Non-Airing Reviews to Come

This post was written by Calyrica. She is not Dark_Sage.

Dark_Sage is busy as fuck, so I’ve stepped in to do some reviews that he wouldn’t normally do. Most of you know me, Calyrica, and this isn’t my first post on the site, but for those of you who don’t, I’m in like every group. No, really. (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit here…)

But anyway. The point of this post is to get your feedback on what you’d like to see reviews of. Anything non-airing is a go! Are you trying to decide between BD releases? Is there an old series that you’re not sure if you should suffer through with shitsubs? Throw them all at me!

Just like The Sage does, I’ll mention karaoke, typesetting, and the main script. Unlike The Sage, in addition to editing/QC, I also kfx and typeset, so I’ll try to give technical feedback for that, too!

So until I get some feedback from you, I’m gonna keep playing Atelier Meruru!

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    • I could do that if people want to see those series.

      There are a LOT of groups that belong to that category, though. Trying to cover everything might not be plausible.

    • That would be interesting. I tend to overlook those groups with my narrow, season-by-season perspective of subs. There’s quite a bit more out there than just those people interested in the here-and-now.

    • Can you review Beast Saga (ruri-Saizen), Capeta (a-e/saizen), Major world series(saizen-umai), Towards the terra(a-e/saizen) and Yawara(FroZen-Evil)?

      I don’t expect you to do them all, but please pick some ^^ If I’d have to pick the two projects I loved most working at, it’d be Major and Towards the Terra. If you want to have a laugh from FalseDawn’s editing, review Beast Saga.

        • Cool, I dunno how I forgot these last night, but Shigurui (a-e/saizen), and Soul Eater (a-e/saizen) would be really interesting to see how hold the water compared to today’s subs as well. Especially Soul Eater seing how we did two versions in one mkv thing. Well, you’ll have a few to consider ^^; Thanks!

  1. How about reviews for recent movie subs, like Garden of Words and Nerawareta Gakuen? At least for the former there are something like 6 options, so it’s not really the easiest decision to make. The latter is just gg so far, but it’d be interesting to see how they did.

    • I’ll do Garden of Words for sure. That thing is brilliant. I watched Commie’s release, but I know it was also done by WhyNot and who else?

      • Doki, Coalgirls, THORA… fine, five options. And I doubt CGi and THORA did much with the script, but I know CGi at least added more typesetting, so at least there’s that for their version.

        • Looks like THORA only did 1080p unless you can find evidence otherwise. My laptop is optimized for 720p – full-screen doesn’t need to scale or anything – so I feel like I’d get the most accurate visual results from 720p. That and 1080p would eat up the 7gb free space that I have.

        • That was SS-Eclipse as a joint, but I suppose most of their big shows are. If that’s all right with you, I’ll do it.

          Also, due to the age of the series, that will be in 576p. There are lots of BD groups that have used their subs with the BDs/etc, but I’ll go with the original source if that’s what you want.

  2. So maybe a little more serious one: KamiNomi – am I the only one who thinks CMS’s BDs are not worth archiving?

    This might be especially relevant with S3 coming real soon…

  3. The Tatami Galaxy, Kara no Kyoukai, and Angel Beats. They all have pretty good sub groups, but it’s hard to figure out the all-around best.

  4. If you could tell us the best group for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I’d probably have to marry you (regardless of your gender).

  5. How about Angel beats? Doki’s BD Release using Static-Subs and UTW’s. I personally chose Doki’s because it was 10 bit and not 8 bit one, but if UTW has far superior wording I’ll pick them.

  6. You can’t be in every group. I’m in every group and I don’t share a group with you! :S

    (Admittedly, all my groups are dead now – because I killed them! mehehehe)

      • Mirai nikki is a easy one.
        Only notable group that did it is Final8 which just pasted Static-Subs’s subs, with very rudimentary typesets.
        Broken did the better release with edited Gotwoot subs with god-tier typeseting. But they are stalled at Ep 5.
        You are better off reviewing the TV subs, instead of BDs.

        • Well, I think that people are more likely to archive BDs, aren’t they?

          I could def do a comparison of Final8 and Broken, but if they’re stalled, then you really only have one choice…

          • Yeah, especially considering that Mirai Nikki has a decent amount of action and dark scenes (so BD video quality more justified), not to mention the redraws, uncensored gore, and uncensored boobies on BD.

          • There’s no point in comparing them. Broken’s using Gotwoot’s A+ release as their base, and doing even more work to improve the visuals, where Final8 doesn’t do anything to their subs, and used SS for the script, which got an A-, and IB’s typesetting and karaoke. Sadly, we at broken are kinda stuck because our typesetter is no longer able to do any work, and our timer has somewhat disappeared.

  7. How about reviews of the BD releases of Railgun’s first season? AtsA, Elysium and Chihiro were the main ones, I think. And they each used a different TV group’s subs, so that works out nicely too.

  8. I’d love to see a real Bakemonogatari review… A proper [Aniplex] vs. [ANE] w/gg subs vs. [Coalgirls] w/ Koharubi subs comparison.

    I like the idea I’m seeing here of doing ‘best fansub’ vs. ‘official sub’ reviews for some of the most popular / classic anime that get neglected by D_S’s process because they’re not current-season. I’ll try to think of some other ones, but alongside Bakemonogatari, Kara no Kyoukai & TTGL are both great examples.

    • gg said the official subs are better for KnK and they even scratched their own translation in favor of them for their batch, so there’s nothing to review.

      TTGL will come when people tell me BDs are out? I haven’t seen the series so I have nfi about that.

      Bake could be done, but D_S did do a review of it not too long ago as a translation party. He included those sources plus another one.

  9. I’d like to see a review of Tongari Boushi no Memoru by Anonymous Russian Rippers. It’s an old anime (1984) and it’s the only version, but I’d linke to know how good (or bad) is the translation before I start watching it.

    • 1. RDG was airing. D_S usually does airing. Bug me again when BDs come out.
      2. I QC’d FFF’s, so that’s a conflict of interest.

  10. I have an idea. How about when reviewing BD releases, you compare it to the TV release the subs were taken from to see what was improved/worsened. This would be able to show the benefits (other than better video) in someone replacing TV with BD releases for archiving. Sekai’s Yahari, for example, combined the strong elements of 3 groups. It would be nice to see how much of a better product it is in comparison to the original TV releases.

    • If they combined the strong elements of three groups, it’s obviously better than each group alone, so there’s no point reviewing that, actually. It’d be a lot of work to prove something obvious.

  11. >Elysium using Mazui’s subs was also requested, but I couldn’t get a torrent for them to download, so we’re stuck with just these two contenders.
    >the karaoke does this weird flickery thing that looks absolutely terrible.
    >However, the Mac version of mkvmerge wouldn’t even open the original mkv since it had no idea how to read the audio file. I ended up using advanced options to open everything in VLC but fuck, that was a shitton of work.
    >By the way, I have no idea if this is a TV or DVD or what type of release.
    >Uh, can I safely assume that this is a libass issue?
    >If you are part of eraser or anyone else, as much as I’d love to do this, the video file doesn’t work. Specifically, the audio is fucked. MPlayer OSX Extended plays a blank track, MPlayerX plays static, and VLC gives me an error.
    >Their distro was so shit that the torrent only went at 3kb/s most of the time. Sorry. No one’s gonna grab that.
    Pls get your shit together

    • Though they’re no longer on the site, Dark_Sage actually *did* review both releases. Underwater got the recommendation, but I have to warn you that their karaoke styling is eyecancer.

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