Translation Review: [DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2

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This post was written by kokujin-kun. He is not Dark_Sage.

A translator from who said he might work with Hadena did this release.

I’ll leave it at that.

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Release Information


Other Observations

Final Grade

Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (241MB, 8-bit)

Wap Level: Full Wap

English style: American English.

Speed: Snail’s Pace (OAD released August 9th)


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]




[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_22.13_[2013.09.01_17.24.35]

ED. I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be “frame,” as in “The luminous frames can’t hold all of our memories.” The rest of the song also suffers from careless mishearings, like negao for egao and  kakera he no nai instead of kakegae no nai.

Main Script.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_01.34_[2013.09.01_16.11.16]

DDY didn’t waste time with all the other crap on that sheet of paper, just with the Most Important Sign™.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_02.18_[2013.09.01_16.12.37]

There was very little excuse for ignoring the background dialogue here.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_02.40_[2013.09.01_16.13.26][DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_02.42_[2013.09.01_16.13.32]

Just stick with “worry” for shinpai.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_03.31_[2013.09.01_16.15.01]

If they say “gap” in Engrish, then of course you need to drive that square peg into the round hole that’s the script.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_04.08_[2013.09.01_16.16.09]

A great example of how a literal translation can be a wrong translation. Yes, mairu (maitta ne in this case) can mean “to give up,” but what you’re really looking for here is “Shoot, what to do…” or something in a similar vein.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_04.30_[2013.09.01_16.17.46]

No, Chiaki was asking if anyone was looking at her, and Kana replied “They are curious about what you’re doing.” The subject still remains the “anyone” that Chiaki mentioned earlier.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_05.11_[2013.09.01_16.19.19]

Ikaneba = ikaneba naranai = I have to go. Her Haruka-oneesama just went into the water and she wants to join the older sister that she worships.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_05.44_[2013.09.01_16.21.51]

We have a word for kakigoori you know. It’s called “shaved ice.”

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_09.09_[2013.09.01_16.31.12]

“I didn’t teach him how to do that trick (of escaping out of the cage).” The next line they had Chiaki say (“No purchase necessary.”) is similarly wrong.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_09.26_[2013.09.01_16.39.13]

Melon shaved ice kakigouri syrup

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_11.44_[2013.09.01_16.43.26]

Asobi ni kuru usually means “to visit” in these cases.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_12.26_[2013.09.01_16.50.33]

Really wish they translated Kana’s guesswork here. For example, the answer she just gave to the question “Who was the fifteenth shogun in power when imperial rule was restored to Japan?” was “Some pampered shogun.”

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_12.54_[2013.09.01_16.53.02]

Chiaki was talking to Glasses Girl, and she was saying “Don’t indulge her (Kana).”

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_13.10_[2013.09.01_16.54.00]

Here’s what their script says in this line (こんな足手まといは相手にしないほうがいいぞ藤岡):

Dialogue: 0,0:13:06.56,0:13:10.51,Default,,0,0,0,,You better not let her bad habits rub off on you{accompany this piece of burden}, Fujioka.

So apparently an Engrish-literal translation for this line was turned in, and the editor further transmogrified it into something that is completely wrong. I hope you all now understand why I can’t stand goddamn editors anymore.  Anyhoo, a better translation for this line is “You shouldn’t be letting her drag you down, Fujioka.”

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_13.56_[2013.09.01_16.55.18]

“I was thinking about how Kana and Chiaki are really mopey lately.”

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_14.24_[2013.09.01_16.57.40]

“It probably didn’t like that small cage.”

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_18.06_[2013.09.01_17.03.46]

Kana actually said something about “twisting around like a dragon,” but I guess this works too.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_19.55_[2013.09.01_17.08.08]

When Kana says “pressure” (engrish)  she’s not talking about “peer pressure.” Peer pressure is…

You know what, I’ll let my homies Mr. T and New Edition featuring Bobby Brown break it down for you:

I wish someone peer pressured the kid into not wearing that mondo shirt of his.

Ahem. So, yeah, just use “pressure” and we’ll be straight.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_24.35_[2013.09.01_17.36.30]

Try, “Then what if you start thinking their boyfriends are hot?”

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_25.16_[2013.09.01_17.40.53]

One steak set.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_27.17_[2013.09.02_20.37.16]

Look up what kashikomarimashita means, then get back to me. I’ll give you a hint: waiters say it when people make their orders, not when they are leaving a restaurant.



Other Observations

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_00.32_[2013.09.01_16.07.54]

I like the logo.

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_02.03_[2013.09.01_16.11.59]

Why is “universe” capitalized?

[DameDesuYo] Minami-ke Natsuyasumi v2 (848x480 10-bit AAC) [E3C1A61D].mkv_snapshot_27.13_[2013.09.01_17.44.02]


Final Grade: C-

Script is written by FOBs and has a whole mess of TL errors. It only managed to avoid a D grade because, I dunno, it’s a v2?

XiaYixuan actually wanted me to re-review a Love Lab episode that he translated was going to translate for Hadena, but of course I refused on the grounds that it’s (1) [Hadena] and (2) Love Lab. So I settled for his little effort here.

You’re welcome.

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Xythar says:

>I hope you all now understand why I can’t stand goddamn editors anymore.

