted that eight fucking times, just to drill the point home…

          You should have posted that eight fucking times, just to drill the point home…

      • You can watch it in a different order? Scratch that – why would you watch it in any order *other* than airing order?

        • There’s a chronological order, but it ruins the pacing entirely.

          As for why? Well that was the default on the US versions. You had to buy the special editions to get the episodes ordered in aired order. Blame Japan.

          • That’s stupid. They ordered it in such a way so that the big reveal was in the last episode (ep 5, if I recall) – it’d make no sense viewed in any other order. Silly US/Japan.

            • To be fair, you’d get a better sense of the timeline when watching it in chronological order.

              Still makes no sense to have it as the default order. Would definitely ruin it on first viewing.

              • But the whole point is about not making sense of the timeline until the last two episodes where it ties it all together. Plenty of movies and such use a basic form of it where they foreshadow the ending at the very beginning of a movie – Haruhi takes it a step further. You’d lose all narrative to the show if you viewed it chronologically.

                • I haven’t watched it in that order, but I do know that some people can’t piece together the narrative in broadcast order, or at least gain greater insight when watching it in chronological order. There’s quite a bit of difference between starting something in media rens and a non-linear narrative, and I’d admittedly have trouble keeping up if I were to watch it an episode a week.

                  It’s probably worth noting that the non-linear order was created solely for the anime, so one would hope the narrative stands without that structure.

                  • If you can’t even make sense of Airing Order Haruhi, you should just take a knife to your dick right away. Save the gene pool.

                    • Some people just have more important things to do than spend their whole day watching cartoons. Sorry you don’t have a life.

                    • Hey, I have a life AND spend my whole day watching cartoons.

                      And by watching cartoons, I mean managing Excel spreadsheets.

                      …Life is overrated.

  3. kill/fuck/marry


    would have included caly but you’ve probably already disappointed her with your small penis

    • If he’s planning to phase out all other translators until he’s the only one left, leaving him an opportunity to leave the scene and destroy all groups as he does so… then yes. As for why, only the vale knows for sure. Some men just see a niche and fill it in.

  4. Teach us, Sage-sensei: is being an Anime Fansub Critic all that it’s cracked up to be?

    Do you get to write off computer equipment and `net expenses from your taxes?

    And finally:

    All the hawt chicks dig Anime Fansub Critics, right?

    • 1. It’s pretty fucking awesome.

      2. No, I don’t deal with the government. I try to keep all this e-cred under the table if at all possible.

      3. They dig me, at least. Can’t say how everyone else is doing on that front.

    • Spinach-bacon-avocado, probably. Something with those ingredients. I tend to avoid dressings, but a light drizzle of something tangy never hurts. I dunno, not a huge salad guy.

    • Depends what you consider non-manga. I like amerimanga and have it categorized alongside manga in my collection. But I don’t read regular comics anymore. Shit’s not my scene. Unknown Soldier used to be my jam, though, so I guess DC.

      As for fansubber interviews… maybe. uniquec is an expert at color choice, and I’m not quite sure I’m at his level yet, so we might have to hold off on that. Don’t want the interviews to suffer from eyecancer, after all.

      • What’s some good amerimanga to check out? I’ve never read any of it. I’m more into comics these days because anime and fansubbing are a drag. Props for mentioning Unknown Solider. Good taste right there.

        lol uniquec sure did know how to pick those colors. Some of those interviews she did are quite interesting tho. I think she interviewed Kristen at one point. Might spice up the site here a bit to do some.

        • I don’t read enough to consider myself an authority on the subject, but Destiny’s Hand was okay enough. I haven’t found any series that made me think “wow, this is better than any manga I’ve read” but I have read some that made me think “this is as good as a mediocre series, I guess”.

          I’m waiting for people to catch up with top-tier stuff that really changes perception, but I haven’t seen anything that qualifies yet.

    • Depends what you’re into. I don’t know of any one-stop shop. I’m partial to 2chan because at least I can pretend I’m learning Japanese.

