Fansub Review: [Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Episode 06)

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Commie’s UMD review has been 90% complete for days. Just need to find the motivation to finish it off. In the meantime, have one for Hiryuu’s release.

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (347 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Attacks pseudo-translated.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Slow (>48 hours)

Translation style: Funimation edit.


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]



Visual Review


[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_01.04_[2013.11.16_01.56.20] [Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_01.29_[2013.11.16_01.56.55]

Opening. I sort of get why the English text is so high up (gotta match the top, after all). But I’m not so sure it’d be off if it were lower. The colors/karaoke effect are quite solid, though, and I much enjoyed the use of gears.

Rating: Good.

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_22.42_[2013.11.16_02.22.39] [Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_23.04_[2013.11.16_02.23.40]

Ending. Colorful and out there, whilst not being garish enough to be unreadable. Yeah, Hiryuu hit the mark here. The biggest issue I had was the lines often collided when one was fading out and another one came in.

Rating: Good.




N/A. This show doesn’t have anything that needs typesetting.



[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_20.25_[2013.11.16_03.37.41] [Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_20.37_[2013.11.16_03.38.05]

Attack effects, we meet again! And it looks like you brought your big bro shitty encoding along too. You sure know how to throw a party.




Script Review

Main Script.

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_02.23_[2013.11.16_03.52.06] [Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_02.26_[2013.11.16_03.52.14] [Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_02.31_[2013.11.16_03.52.23]

though -> then

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_06.06_[2013.11.16_03.56.24]

Third-person is third-rate in this show.

(Ya ya, don’t whine. This isn’t draining their score as much as you’d think.)

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_07.58_[2013.11.16_00.46.03]

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this line, but “stomachache” is an absurdly amusing word to read. I have decided henceforth to pronounce it “stoma-shash”. Tapping that Sean Connery/anime fan market.

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_09.03_[2013.11.16_03.58.56]

Yes, that’s generally what a troupe does. This clarification would only be needed if they were part of an American puppeteer toupee.

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_09.10_[2013.11.16_00.49.05] [Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_11.51_[2013.11.16_00.51.51]

shows, an

Naturally, they’d

Hiryuu, please

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_14.39_[2013.11.16_00.54.44] [Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_14.43_[2013.11.16_00.55.00]

Whoever writes this kinda shit should jam a rusty blade so deep in their urethra that only Elizabeth Bathory could enjoy their golden showers.

“Today’s attack on his automaton…”

“Did you have something to do with it?”

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_14.47_[2013.11.16_11.18.05]

Were you to have had a QC on this release, I think you’d have hit this line on the nose.

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_15.31_[2013.11.16_11.19.39]

I’d just call it an ori cage.

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_16.57_[2013.11.16_01.00.02]

Yes, Raishin did look upon Yomi as a friend, but keep in mind who he’s talking to — Karyuusai. Rather than using “us” (which would indicate Yomi was part of the Karyuusai Krew), you should go with something like “We even lost a friend.” (here the “we” doesn’t include Karyuusai, which makes the line fine).

[Hiryuu] Unbreakable Machine-Doll 06 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264] [F7BFA7B0].mkv_snapshot_20.14_[2013.11.16_01.07.03]

The fuck is a shou? I was under the impression I had downloaded a fan translation, not a Japanese script transcription.





Watchability: Watchable.

Visual grade: B+

Script grade: B-

Overall grade: B-

It’s pretty much down to Hiryuu or FFF for this show. The HorribleSubs/Funimation release is unacceptable, and Commie’s just isn’t quite as good as the other groups’ releases for this show.

If you must have a recommendation between the two, go with FFF. They’re the fastest group for the show and — at a base level — I like their phrasing more.

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Solaristics says:

So you gave them B- and 8th gave it a D+.. Lol’d.

Also, what review is next?

Fyurie says:

Because D_S doesn’t and can’t judge translations. He’s basing his scores on English editing, regardless of how good or bad the TL in fact is.

HyakuPercent says:
I’d say that pretty much settles it. We get most accurate translations~
He also didn’t watch FUNi’s version so I assume that would greatly affect our scores.

Dark_Sage says:

He gave it a D+ because it was too “weeaboo” despite being “the most accurate release”. You should also factor in his comments on the gg Tokyo Ravens release where he revealed he considers groups like Hiryuu inherently worse than larger groups. There’s no reason to take his scores into consideration any more.

Next review is Commie’s Unbreakable. I just need to find some motivation somewhere.

RDF2050 says:

Yaya is enough motivation to make a review!

Kiraly says:

All else being pretty much equal, which of the two groups has the better encoding, Hiryuu or FFF?

Vanth says:

Hiryuu can’t encode so I’d say go with FFF.

BakaProxy says:

But still better compared to Commie, except picture 9 and 10. IMO

FFF’s release was smoothen a lot but it helps in this case, i mean just look at pic 2 for example.

furzi says:

While the denoising does help with derped fades, it still kills way too much detail.

(Plus there’s some weird chroma ghosting in some scenes like in the first picture.)

Nevreen says:

Both FFF and Hiryuu are using the AT-X broadcast (I dunno about Commie, but the Tokyo MX one isn’t much/any better). Complaining about encoding quality for this show is stupid since the raw for it is already eye cancer-tier.

furzi says:

Which is exactly why you don’t want to kill any more detail than what AT-X’s shitty H.264 encoder already did.

Also, Hiryuu used Tokyo MX. They just spliced in the uncensored scenes from AT-X.
Too bad they don’t deband at all so it looks like shit.

KoolKidsK says:

Hiryuu only used AT=X for one episode, as far as I know. Episode 3 was full AT-X and that was just because the MX broadcast was worse than usual or something like that. All the others were MX with AT-X spliced in for the censored screens.

KoolKidsK says:


also, oh furzi already said that. derp.

HyakuPercent says:

We mainly use MX unless there is a number of censored scenes, where we believe it is more efficient to use AT-X instead.

corocoro says:

And now do FFF-Hiryuu, so we can get some objectivity in here. ;)

fnord says:

So now you’re deleting comments, huh?

No one here besides you knew what it meant anyway.

Dark_Sage says:

Don’t play by the rules, then get off the site. I already gave you one warning; this is your last.

fnord says:

You sound upset.

Black Shads says:

I didn’t hear anything.

Anon says:

So salty.

Dark_Sage says:

Max level furious.

I’m still surprised by how many people like the ending karaoke fx.

Everything turned out better than expected!

Anon says:

5.5 where?

When I stop slacking off!

AzureHakua says:

It won’t stop spinning

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