[Psylocke] Donyatsu – 01 (airing)

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This post was written by Calyrica. She is not Dark_Sage.

Because Dark_Sage said he wouldn’t do it, I was asked to.

Filesize: 27.7mb (2 mins)
English: American.


[Psylocke] Donyatsu - 01v2 [8-bit 720p AAC] [506C4C66].mkv_snapshot_01.39_[2013.07.21_13.56.24]

Running the text into the credits is a nice touch, especially since they’re the same colors and use generic fonts!

I literally cannot read this.


[Psylocke] Donyatsu - 01v2 [8-bit 720p AAC] [506C4C66].mkv_snapshot_00.13_[2013.07.21_13.54.38]

Good enough for me.

[Psylocke] Donyatsu - 01v2 [8-bit 720p AAC] [506C4C66].mkv_snapshot_00.17_[2013.07.21_13.54.52]

Sure, it gets the job done.


[Psylocke] Donyatsu - 01v2 [8-bit 720p AAC] [506C4C66].mkv_snapshot_00.39_[2013.07.21_13.55.17]

First, a comment on the styling: the border is too small. Give it another point and it’ll be fine.

Second, you don’t need to capitalize the name of the game. Do you capitalize other games/sports, like when characters are playing baseball or something? Nope. So don’t do it here.

[Psylocke] Donyatsu - 01v2 [8-bit 720p AAC] [506C4C66].mkv_snapshot_00.45_[2013.07.21_13.55.24]

Same thing as above. Except it looks even more stupid here.

[Psylocke] Donyatsu - 01v2 [8-bit 720p AAC] [506C4C66].mkv_snapshot_01.14_[2013.07.21_13.55.55]

And you capitalized all of this… why?

tl;dr: I think this is a new group or something, so maybe they’ll improve over time. There are definitely some issues with this release, though, especially for only being two minutes long!

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Ryuk says:

Either that or the typesetter’s really good.

KoolKidsK says:

Yes. Those were already typeset.

frankly says:

Yeah, that would be pretty amazing for a new group. Or for any group, really.

Calyrica says:

Mm. You definitely could get something close by setting the color brighter than you want and increasing the alpha to grab the shadows from behind it. Wouldn’t be as good as this, but it wouldn’t look that bad, either.

Raph95 says:

Nope, it’s definitely part of original animation.

Calyrica says:

No, I know. I’m just saying it could be possible.

Xyde says:

Need to wait for a better release then… …oh wait, will there be one? )lack of interest

Anon says:

It’s not exactly unwatchable or anything…

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