  5. Oh Dark_Sage, how do I cope with the fact that none of the web-based media works I like will ever attain animation status, even if they deserve it?

    Deserve it a lot?

    yeah, a few of them would become shitty american anime, but even then they’d be pretty cool you know

    • I’ll pass out in like 3 hours or something. But I’m on an organizing streak and these are rare enough that I’m gonna keep with it till I really need to get to sleep.

    • Soul Eater wins the shounen nod. But I don’t know if that’s a fair comparison.

      Among the normal shounen competitors — Yu Yu Hakusho, Flame of Recca, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, etc. — I’d say it takes a close second behind Fairy Tail. It’s surprisingly well done and it deserves far more success than its mangaka is willing to let it see.

  6. 1. What is your age?

    2. What do you do to earn money?

    3. Why do you waste your time on fansub reviews?

    4. Who do you think is/was the best translator, best editor, best timer…? (Note: Don’t count yourself)

    5. What do you think of RHE? Do you think he is a lazy ass?

    6. What do you think about lyger? Do you think evetaku is fucking up because him not translating?

    7. People of the fansub community whom you respect, like seriously, and not sarcasm respect. (Again, don’t count yourself.)

    8. About anime BD groups, which groups do you think does good work?

    9. Last question: How many of the above questions did you not answer truthfully?

    • 1. Early 20s
      2. Soulless cubicle job
      3. For the fujoshi
      4. TL – Lyger, Editor – Waffo, Timer – Sindalf. But I’m a very bad person to ask for actual fansubber rankings. There’s no way I can account for near any of the variables that would go into such an estimation.
      5. In what way? As a fansubber, can’t say I like him, but I respect him for what he’s done with his group. You don’t build the largest fansub group by being lazy.
      6. Lyger is amazing. Without lyger, yes, EveTaku must be struggling. That’s not a dig at EveTaku staff, I’m just saying he’s good enough to carry any group to top-tier English levels. You can’t discount the importance of a J->E translator being fluent in English.
      7. Pretty much everyone for one reason or another. It’s hard not to find at least one redeeming quality about a fansubber.
      8. I don’t bother myself with that scene at all because I only watch the anime I review.
      9. 10.

  7. What do you think about liberal vs literal translations?

    Are there fansubbers whom you would mark as being very liberal or literal?

    • Liberal vs. literal is a false dilemma created to sell product and increase brand devotion (you know, in the fansubber sense of those words). I’d say there are people I’d label as devoted to one as an ideal or the other, but I think their steadfast positions on the likes of honorifics/karaoke/cursing as a division would be better served by different definitions.

      But liberal/literal is convenient, so most of us are willing to play along.

  8. In the spanish scene, karakokes are seen as a sign of a weaboo release (honorifics, japanese words, tl notes, etc). While just TL is seen as a sign of a “purist” translation (western name order, everything adapted to the maximum grade, etc) Do you think this has any logic?

      • Weaboo release = Honorifics, japanese words (bento instead of lunch box, for example), TL notes instead of adapting the subtitle, etc.

        Purist release = No honorifics, no japanese words or atleast the minimum, changing jokes instead of explaining them in TL notes, etc.

        My question was if you think it’s logical for a purist release to not have karaoke or romaji while for being purist, in the other hand, weaboo releases should have it because they are weaboo.

  9. Well, looks like you won’t answer me about faggots, but you say you like music, but what groups/styles you don’t like/hate from Japanese music? Also tell us the worse anime you ever see.

    P.S. Answer honestly.

    • Ugh, Japanese music. That’s not really my thing.

      The Pillows are okay (shut the fuck up you FLCL hipsterfags I don’t like The Pillows that much), Final Fantasy OSTs usually do well by me, and I like me some Exit Trance. There are some one-off songs I like, but I’m not generally a huge fan of Japanese music.

      Worst anime? Princess Mononoke. And that actually is my honest answer.

