CryCon is awesome and you’re all missing out

Conventions — By on February 8, 2014 3:14 pm

This post was written by Calyrica. She is not Dark_Sage.

That is all.


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SquidTheSid says:


w says:

CryCon 2 should be in six days, on Friday

xikarra says:

I’m not even mad. Have fun, guys.

AnimeNOW says:

Any pic of you touching dicks with each other?

FalseDawn says:

So where are all the hot pokemon cosplay pics? :x

Calyrica says:

Ill post pics of the sushi from my iPad. How’s that?

Calyrica says:

Oops I forgot because I was hungry and omfg sushi is so good.

kainkaze says:

Pics or didn’t happen

puddi says:

can confirm – made digital appearance

Anonymous says:

Dark_Sage, kokujin-kun, and Calyrica OrgyCon (butsecks everywhere)

Anonymous says:

Please, I’m currently pretending to be a girl on the internet, I’m having the time of my life.

shcboomer says:

;( Nooo

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