Fansub Review: [UTW-Mazui] Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S (Episode 09)

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And here we are with the second A-tier of the season. Goddamn, that took way too long.

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (520 MB, 10-bit), LQ MP4 (204 MB)

Japanesiness: No honorifics? Well, there weren’t any in the release, but I’m going to assume that’s just because honorifics weren’t used in the Japanese version either.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)


External links.

Group websites: 

IRC channels: #[email protected]  #[email protected] screenshot comparisons:

Subbusu screenshot comparisons:



Visual Review


[UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_09_[720p][5B391C31].mkv_snapshot_03.36_[2013.06.22_09.22.59] [UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_09_[720p][5B391C31].mkv_snapshot_03.50_[2013.06.22_09.23.33]

Opening. Jesus Christ, sections of the OP have the lightning match the beat. How the fuck do you beat that shit? That’s insane.

Rating: Great.

[UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_09_[720p][5B391C31].mkv_snapshot_22.31_[2013.06.22_10.05.02] [UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_09_[720p][5B391C31].mkv_snapshot_23.24_[2013.06.22_10.06.04]

Ending. Safe but enjoyable enough.

Rating: Okay+.




Good thing the karaoke didn’t make this look retarded.

[UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_09_[720p][5B391C31].mkv_snapshot_12.29_[2013.06.22_09.37.14] [UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_09_[720p][5B391C31].mkv_snapshot_15.16_[2013.06.22_09.40.16] [UTW-Mazui]_Toaru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_S_-_09_[720p][5B391C31].mkv_snapshot_21.58_[2013.06.22_09.47.05]

I guess it was hard to translate this title. No worries, UTW-Mazui. You tried your best.





Script Review


The OP karaoke makes so much more fucking sense than Commie’s and Doki’s.



Sister’s noise I continue to search
For the place where my hesitant heart belongs
I will not let anyone destroy the overlapping feelings we share…!
The repeating truth is ever far away
Even now, I still cannot feel your pain
Even if the dream you entrusted to me that day starts ripping me to shreds,
I will believe only in that precious hope and make it through
You stood closer to me than anyone else
and yet I could not hear your voice
Among the everflowing passage of time, I have finally met you
sister’s noise I continue to search
for the place where my hesitant heart belongs
I will definitely protect that same smile that I felt
I will no longer let anyone destroy it…!


Sister’s noise
I keep trying to pin down our hearts somewhere
I won’t let anybody ruin the relationship we built
When I was oblivious to your pain,
the truth that repeated right before me was still so far
Even if the dream I hid long ago should tear me apart,
the hope that I cherish more than anything will drive me on
You were closer to me than anyone else,
and yet I could not understand what you said
On the inexorable river of time
our boats finally met
Sister’s noise
I keep trying to pin down our hearts somewhere
I will protect the smile we share as we feel the other
I won’t let anybody ruin it


Sister’s noise, I will continue to search
For where your wandering hearts will have peace
Now that our feelings have come in line
No one will ever be able to destroy them
The truth, repeating over and over, was so far from me
The pain that you felt never reached me
Even if the dreams I held in the past
Will one day tear me apart
I will never stop believing in that hope
Because it means more to me than anything
Though you were closer to me than anyone
I couldn’t hear your voice
But as time continued to march onward
I was finally able to meet you
Sister’s noise, I will continue to search
For where your wandering hearts will have peace
I felt all those same smiles
And I will surely protect them all
No one will ever be able to destroy them

Doki and Commie seem to be making this a love song, but UTW-Mazui’s is clearly a song about Misaka’s sisters. In a song called Sister’s Noise, I wonder which interpretation is right.

Killshot bonus for UTW-Mazui.



Main Script.


Hot damn, count me in!

(For those of you who haven’t seen this episode, Frenda’s line here is accurate. She’s stuttering/not talking right due to Misaka’s electrical attack.)




Tell me more about this “two three”.


brains. Their heads aren’t empty — they each have their own brains. They just share consciousness through the brainwave link.



I wouldn’t call this an “A” script, but it was pretty good. Guess I need to come up with reasons, then. …which may be kind of difficult considering that the script wasn’t exactly a paragon of quality more than it was solidly QC’d, understandable, and flavorful.

Oh wait, I guess that wasn’t difficult at all.




Examples of the flavor since I know y’all love the screenshots.




Watchability: Quite watchable.

Visual grade: A-

Script grade: A-

Overall grade: A-

No need to look elsewhere. UTW-Mazui is the way to go for this show.

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Vanth says:

Well I guess that cements it.

Kamica says:

The Item arc ends on episode 10. You should consider watching it. There’s a pretty good fight scene.

Unless you enjoyed the Sisters arc in Index season one, there’s probably little reason to bother continuing past episode 10.

aoihakurei says:

Did Raze start to suck your dick again?

Jokes aside, that karaoke is really amazing, not to mention it’s softsubbed. It’s like 2009 again.

Solaristics says:

Yeah, I agree. I don’t know why people changed from that type of Karoke, but it’s wayyyyy better.

TKW says:

We can only hope this starts the trend again…

kokujin-kun says:

Stahp plox.

Seriously, I REALLY don’t want things to go down that slippery slope again -_-

Danuchiha99 says:

Sweet review, what’s next? UTW-Mazui don’t disappoint… imo

kokujin-kun says:

That’s a surprise. UTW/Mazui can get pretty engrishy at times so I guess they stepped up their game a little.

aoihakurei says:

Well you’re bound to get better after two months of working on something, I guess? Unless it’s fansubbing. …wait.

Godcore says:

One episode is not indicative of the overall quality of their releases. If there’s one thing that’s consistent with all of UTW’s works in the past, it’s their inconsistency.

VEGETA says:

I would like to read your review of gg’s release of x264 Nerawareta gakuen.


tormaid says:

Do you even know what you’re saying? Really, I’m curious.

2ColouredEyes says:

>And here we are with the second A-tier of the season. Goddamn, that took way too long.

Well said. Someone was slacking so it wasn’t noticed from the start. Can’t be hel-

mianghuei says:

Lightning OP is just sick!!

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