Crymore Feedback Session – v. Pre-Summer 2013

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Holy shit, it’s that time of the season: time for an official Crymore feedback session. Give me your fucking thoughts about anything that will help me improve the site.

Let me first address some of the more common feedback I get so you don’t need to beat me over the head about it.


Be Faster!


I’m no longer in the education system and I have a real job. More importantly, I’m a terrible procrastinator. So, no.


More Content!

More posts plz

See above. But if you want to sign on as a writer, we can talk.


Marriage Time!

marry me

No, Kusion. Stop asking.



~Your Turn~

All right, go wild. Really, throw whatever the fuck you want at me. The vast majority of the content you see on the site is due to direct feedback I have received, so if you want something, you’d better fucking ask for it. Do note that I read every single comment on this site, so don’t worry about being buried under the cool kids’ threads of comments.

100 thoughts on “Crymore Feedback Session – v. Pre-Summer 2013”

    • Like how many times was this brought up? No longer an issue, IMO.

      If possible, maybe you can try to review the most-hyped animu first.

      Also, if you accept questions from this Feedback Session, I’d like to know if there is/are prospect animu that Whine-Subs considers to do.

      • It’s brought up all the time. And it’s a valid complaint, just not one I can do anything about.

        That generally falls under the poll’s purview. I just need to follow it more closely (and I have changes I’m implementing on my end to make sure I will).

        Whine-Subs is on hiatus for Summer 2013.

          • What, do you want me to stall or drop another series once I get tired of it? Not the best way to run a group, methinks.

                • Do you want a TL for it?

                  If you were to add a writer, what on earth would they post about? Don’t tell me you’re turning crymore into one of those aniblog websites?!

                  • Maybe… we’d have to chat more on IRC about it.

                    Well, it sort of is an aniblog website already, yeah? Just one with a generally niche focus. If you’re talking about episodic posts… I wouldn’t allow that to happen to the site. As for the first (second?) question, I have no frigging idea.

        • Thank you for the unpleasant reply :(
          I really thought there could be a [Whine-Subs] Free! or Gatchaman, or something. Thanks again.

  1. Should have a reset on the poll 1 month into the season.

    1, It’s hard to know what to expect from a series after just one episode.
    2. We do not know early into a season how competitive certain shows are going to be with their fansubs.

  2. The Crymore banner needs more blood and tears.

    That aside, i would be interested in more random articles like: “A Post-Metaphysical Deconstruction of the Post-J-RPG Female Protagonist – An Exercise in Sexism, Race, and Post Legitimacy”. Those are fun to read. But i like your reviews the most.

    • Mm… I kinda suck at banners, but if I find a suitable pic, that may happen. I do like to switch things up often (like my avatar).

      Glad you dig the articles. You will definitely be seeing more in summer 2013. How many more depends on how ambitious I’m feeling (there’s potential for… quite a few).

    • 1. Soon. I have to get that done before the new season, obviously. Had planned to get out the OreImo reviews today and then work on the preview while everyone is placated.

      2. Mm… fine.

    • Uhh, you mean non-anime script reviews? I might be able to swing in a B-tier Japanese movie script review, but I pretty much see this site as an anime blog, so anything else wouldn’t really fit in.

      Unless you’re talking about like… anime/video game reviews?

    • I write what I’d want to read if I were someone who frequented this site. That ensures I’ll never lose sight of how to keep Crymore relevant to the audience I want to have. Which is people as awesome as me.

  3. I can’t think of anything else to improve. But I guess if you run out of time and are lazy, I’d much rather have you skip the translation parties and write the actual reviews sooner.
    Cause I’m lazy too, much too lazy to actually go through a whole translation party…

    • Hm, maybe. I do like reviews more than TL Parties. Hopefully I’ll get them all out of the way before each series’ second episode airs.

    • The scene’s slowly dying, so the drama output I’m capable of delivering in post form is pretty limited. :/

      Oh, and I should note I’m not really a fan of dealing with the manufactured drama certain groups are known for. I find it rather pathetic.

  4. Dark_Sage said:

    “…I’m a terrible procrastinator.”

    I read that as “procrastibator.”

    And I’m inclined to believe it.

      • Why does everyone like that shit so much? Seemed like your standard generiharem to me from the first couple eps.

        • It goes out of its way to brush up against all the major romcom cliches just so that it can vehemently do the opposite of them: the main guy is not clueless, he’s not interested in being in romcom situations, he’s always doing things that improve the situation but no one falls for him because of it, the main girl is not showing signs of being romantically interested in him, etc..

          TLDR: It’s awesome because it’s the exact opposite of a romcom anime. I wouldn’t say that I was amazed by what I saw from just the first two episodes either. Give it another chance.

            • He’s always aware of the social situations around him. Mind providing examples to back up your claim? I doubt you’ll be able to come up with anything.

              Let’s keep this discussion going for a while.

              • You want an example? How about not realizing that Yui has feelings for him? He thought everything she did was out of obligation/pity for him. For someone who’s supposed to be a social expert, missing that one is like totaling your car right after pulling out of the driveway.

                • But then during the festival, he did.
                  He purposely tried avoiding the subject because he was the one who didn’t want to get in a relationship. But he probably didn’t want to ruin the friendship, so he acted clueless.
                  That’s what it seemed like to me, anyway.

                • He’s smart enough to know that Yui’s feelings for him are genuine. He’s also smart enough to know that a romantic relationship would never work. Ending the relationship early is the only way to stop the inevitable from happening.

                  The “obligation/pity” excuse is something that he made up in an an attempt to distance himself from Yui. He was justified in doing so.

                  Spoiler for
                  Pretty much the entire school hates him now. Most girls would have a change of heart after what he has done throughout this show.

                  Anyways, i’ve got to go to work now. I’m already almost late. I’ll continue this discussion later this evening.

  5. Hey, dark_sage, I would like to write for the site. I could do whatever, but I can write for anything requiring critique of English grammar.

  6. > Give me your fucking thoughts about anything
    > that will help me improve the site.

    Free e-reacharounds for the first ten
    intelligent responses to any review?

    (And really, I think you’re an EXCELLENT procrastinator.)

  7. Make more banners :) I liked that in Look at GotWoot’s site for reference, but please don’t ruin it like they did with that contest…There were good pics in there, but they included way too much and way too teen-friendly :(


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