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Normal posts to follow. This one’s just about some (social media) changes I’m making thanks to Ohayocon’s staff legitimately pissing me off.


tl;dr: Crymore’s becoming casual. Abandon ship.

This Sunday, I went to a panel about the future direction of Ohayocon, where the head of panels informed everyone that Ohayocon was looking for more “general” content next year. The reason given was that Ohayocon wishes to be “relevant” in a world where “anime is on the decline”.

They are now actively looking for panels on comics, western video games, and fanfics. Anything tangentially anime related is to be avoided if possible. Kids and adults with kids (this is legitimately their new target audience) are apparently afraid of that foreign bullshit.

The sexual tension in Pokemon is too much for me. Won't someone think of the children?!

The sexual tension in Pokemon is too much for me. Won’t someone think of the children?!

And based on all the shitty cosplay trash I had the misery of experiencing at the so-called anime con this year (hey stupid sluts, Snow White isn’t an anime no matter how low you cut your fucking dress), I can almost believe them.

Yes, hardcore anime fans apparently no longer exist.

Otaku not found.

Otaku not found.

But they have something of a point. Anime and manga are no longer being pushed out with the help of brick&mortar stores or television. So what are the entry points for the anime fandom now?

I’m not coming up with any, and no one else appears to be trying. So fuck it. I’ll single-handedly revitalize this entire goddamn industry. If I have to drag these fucking casuals into the greater fandom by their necks, I will. Even if I have to smother my pride in a pool of shallow water.

How? Well I’m going to post some easy-consumable subtitle failure on sites I despise. There’s nothing more universal than schadenfreude.

It's conversion time.

It’s conversion time.



S&M: Social Media.


Design subject to change.

Design subject to change.

I’ve avoided this site for too long now. The format is perfectly suited toward introducing people to Crymore proper.

Do not expect this to be anything other than bite-sized failure. The only things I intend to post here are those that are obviously wrong at first blush.

But as a bonus, if I’m watching a release I don’t plan to review right then and there, any fail I witness does not necessarily need to disappear into the ether. So expect more pure failure than you’d usually get from Crymore.

Main tumblr:




It's hideous. (Not Haruhi; she's beautiful. I'm talking about the design.)

It’s hideous. (Not Haruhi; she’s beautiful. I’m talking about Facebook’s visual cancer.)

I hate Facebook, but it can’t hurt to use it for its remaining year as it dies its painful death.

Similar to tumblr, I’m going to keep it simple and stupid. Probably won’t do much with it for a while, though.

Main facebook:




See those fucking social media icons? I want to shoot myself now.

See those fucking social media icons? I want to shoot myself now.

I think I’m going to keep this as-is for now. I don’t know if I could take Youtube seriously without putting a bullet in my brain.

Main youtub:





@feedmeyourtears is now becoming a standard Twitter account, with all the stupid bullshit associated therein. Yes, this means I may actually follow you now. Don’t expect me to read anything you write about though; I’m just being nice.

New RSS-function Twitter: @CrymoreOfficial

This Twitter account’s only function is to post updates. Like @feedmeyourtears originally was, do not expect me to follow you. The only value in this account is being able to follow what’s being posted on the site without having to deal with stupid fucking Twitter conversations.


RSS/Twitter buttons have been added back to the sidebar.


Apparently it wasn’t glaringly obvious how to follow the site. While I can understand the desire to constantly refresh Crymore every minute, your time is probably worth more than that. Well, unless you’re a fansubber.

Do keep in mind RSS is the easiest guaranteed way to follow Crymore, since it’s automated. I’ll probably revamp this/the About page later.



Radical Shift

Radical levels at max

Radical levels at max

I have also decided to make Crymore a half-MLP, half-subtitle critique blog. This is because MLP has some super fucking catchy songs and the anime fandom only has Japanesey bullshit. Evidence of the former:

So welcome to the newly reformed Ponymore. We are now 20% cooler.




RSS-lite Twitter: @CrymoreOfficial

Regular Twitter: @feedmeyourtears




Site Rebrand: Ponymore – Your source for lewd pics of Derpy-san-chan-senpai.

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Qrius says:

>Do keep in mind RSS is the easiest guaranteed way to follow Crymore, since it’s automated.

Care to explain how it could possibly be guaranteed when you break it every once in a while? :p My “reader” [Thunderbird] doesn’t really notify me, so I only find out once you “flush” the faulty post out of the feed with new ones…

Dark_Sage says:

Oh yeah. I forgot I tend to break things.