  10. Do you believe that anything is random?

    Many people believe that computers are capable of generating random numbers, but they actually generate pseudo-random numbers based on a seed (generally the computer’s on-board clock). Given the same seed and conditions a computer will always generate the same “random” numbers.

    If nothing is truly random, then one can postulate that if a theoretical simulator was capable of simulating every subatomic particle in the universe for any single instant in time then it could be used to “fast-forward” to any point in the future by running the simulation faster than real time. If any future point in time can be known before it has come to be then there is no such thing as free will. All decisions that we make were predestined, so what is the point in doing anything if you don’t really have any options anyway?

    • That’s a good point, though if the argument was airtight, I suppose the free will vs. predetermination debate would have been solved long ago.

      I don’t believe that if the future were observable it would be evidence against free will anymore than observing the past would be. I thought I’d go to Wikipedia and see how they handle your set-up, but then I realized the article was long as fuck, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that. But kudos for getting my brain’s gears working.

      • To expound on this, you can’t precisely know (simulate) every particle in the universe – Heisenberg’s famous uncertainty principle says that if you know position exactly, the momentum (i.e where it is going) cannot be known.

  11. 1. Are you happy to know you are (not) alone in making reviews for a specific fansubbing scene?

    2. Do believe you might inspire some people to do the same thing for their native language?

    • 1. What, you mean the English scene? It depends on the site. I would’ve liked to see 8th’s site still around since people thought it complemented this one well, but I don’t know of any others that particularly got that response from this site’s readers, so I guess I’m neutral? I dunno, haven’t thought about it.

      2. You tell me: http://www.crymore.net/2013/05/07/fansub-reviewing-round-the-world/
      And that I do care about. I don’t really have words to describe the exact feeling I get from knowing someone else was inspired enough by something I did to go out and do something on their own, but it’s pretty fucking great.

    • Depends what time dawn is for you. I’d like to get at least 5 hours of sleep tonight, so maybe another half an hour?

  12. All right, I’m tired as fuck so I’m heading to sleep.

    I’ll answer any questions/etc. throughout the day. So no worries, dear morning (my time) readers (though you did miss out on quite the rousing night). I’ll also have at least one review up Friday night.

    Aight, see ya laters.

      • You remember me? I might die from happiness!

        Waffo’s trying to organize a group for AX and Otakon, I might go but that depends on when I get back from Japan. By the way, want anything from the great land of the rising sun?

        • Of course. You were about the only thing worth remembering from that con.

          Oh yeah, study abroad, right? Don’t have anything in particular in mind unless you can somehow bring back fresh ramen – haven’t had a good bowl since 2011.

    • Diablo III because I know that answer will piss people off.

      I don’t play either because I’m not much into the genre.

  13. I you could turn into Pokemon, what Pokemon do you choose?
    also if you are a Pokemon Trainer, what Pokemon do you choose?

  14. Can I have access to your secret catalogued collection of Commie pictures you fap to everyday? Also, whose pic do you get off the most from? (I’m betting it’s either herkz or Xythar)

    • This may surprise you, but jdp actually comes out on top.

      And no, I’m afraid I can’t hand over these pics. There’s nudity and I can’t risk the chance that you’re underage. Please understand.

  15. If you woke up one day and discovered that you had been transformed into a penguin, what would be the first thing you would do?

  16. Fill in the ____ with your fave

    Imouto ______
    Kouhai ______
    Sempai ______
    Meido ______
    Waifu ______

    2D only please. kthx.

    • The answer to that is less impressive than I’d like, so let’s just pretend I have a fleet of Bimmers and call it a day.

    • Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V for both scripts into two different Notepad++ tabs. Then use a plugin called Compare (not very descriptive, I dunno, just Google it).

  17. When are you going to edit for Commie? You’ve been flirting with them for like years now…

    And what’s your favourite word you’ve ever squeezed into an edit? (this should be relevant to all fansub editors’ interests)

    • I want a D_S answer to this question… I wrote “worthless shitrag” into SnK this week, but that’s not really anything special. Other editors should comment on this too, I’m interested.

