Fansub Review: [Flax] Servant x Service (Episode 02)

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I’m hungry but too lazy to order a pizza. Man, being an adult sucks.

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (322 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Banzai!

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours)


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]net screenshot comparisons: N/A

Subbusu screenshot comparisons: N/A


Visual Review


[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_00.54_[2013.07.13_16.13.57] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_01.19_[2013.07.13_16.14.53]

Opening. The kanji is hardsubbed by the animation studio. The only options you have in cases like this are to: A. Do your own thing and ignore it. B. Match the kanji and hope it works out all right.

It worked out all right.

Rating: Okay+.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_22.28_[2013.07.13_16.11.57] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_22.53_[2013.07.13_16.12.28]

Ending. Like the OP, the kanji is hardsubbed so the group didn’t have many options for kara.

Rating: Okay+.




[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_01.53_[2013.07.13_14.27.33]

Better than Commie’s typesetting for this screen, but that’s not saying much.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_04.16_[2013.07.13_14.33.30]

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_06.18_[2013.07.13_14.40.44] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_06.41_[2013.07.13_14.41.32] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_09.22_[2013.07.13_14.45.52]

This is a joke, right?

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_13.36_[2013.07.13_15.59.56] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_16.57_[2013.07.13_16.03.54] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_18.18_[2013.07.13_16.05.49] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_18.43_[2013.07.13_16.06.21] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_20.23_[2013.07.13_16.08.40] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_23.25_[2013.07.13_16.10.57]

I would classify this effort as “existent” rather than “good”.




Script Review


[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_00.54_[2013.07.13_16.13.57]

I have no clue what you meant.


Main Script.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_01.56_[2013.07.13_14.28.20] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_01.59_[2013.07.13_14.28.28]

Bad edit. The original Crunchyroll lines were:

Once elderly people get a hold of me,
I end up listening to their stories for hours and…
I feel horrible, but I’ve been hiding from them…

The first two CR lines were one complete thought. The third was another complete thought, related to the previous one, but not to the point where it would be all included in the same sentence.

Flax misinterpreted the meaning of the lines and shoved them all together in one sentence, resulting in a confused mish-mash of tenses and misattribution of what’s making Miyoshi feel horrible. (That is, she feels bad for hiding. She doesn’t mention she feels “horrible” when listening to them.)

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_02.06_[2013.07.13_14.28.40]

If you’re Flax, won’t be able to do English.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_03.00_[2013.07.13_14.30.12] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_03.04_[2013.07.13_14.30.22]

The “you’re” in the first line is supposed to signify different subjects, but with the way it’s written, that’s not the case. I got the wrong impression from this line because of this.

“Well, even though both of you are newly employed women,”

“you’re doing so much better than she is that the pressure might be getting to her.”

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_03.27_[2013.07.13_14.32.28] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_03.28_[2013.07.13_14.32.32]

Comma splice.

“I can’t do such difficult tasks. Please help me, Hasebe-sama!”

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_05.22_[2013.07.13_14.35.38] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_05.29_[2013.07.13_14.35.13] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_05.32_[2013.07.13_14.35.29]

Yes, it’s a breach of etiquette, but the venue is nearby.
There are a lot of get-together events for cosplayers…
So I can keep cosplaying, I’m a temporary employee who can easily take days off.

Crunchy’s lines aren’t much better, but at least I can understand what’s going on. Flax, what are you doing? Your edits are making the script worse.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_06.33_[2013.07.13_14.41.10]

No, you don’t capitalize it here cuz it’s not referring to a specific club.

“Oh, what’s this? A manga club.”

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_06.43_[2013.07.13_17.03.38] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_06.48_[2013.07.13_17.03.47]

“I know that title”? lol

Try “I’ve heard of that show.” or even “I’ve heard of that.” if you wanna be more vague.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_06.47_[2013.07.13_14.41.53]

This would actually be “Whoa!”

Woah is something you say to horses.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_08.21_[2013.07.13_14.44.16]

Where the fuck is the period?

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_08.30_[2013.07.13_14.44.36] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_08.35_[2013.07.13_14.44.48]

Yamagami-san, is it really not that you aren’t interested in clothes,
but that you can’t find the clothes that fit you…
Because of your breasts…

Good gods, CR fucked this up too, but Flax once again completely misunderstood what was going on.

Flax, first off, “apparel” is singular, so you wouldn’t use “any”. Secondly, you’d want to end the line in the first screen and make the second screen something like “Or is it that they don’t fit your breasts?”. Third, you fucking suck.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_09.49_[2013.07.13_14.46.30]

Wrong. It would be “people’s” in the sense of my “my sense of fashion is stronger than most people’s sense of fashion”.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_10.16_[2013.07.13_14.50.43]

This is exactly how CR had it. And it’s fucking wrong.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_10.44_[2013.07.13_14.51.17]

You mean law-abiding.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_11.01_[2013.07.13_15.56.07]

The fuck is a “health welfare nut”?

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_11.19_[2013.07.13_15.56.32]

You know what they say about people who stutter in text?

They’re retards.

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_12.41_[2013.07.13_15.58.23] [Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_12.44_[2013.07.13_15.58.32]

That’s not how you cite. Use commas.

“What’s article 78, section 7 of the nursing insurance law?”

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_17.44_[2013.07.13_16.05.02]

The fuck am I reading?

[Flax] Servant x Service - 02 [99145D7A].mkv_snapshot_19.57_[2013.07.13_16.07.59]

Why the “often”? No. Get rid of that.




Watchability: Watch the HorribleSubs version rather than this.

Visual grade: B-

Script grade: D

Overall grade: D+

The degree to which Flax fucked up the Crunchyroll script is embarrassing. Avoid this.

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That’s what it’s shaping up like so far.

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“This would actually be “Whoa!”

Whoa is something you say to horses.”

/confused. Don’t you mean “Woah” instead of “Whoa” for that second part?

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Flax more better then commie or not??


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Commie would have to realllllllllllly fuck up to put on a worse performance than this.

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