Uhh… I guess relying on me not breaking it is easier than relying on me to remember that Twitter exists. So we’ll go with that.

Nevreen says:

There are WordPress plugins that automate the post-every-update-to-Twitter thing, you know.

Dark_Sage says:

I’ve tried using them before. They’re convenient in a sense, but you can’t pick which hashtags for to use in the auto-posts, and I don’t believe many of them offer solid formatting options.

begna112 says:

Try Jetpack’s Publicize module thing. it allows you to auto publish and to create custom tweet messages.

Jetpack, of course, is also useful for lots of other things as well but it may not be what you want considering it doesn’t allow opt out for some of it’s features.

Dark_Sage says:

Hm, I’d almost rather effort it.

NakkiNyan says:

I know you will do whatever you want any way but…

“group or @group or #group #ShowName 1wins 521fails grade:F-”

would be nice. I know you won’t but it would still be nice.

wins are exceptional rewording, rare. Fails are fails, no description required here.

Dark_Sage says:

Any and all feedback is important to me. I’m not huge on Twitter, so whatever makes it easier for you to decide what you wanna read works for me.

I can give you tier (people wanting to know what they were getting into was a common complaint before I instituted the tier system) and I can make group names searchable (either by @ or # like you said), but full grades and scores I’m not really keen on.

The latter would actually not be much helpful to you at all. Reason being, the images contained in posts are representative issues, not every little thing I could possible take issue with/enjoy. And 20 issues could land groups in B-tier or F-tier, depending on severity, for example.

X-Tier | [#GroupName] #Show (Episode XX) | LINK

Would that be more useful for you? The format is entirely negotiable.

NakkiNyan says:

I wasn’t really saying keep count, I was thinking more extremes on either side the “wow that was creative”<-rare number and "wtf were they thinking" number. You could post 20 flaws but only count 2 as fail, like the "was that even English?" ones.

Once I posted though I thought 2 things:
1, grade may be a bad idea. Some people may not come to the site because they have the outcome.
2, @names, those will just lead to trolling by the group and then by ass kissing fans that fucked up badly enough for the F grade.

The indirect #, since it won't fly the idiots into a rage, should still be fine though.

I just follow twitter since it is hard for people to be ranting douchbags 140 characters at a time.

Dark_Sage says:

Mm, I guess. But it seems like a lot of effort that I could be putting into other things. If it becomes a common request, I’ll eventually relent though. That’s why TL Parties still exist.

I’m not particularly worried about people who only care about the grades. The Review_Summary lists all the grades anyway, and each review has an option in the Table of Contents to jump right to the bottom. But I do think there’s some value in reading a post and not knowing *exactly* what a group is gonna get. The tier system helps strike a useful balance.

Solaristics says:


Dammit, D_S.

Dark_Sage says:

What, you want it 100%? Cuz I like MLP, but not *that* much.

Can we meet at a 70-30 MLP-Engrish split?

Solaristics says:

;_;. I think I’d cry if it was 70% MLP.

Dark_Sage says:

Ugh, fine. 75%. Final offer.

kokujin-kun says:

>Snow White isn’t an anime no matter
>how low you cut your fucking dress

I sincerely beg to differ.

Dark_Sage says:

Huh. Maybe I shouldn’t have told that girl to drink a gallon of formaldehyde then.


Isaac says:

I’m gonna chug that formaldehyde, cos you fucking made me remember watching dis shit on tv in mid 90s.
Damn, that traumatized me.

FalseDawn says:

Pics of sluts in low cut Snow White cosplay when?

Dark_Sage says:

Hold on, let me put some makeup on.

Anonymous says:


Dark_Sage says:

You know it.

Hunta says:

People use facebook?

Dark_Sage says:

Seems so.

myxpytls says:

If u want a good con travel here at Ph. There are so many cons here ^^

Dark_Sage says:

What, PH as in Phillipines? If I’m gonna fly somewhere, why wouldn’t I just go to Japan?

Anon says:

I’m guessing they mean Philadelphia, though why they’d choose to use Ph over something people would actually recognize like Philly is beyond me.

fohfuu says:

Nope, he was talking about acidity.

rwn says:

>Yes, hardcore anime fans apparently no longer exist.

More like they don’t go to cons for good reasons.

Pelfmiester says:

An anime con that’s no longer going to be an anime con. Ohayocon is officially more likely to die before Facebook. And I hope it dies hard.