      • I got maelstrom into an edit once. I think I’ve also managed nincompoop and I’m doing a project at the moment where I go wild with insults (shit-for-brains, chickenshit, etc) :D

      • “Grime” because it has become a running joke in the staff channel.

        “Tankwondo” was also pretty awesome, though I can’t take credit for coming up with it.

        I’m pretty sure there was some good stuff in OniAi too, but my memory isn’t the best, so I don’t really remember any of it.

    • “gentlebird”. I was pretty proud of myself for fitting that one in.

      And then some other editor copied my edit in a very poorly thought-out effort to earn my favor. (Spoilerz: Backfire of the century.)

  18. Have you watched the anime Natsume Yuujinchou? If so, what are your thoughts about it? If not, what are your reasons?

    That anime seemed matchless to me, different from any anime. Have you ever felt that way about a certain anime? Do you think you can feel that way about an anime in the future?

    • I never really kept up with the scene back then, so I’ll make shit up and pick afk and Ayako respectively, to earn megas internet brownie points.

      • Wow, Scots are the butt of sheep jokes too? We already have the Welsh and Kiwis— exactly how many nationalities can we label as sheep shaggers?

        • Sheepshagging jokes were INVENTED in Scotland – long before there were anything but Maoris in New Zealand (and the Welsh don’t create jokes). Here’s the best one (as told by any West Coaster / Islander / Fifer / Etc.):

          Q.) Whaddya call an Aberdonian with a sheep under each arm?

          A.) A pimp!

  19. Since you’re accepting requests, maybe you could review the fansubs for Naruto Shippuden Movie 6 which includes Taka although they still haven’t released it yet.

    • just so you know, when they talk about fansubbing, they leave out stuff like Hunter X hunter, Naruto, One Piece etc.. because they are long, shonen and of no particular interest to the current fansub scene.
      One Piece proper translations are done by Kousei and yibis.. and that’s pretty much it. Kousei & yibis doesn’t do anything else than OP. So all these famouse groups pretty much leave it on them or don’t care about it… also time constraints.
      Naruto, well… it’s only Taka. Leave out Hatsuyuki. Why you ask? Dunno. Maybe because Hatsuyuki never get that much attention as other groups, even though their works are atleast on par with Commie.
      There are other long running shows where you rely on oh so mighty HorribleSubs. Or are forced to choose somehting shitty like Tsuki.
      TL,DR: No one in the current fansub circlejerk scene cares about long running generic shonen. It’s only outcast groups.

      P.S: Yeah, Taka would be considered outcast too. Fuck their SnK.

      • You did review subs for the 4th movie. And besides this movie is somewhat special since it’s the first Bluray release in Japan and I wouldn’t like to end up with a huge file with shitty subs.

    • I believe there was a Baka-Wolf forum that listed a bunch of affiliated groups. I never participated in it, but there were a number of them. Baka-Wolf, m33w, Mayu-Genjo, blahblahblah (I forgot the name of the group I was in, actually).

      It was just another circlejerk of fansubbers.

  20. D_S, not mine but a friend’s Q.

    > Do you watch TV series like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, House, and the others?

    > Follow up Q: Any chance of – the call was cut at that word.

    • Game of Thrones only. Don’t have time to get into other shit. House is for housewives and The Walking Dead is for people I wish were dead.

  21. D_S if you could kill all humans in the entire dimension and make sure that nothing will be able to evolve into human again for the next trillion years would you do it ?

    • The simple answer is “whenever I get bored of it.” I don’t need to pay an idiot tax to figure that one out.

  22. Do you often cry more than a teenage girl with a collection of twilight/hunger games/any other crap with a targeted teenage girl audience?

    • I already watched it. It’s just a shitty HorribleSubs edit. Not worth my time to review or yours to read.

  23. Please review the Yuyushiki subs. I’m crying every time I watch the show because of the horrible subs. Crunchy’s shit, Commie’s shit. Or maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know ;-;

    Say, you wanna sing a duet?

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