It’s partly the editor’s fault for not seeking clarification on a gibberish line, but it’s mostly the translator’s fault for turning in said gibberish line to begin with and not checking the script afterwards. I’ve seen a lot of scripts lately, even “professional” simulcast scripts, where the only way to make sense of the original is to either know some Japanese yourself or ask someone who does. That shouldn’t be what editing is about.

A gibberish literal TL that is confusing enough to be misinterpreted isn’t really any more accurate than something that sounds natural but wrong, really.

kokujin-kun says:

Oh, I was talking about when they fuck with my lines. Of course, ESL, ETL translators need all the editing they can get.

Black Shads says:

>Why is “universe” capitalized?

Read the first paragraph. The “Universe” in “the Universe is capitalized every single time.

Xythar says:

It shouldn’t be universe anyway. Would you translate uchuujin as “universe person” or the critically acclaimed show Uchuu Kyoudai as Universe Brothers?

kokujin-kun says:


Double C-minus.

Black Shads says:

Looks like I’ve become the messenger.

“It’s a proper noun as it refers to the entirety of the physical Universe, therefore, it’s capitalized.”

On that note, seeing as TL was the only japanese speaker on the project, not much we could do. Given we went with “Universe,” though, the capitalization is correct as far as I can tell.

XiaYixuan says:

You said the apparently US born translator was checking my translations so please at least don’t deny that fact. And don’t make it look like I translated watamote and what not for your group. Actually, this is the only project I’ve been working on. I guess it’s expected from me to say that the translations would’ve been better if I looked at the script when it was ready for release. I may have even realized the incorrectness of “Universe.”

Black Shads says:

Just above that they reference the Chicago Manual of Style. :)

kokujin-kun says:

And capitalizing the word “universe” is put down as an exception because it’s fucking retarded.

See link.

Pacific says:

FTWC, whether or not to capitalize “universe” depends on the exact context, like with “the Sun is a sun.” Wiktionary lists the capitalized form of “universe” as dated/religious.

Wikipedia is great if you recognize its limits and know how to use it. Disambiguation, references (i.e. footnotes) and the talk page are your friends.

Thanks for the feedback kokujin-kun. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Kamica says:

I’m glad that I skipped this release.

Aru says:

>We have a word for kakigoori you know. It’s called “shaved ice.”

Isn’t “kakigouri” also the wrong romanization? Shouldn’t it be “Kakigoori”?

Aru says:

Completely overlooked that you already wrote “kakigoori” -_-

teclas says:

Is there a “wrong” and “right” romanization?
My textbook romanizes that kind of long vowels as “gou”. I actualy prefer that way. I already know it’s a long vowel, so having a “u” instead of “oo” ou “ō” doesn’t make any difference. おおかみ is romanized as Ookami. For じゃ、じゅ、じょ we use “ja”, “ju”, “jo”.
I actually have no idea what kind of romanization we use, but many times it’s pretty close to Portuguese (my native language), like with ja, ju, jo. We naturally pronounce something similar to “jya”, “jyu” and “jyo” in our words (“já” means “now”, btw), so romanizing that way does not create any problems.
Seems like Waapuro mixed with Hepburn or something. But it makes sense to me.

Kiraly says:

That’s because it’s not ‘gou’ vs ‘goo’, it’s ‘gouri’ vs ‘goori’, as in ‘kouri’ vs ‘koori’.

As far as I know (and I can’t check because my work computer doesn’t have kana support), koori (ice) is written as ‘ko-o-ri’ in hiragana. It’s certainly pronounced that way.

Aru says:

Yes, but it depends on how the word is written in Japanese. That’s why おおかみ is romanized as “ookami”. かき氷 is written as かきごおり and not かきごうり. Another popular example is 大きい, which should be romanized as “ookii” or “ōkī”, not “oukii”. Neither Waapuro nor Hepburn would romanize おお as “ou”.

kokujin-kun says:

Whenever I romanize, I romanize in a way in which people can look up the word in a dictionary, fwiw.

Xenovia says:

It should indeed be “kakigoori” and not “kakigouri” for かき氷.

The reason why there are two spellings for the long o, “ou” and “oo”, lies in the development of the Japanese language.
In Classical Japanese, all the instances where there is a “oo” today were “oho”, so “ooki” was “ohoki”, “koori” was “kohori”, “too” (ten) was “toho” etc.
When the “h” fell out, it was decided to write the resulting sound as “oo” instead of “ou” to indicate that it originated from an “oho” sound.

Other influences of Classical Japanese are the particle は, written with the kana for “ha” because it originally was a “ha”, but always pronounced and romanized as “wa”, the particle へ, written as “he”, but always pronounced and romanized “e”, and the particle を, written as “wo”, but always pronounced and romanized “o”. (Sometimes you also see を romanized as “wo”, but that’s wrong, as the Japanese language doesn’t have a “wo” sound anymore.)

In the other cases where the pronunciation changed compared to Classical Japanese, the spelling was changed as well. For example, 川 was originally pronounced “かは kaha”. When the pronuciation changed, the spelling changed with it, so it became “かわ kawa”.

XiaYixuan says:

It’s not what I wanted but maybe that’s okay, too.

XiaYixuan says:

>XiaYixuan actually wanted me to re-review a Love Lab episode that he translated for Hadena

I never translated to Hadena. Lol kthx.

XiaYixuan says:

Please change that misinformation in the review.

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