Jii-san says:

Do you actually play Kancolle?

jimmy says:

>This is a Twitter account that’s only function is to post updates.
“that’s” is a relative pronoun now, apparently.

Dark_Sage says:

That’s how I’d speak the sentence. Would you prefer “whose”?

Anonymous says:

“Of which”.

Dark_Sage says:

I’m not particularly confused on how to turn the sentence into grammatically correct English. I’m more interested in knowing if you have an alternate sentence that maintains a casual tone while still getting across exactly what I was trying to convey.

Of course, the real issue here is that the available relative pronouns are not sufficient. There should be a possessive form of non-person things that isn’t as stale as “of which”.

jimmy says:

Well, if you’re aware that “whose” is correct, there’s nothing more to say. Rewriting and sounding good>being correct and sounding stiff>using wrong words in my mind.

Anonymous says:

“The only function of this Twitter account is to post updates.”

“This Twitter account’s only function is to post updates.”

“This here Twitter account, y’see, I’m a (or I’ma, Imma, I’m’a, etc.) use just ta post updates.”

Dark_Sage says:

I could deal with the second, but I get the feeling you’re not quite able to comprehend what I’m saying here.

Anonymous says:

I know that you’re complaining about the lack of a casual way to combine two sentences that are like

“Something something A. A’s something something something.”

into a casual sentence.

But I like to miss the point.

Dark_Sage says:

An asshole after my own heart <3

fohfuu says:

I got halfway through that garbage High School Uguusical thing before I had to stop. Why do bronies think this is aimed at adults?

Dark_Sage says:

They don’t. At all. But they still have a ridiculous amount of fun with it anyway.

And that’s why I love the MLP fandom.

stushi says:

>I have also decided to make Crymore a half-MLP, half-subtitle critique blog.
*gets shot by mlp fans*

Dark_Sage says:


Dark_Sage says:

Also, you broke Crymore.

adra says:

The despair that pieces the heavens

Anonymous says:

>Facebook about page

I like it.

Though I think the awards trickle back into the Whiners.Pro days.

Anonymous says:

… And beyond, it looks like. Though I’m not really sure when you started. You also forgot that you won the aniblog tourney.

Dark_Sage says:

Oh fuck, that’s right. Added.

Dr. drdrb says:

> “anime is on the decline”
Is it, though? (serious question)

Hunta says:

Anime clearly died with fansubs.

NakkiNyan says:

For casuals who want dubs on DVD and refuse to look online past funi, ya.

Dr. Cakey says:

Anime is on the decline…right after Attack on Titan made people care about anime again.

I mean, I can only assume their attendance is dipping. Which probably means they suck. Or something.

Dark_Sage says:

We’d need to define the parameters of decline, but I don’t think so.

I think traditional media consumption and sharing is on the decline, sure. But I don’t believe the number of anime fans are shrinking, especially on a global scale.

Bneundh says:

If anything, it’s increasing. Indonesia has seen a very steep rise in the number of fujos since 2012, not to mention anime fans in general. (You have the increasingly cheap internet to thanks for that I guess)

Solaristics says:

How does the Tumblr thing work, D_S? Do you watch a specific release for each show when you post them, or do you look at each group?

Dark_Sage says:

You can consider tumblr to be non-canon observations.

When I’m watching shows, if something pops out at me (keep in mind I’m really not paying much attention to subs when watching normally) that’s wrong enough for the tumblr crowd to be able to recognize it without much commentary on my part, I’ll take a screenshot. The group I choose to watch the episodes with can be rather arbitrary, but it’ll eventually end up being the group I want to archive the show with*. Thus, I’m not really looking across the whole spectrum of subs for my screens.

*I’m going to watch Funi’s No-rin for the failure, though. They really need to be called out on this shit, because it’s fucking unacceptable.

CXTKRS1 says:

No Google+ account?

Dark_Sage says:

I was trying to maintain some integrity. Here:

I think that’s the link to me.

snowblossom says:

D_S on G+? F̶o̶l̶l̶o̶w̶e̶d̶ circled.

Dark_Sage says:

I seriously have no idea how to use the damn thing, but yup. I guess I’m on there. Technically.

snowblossom says:
Well, it’s closer to Twitter than it is to Facebook. You can follow people and get their posts on your stream without them having to add you back.

I use it to get chinese cartoon screenshots, pixiv illustrations, figure photos, etc etc.

snowblossom says:

and now, D_S bashing fansub groups. Perhaps.

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