Sakuracon 2014 & Anime North 2014 Cosplay Pix

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See if you can guess which pic is from which con. Don’t look at the filenames though; that’s cheating.

If you want bigger pictures, click on the images — they’re hyperlinked to the bigger versions (that are like 30 MB a piece). If you just try to view the image itself (in Firefox, for example, doing Right Click -> View Image), you’ll get some small/fucked-up version of the image. I have to do it like this because WordPress sucks.




None, of course. Who goes out on Thursdays looking for cosplay and gets bummed out when he can’t find any worth sharing? Certainly not Dark_Sage!





Dat crotch envy.


For reals, best cosplay of Anime North.


I asked who she was, hoping she wasn’t from League of Legends. I lucked out.


The original best girl. (Fight me over this, let’s go.)

In my darker days, I subbed this fucking show. No, I'm not going to tell you for which group. Let's just drop the subject and pretend it never happened.

In my darker days, I subbed this fucking show. No, I’m not going to tell you for which group. Let’s just drop the subject and pretend it never happened.


These girls thought it would be a sugoi idea to run across the highway, but had none of the grace to provide me a spectacle. Retrieved the left one’s hat because I’m such a nice fucking guy, and in exchange :picture get:.


With a Moyash like that, how could I resist?


I noticed the Botan before I noticed the body. I’m not saying I’m proud of this one.


Yes yes yes yes

Because I know you like maids.

Because I know you like maids.


Nui? More like… Kawaii…ui. Yeah!


Hearts were only built to take so much HNGH.





Best couple of Anime North.


Monster Hunter might suck, but… Actually no, it does suck. Completely. Fuck that series.


Was Sora no Otoshomino even good?


Cuz the cosplay is at least.


This girl was having trouble keeping her scythe together, so I had to take a pic. I actually took a few more of her, but this one makes her look the most like Jesus, so this is what’s making it to print.


Not the most likely of pairings,


but with it you could practically hear Nikki’s basement flooding.


Thank you, kind miss, for doing justice to Tia. Throw in a Kurousagi for good measure and I can’t say I completely regret going to this con.


She was sitting next to me, I had my Yuno shirt on… it had to be done.


Jenny and Nikki didn’t want to run over the rubble to watch me take this pic. Live a little, ladies. It’s fucking Yuno.


Best of Sakuracon, best of life.


Taken at karaoke. I feel ya, Stein.


Dat Blinky.


I asked the girl on the right if she was from Mirai Nikki. She wasn’t, and I had no idea what the other girl was cosplaying, so I took a pic anyway.





I think we both knew the lighting wouldn’t be good for the pic, but it’s fucking Sekai Seifuku. Fuck the rules.


These two absolutely did NOT want their picture taken. Too bad cosplay = consent, huh ladies?


These two were stopped more than anyone on Sunday. Well, I’m mostly just guessing here, since conducting that survey would be both creepy and infeasible.


I think they were eating or something when I asked for the pic. I’m good at helping people prioritize.

And… that’s it. Write-ups incoming after I make a Chipotle run.

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FalseDawn says:

Dat Moyashimon cosplay <3

Humanity says:


Humanity says:

Guess those resize tags don’t work…

Dark_Sage says:

Oh god… You know what, we’re leaving it like that for a while. Easter egg for the early birds.

Edit: Easter egg ended. The image looked far worse in desktop browser than mobile.

Humanity says:

Anyway, that Charlotte cosplay is pretty cool.

Period says:

I don’t know, it was pretty glorious on my monitor

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, well not everyone can afford a monitor ;-;

Dark_Sage says:

<puddizzle> ok
<puddizzle>> max-width: 600px; height: auto;
<puddizzle> is now active

<3 puddi

Solaristics says:

-looks through-


Dark_Sage says:

I’ll post selfies next con~

blankley says:

please do, i can barely fap to this

shcboomer says:

We’re holding you to this.

jabashque says:

Now we can finally see what you look like. You better deliver.

Anonymous says:

We already know what he looks like. Lurk moar.

Dark_Sage says:

If you’re talking about the pics that Commie stalked my friends’ Facebooks for (for anyone wondering, yes they are that pathetic), those are quite a few years old and not particularly relevant anymore.

Or are new ones out in the wild now? Cuz if I knew I was gonna be on display I at least would have put some decent makeup on.

denpa says:

Darn I just realized I got no pics of you at AN. And you avoided the sushi dinner with a group picture at the end! Was this all preplanned?

rarely_upset says:

I still have that picture of his foot, if you’d like. I won’t judge you out loud.

FalseDawn says:

Did any of you guys turn up with a T-shirt that said “This T-Shirt was written by [name]” and on the back, it said “He is not Dark_Sage.”?

Because if you didn’t, you’re doing the whole D_S con posse wrong :(

Dark_Sage says:

Rarely wore an “I am Dark_Sage” t-shirt at least. It was pretty boss.

Dark_Sage says:

I think someone recorded our kiss, so you might have at least that to commemorate the night.

jabashque says:

When did those pics get released?

Dark_Sage says:

No idea. At Sakuracon, SHC and puddi told me that brainchild was bragging they all knew what I looked like, my name, occupation, etc. so that’s as far as I know. Sort of put a damper on that morning for me.

jabashque says:

Remember when I used to know an especially important piece of info about you? (only that now, I’ve completely forgotten it)

Dark_Sage says:

Was it that my penis is 30 inches long? Please keep that between us; if word got out, I wouldn’t have nearly enough towels to clean up all the jelly.

jabashque says:

Welp, so much for keeping that secret.

alt0 says:

Well, I kind of enjoy the idea of D_S being the YDKJ of fansubbing.

Dark_Sage says:

I’m closer to the YHWH of fansubbing but I appreciate the sentiment.

Humanity says:

o u

Ryuk says:

Inb4 he never goes to another con again.

shcboomer says:

He set us up.

Will says:

I wouldn’t blame him. Way too many fat chicks in this lot of pictures.

jenny says:

I’m still laughing at Yuno cosplays I’m sorry

Dark_Sage says:

Some Yunos may be fatter than others, or more inbred, but a Yuno is a Yuno, goddammit. :c

Dylan says:

if anyone is having trouble with the images, hoverzoom is always helpful for these types of posts

Dark_Sage says:

What problems might those be? I’d rather not force people to use third-party software to enjoy my site if it’s something I can fix on my own.

Anon says:

I assume he means “they’re small and clicking on them all is kind of a pain.” It is possible to implement such functionality on a website (imgur does for their comments), but I really wouldn’t bother. That and it’s probably a pain to do so in WordPress anyway.

Also, no one should use the extension specifically titled Hoverzoom since the dev is untrustworthy. Imagus is a much better solution.

Dylan says:

Yeah I just meant in regard to the inconvenience that you posted about. Imagus might be more ‘trustworthy’ but by no means is it much better

Kurt says:

Ooh, Nonon and Satsuki were pretty kawaii.

Aru says:

Okay, where are the good pics?

Dark_Sage says:

If nudist beach Sensei-kun wasn’t good enough for you, no cosplay will be.

Googol says:

Man, I’d probably run away from there if I ever went there lol

Dillon says:

Lol I second that. I love anime but cosplay creeps me the fuck out.

Kiraly says:

The second Yuno from Saturday (the one in the parking lot) actually looks pretty good. Properly chilling and all, the blood is a nice effect.

Although the first one from Saturday is far more convincing as a creepy-crazy stalker who would tie you to a chair for a month.

anon-tan says:

Dat Mikisugi. Dat first Plamya.

And that Hakuouki cosplay looks like Okita Souji, though the hair’s not quite right.

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