Review Bias

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A handy reference guide for the next time someone wants to act like a little bitch.

“Oh fuck, I got a C-?”

Dark_Sage, you’re biased!

There’s been a lot of hubbub recently over “bias” on this site. Bias that only ever appears when the people complaining received harsh feedback in a review.

How convenient it is that those who have been criticized always have the perfect argument that absolves them of all responsibility over the quality of their scripts.

Just because I can't spell doesn't mean I'm a bad speller. Dark_Sage is just out to get me!
Just because I can’t spell doesn’t mean I’m a bad speller. Dark_Sage is just out to get me!

And it sure sucks for me that I don’t have a review system set up whereby each and every one of my arguments can be deconstructed (and review scores accordingly amended) simply by pointing out where I’m wrong. Maybe I should have thought of that before I started reviewing fansubs — sure would have saved me a lot of dealing with an ocean’s worth of salt.


So, whiners, here’s some food for thought:

food for thought
This is for you.

Maybe you should own up to your mistakes and try to improve yourselves when you receive criticism you can’t refute, rather than crying over how everyone else is out to get you because you’re perfect and they hate you for it.

It’s called being an adult.

15 thoughts on “Review Bias”

  1. >simply by pointing out where I’m wrong
    >pointing out where I’m wrong
    >where I’m wrong
    >I’m wrong


    did I live long enough to see D_S accept the unlikely possibility that he might be in the wrong?

  2. How dare you infringe on my right to bitch like a newly single high school girl and not get persecuted for it.

    Cyberbullying *buzz word* *buzz word* human decency!!!

    • After enough cons, the high school girls finally accepted me as one of their own. I look fabulous in a skirt, just so you know.

      • I am willing to believe you only if I can see proof. Preferably in the form of photography. Or a video shot at a drag strip club.

        You know, routine stuff.


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