An introduction to everything Type-Moon OR Why Rider from Fate/Zero is awesome

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Per request.

Rider Facts:

Rider makes strong introductions.

Rider makes his appearance!


Sometimes he suggests silly things, but never out of meanness.

Riders tells people what he really thinks!


He can drink many liquors and doesn’t faint.

Rider likes drinking!


Rider is pretty strong, even stronger than Chadwick from Bleach.

Rider with his new shirt - he looks so strong!


And although Rider sometimes has the tears, he never regrets.

Rider keeps his eyes forward!


He also likes to go to the beach.

Rider's farewell




And that's why Rider is my favorite superhero.

And that’s why Rider is my favorite superhero.

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Sheep says:

Well, he IS one of the best parts about that shows.

then spoilers

i’m sad

Chief Masamune says:

D_S, how do you make my life so much better all the damn time?

Dark_Sage says:

I wish I could say I put effort into it, but I’m just naturally sagey.

kayserlein says:

Well, I could bitch about how you forgot Tsukihime, Melty Blood, all the other Fates or Carnival Phantasm.

But since Rider actually is awesome I’ll let that slide. There is a reason I spent about 400€ (~$550) to get those Aniplex Blurays over here.

Kenshin_sama says:

I suppose you missed the OR in the title.

kayserlein says:

Well, considering I only made the request for the introduction and D_S just wanted to trll again…

Dark_Sage says:

This may not have been the post you were looking for, but I wouldn’t call it a troll.

shcboomer says:

D_S gave us not what we expected, but what we deserved.

Kenshin_sama says:

My bad, man. I wasn’t as awake as I wanted to be.

jimmy says:


The image and filename make me happy to look at and read.

imouto says:

D_S what is your opinion on Prisma Illya

Dark_Sage says:

I really liked the 5 episodes I watched.

Bobby says:

You should try and watch at least episode 6 sometime if not for the episode then just for the new remix of the Emiya theme.

fohfuu says:

I liked it before that shitty scribble they called an Iri character design turned up.

TESTER says:

Once in a while, The Sage has a good taste.

Solaristics says:

You sure half-assed yourself on this one, D_S. To be honest, I was expecting some huge post on Type-Moon stuff, but all we got was Rider. Rider best char btw.

Progeusz says:

I expected huge post about Rider being great. Pretty easy job, you can just screencap every single scene with him because he’s fucking awesome 100% of the time. Broest of bros.

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