Turning Japanese – Episode 2: Moshi Moshi, Mochi Mochi

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In today’s episode, Dark_Sage attempts to make the secret Japanese breakfast cuisine “mochi”. Translated into English, these are “glutinous rice cakes of mochigome”. Let’s see how he did!


Try it yourself! Today’s recipe comes from an onee-chan (Japanese for elder spirit).


Oh Mochi – A Recipe


Mochi Ingredients

1/4 cup glutinized rices

1/4 cup water

Some sugar

Saran wrap




1. Mix everything but the saran wrap in the bowl.

Mochi mix

Like so.

2. Cover bowl with saran wrap.

3. Microwave for like 2 mins.

4. Remove from bowl and serve.






The verdict?


Tamako Market

Dark_Sage has once again failed to become Japanese. His quest continues.

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AnimeNOW says:

Being a weeb is hard daijoubu (that means don’t worry for you newcomers ^_^)

onanianon says:


Qrius says:

Shouldn’t you hit that thing with, like, a hammer or something? Isn’t that what Moon Usagi-san does?

Dark_Sage says:

I used my teeth, so maybe that counts?

pengu says:

I thought putting plastic wrap in the microwave was a no-go similar to putting metal inside.

My experiment when I was 12 and wanted one of those putty erasers:
– put one eraser on a plate
– put plate in microwave
– watch the smoke in awe
– discover that the eraser is now as hard as stone

I’m a genius

Dark_Sage says:


It should be fine. Though I don’t think it would be smart to melt the plastic onto the food.

fohfuu says:

It’s because you forgot to mix the saran wrap into the mixture! Baka D_S sensei >w<

freedom says:

why didn’t you record it with your amazing go pro underwater camera

Guy says:

don’t you know that d_s-sama thinks underwater (especially daiz) is shit

Dark_Sage says:

I just think they have little worth as human beings. Their subs are generally fine.

Dark_Sage says:

I had considered it, but I didn’t have a plan for how to do it in an enjoyable fashion, so it woulda ended poorly.

ZiPe says:

Who ate it?

You should do a cooking anime or something, by the way. xD
Very talented.

Dark_Sage says:

Me. It had the right consistency but not enough flavor to make it worth having more than a few bites.

Jii-san says:

Nobody eats it plain. Add some sweet red bean/sesame paste or dust it with peanut powder and sugar.

Dark_Sage says:

I don’t think those things exist in Minnesota.

anony says:

peanuts and sweet red beans? try the biggest food market in your area.

Dark_Sage says:

Meh. If I wanted to eat peanuts I’d just grab a Reese’s.

kuuurt says:

Dostedt? D_S is sugoi desu. *~*

2ColouredEyes says:

this is a joke, rite?

>Japanese for elder spirit

8thSin says:

You’re not supposed to use the microwave…

Gotta admit, making “glutinous rice cakes of mochigome” the right way is effort, though.

Also not supposed to use rice flour with Chinese, Vietnamese, and ??? languages on it :(

Switches says:

Allow a real Japanese to teach you how to make mochi:

1. Take rice into a bowl along with whatever ingridients needed.
2. Use something to continue to smash the rice and don’t forget flower.
3. Continue to beat it up until it looks remotely mochi like.
4. Put it into oven and let the top part rise.

I honestly forgot how to make real mochi since kindergarten… but I’m pretty sure that’s how you make home made mochi.

Dark_Sage says:

Sounds like it’d take longer than 3 minutes.

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