39 thoughts on “The Best Romance Anime is Ef – A Tale of Memories”

  1. The only thing I can remember is the massive headache I got, courtesy of the lengthy phone call at the end, while someone was flicking the lights on and off for the entire duration.

  2. Now if only Oonuma Shin would go back to being the good ol’ Shin, and start directing good shows again (Kokoro Connect was pretty close).

    • He’s done some really mediocre shit lately. Dusk Maiden had some nice art sometimes, but ef was in a different league.

      KC was pedestrian.

      Frankly, I don’t think Nourin will be any good either.

          • Well, I feel like it does exactly what it needs to do. The scene in the red light district was pretty cool visually as well.

            • Yeah, that stood out. I agree. And the visual style is very fitting too.

              Perhaps what I’m primarily at odds with is the show itself, rather than the execution.

        • Watamote is lackluster, I must say. Ilya is pretty much empty as well. The style is there but the artistic approach isn’t.

          If there’s anyone who’s being the good ol’ Shin right now, it’s Omata Shinichi. He SHAFT-ed Sankarea and Rozen Maiden 2013 in sufficiently entertaining amounts.

            • Not really.

              The manga was already terrible to begin with (that being an understatement), but Omata Shinichi managed to, at least, make the first five episodes interesting before getting eventually eroded by the pathetic source material.

              You can’t do much with a bad source material.

              • They could’ve, like, tried to end the anime in some kind of conclusive fashion, rather than abruptly ending it in what seemed like the beginning of a new story arc.

                That show looked nice, but it seemed like a pretty poor way to do an adaptation. Primarily served as an advertisement for the manga, I guess.

  3. Fuck you darksage melodies was better. The eye patch girl was shounen bait faggotry, and while the other girl was good, her arc took a back seat to the eye patch girl’s.

    Fuck you darksage

    • I’d disagree, but I haven’t seen Melodies yet. I bought the blu-ray, fully intending to, but like… I mean, things came up. There was a Mountain Dew sale at Cub, and then I had to clip my fingernails… Y’know, things.

  4. I am currently watching this anime and I love the art.

    While everyone seems to love Clannad After Story there were several issues that bugged me so much about it that I couldn’t enjoy it. I hope Ef is different.

    • I actually don’t like clannad, but i’ve played the game before watching it, and that’s totally different level (game is awesome, and anime just screwed up most of the stories)

  5. I’m glad I switched to the VN after the first season, or the HUGE TWIST would’ve been immediately revealed. Though I really loved the VN, the pay phone scene (you know which one) was one of the best scenes I’ve ever seen in an anime.

    • Yes!
      Despite being only 40 minutes long, it made my feels overflow waaaaay more than Clannad or Kanon or Air or any other show whose only purpose is to be a tearjerker did.

  6. Talking about romances and NOT mentioning HxH? You guys are crazy, just look at how dem two boys look at each other. It’s in the friggin title goddamit; there’s passion there y’know.

      • D_SxXythar comes in second place, though I don’t know how it got there. You two were supposed to kill each other, not make amends!

        I thought you two were better than that

        I never asked for this

  7. It was pretty goddamn great but I haven’t seen enough romance anime to make that judgement.

    Good thing Dark_Sage has the best taste, so now I don’t have to.

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