Fansub Review: [Hatsuyuki] Tokyo Ghoul (Episode 09)

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This release is about as fresh as Kaneki’s meals tend to be.

Table of Contents

Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (242 MB, 10-bit), MP4 (238 MB), LQ AVI (192 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. “Onii-chan” used.

English style: American English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Slow (>48 hours)

Translation style: Original TL.


External links.

Group website:

IRC channel: #[email protected]



Visual Review




Webm link

Opening. The shadows on fade-in/fade-out were a really cool touch, but it was way too distracting when they popped in randomly during the main portions of the lines. Also wished they woulda done more during the rainbow sections, considering how ridiculously busy the rest of the karaoke was.

Rating: Okay.





Webm link

Ending. Didn’t have many issues with this, other than the screen I posted above.

Rating: Okay+.





[Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_01.13_[2014.09.12_22.24.45] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_07.48_[2014.09.12_22.45.14] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_10.55_[2014.09.12_23.06.51] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_14.14_[2014.09.12_23.25.09] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_15.21_[2014.09.12_23.26.45] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_15.34_[2014.09.12_23.29.55] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_21.20_[2014.09.12_23.55.48] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_24.03_[2014.09.13_00.05.52] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_24.06_[2014.09.13_00.05.59]

Well they didn’t half-ass the typesetting, at least.




[Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_13.59_[2014.09.12_23.22.39] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_14.00_[2014.09.12_23.23.09]

Starting with this line, the script moved down a bit for a while… even though there was nothing that necessitated the move.

Presumably it’s because their workraw had scrolling text here, and nobody bothered to update the script when they found a better raw. QC harder, plz.




Script Review



ongoing -> undergoing


This line begs so many questions that I doubt the song TL is qualified to answer.



Main Script.

[Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_01.22_[2014.09.12_22.25.06] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_02.05_[2014.09.12_22.30.43] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_05.36_[2014.09.12_22.41.07]

These are all modifying nouns. Please fix.

sixty-eight-year-old [ghouls]

gentle-looking [woman]

forty-nine [days]



“You shouldn’t trivialize instincts, Amon-kun.”

“I have quite a bit of confidence in my own.”


GeneriTL FTL.

“Is he really fit to be an inspector?”


a -> an


He’s referring to the flowers in Amon’s hand, so due to relative proximity, he should be using “that” over “this”. And because he’s not literally asking what flowers are, it should be something like “What’s that for?” (with the subject being the bouquet of flowers).


part-timer —


*knock it off with the “shit” speak


Question marks for questions, letter bombs for Hatsuyuki editors.


People don’t generally refer to themselves as “things”.

“How dare you compare me to a bird of all things, shithead Nishiki?!”


And Hatsuyuki’s editor was in remedial English.

the 20th

[Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_14.50_[2014.09.13_00.41.48] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_14.57_[2014.09.13_00.41.54] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_14.58_[2014.09.13_00.42.00]

“Glutton” and “Gourmet” are names for specific ghouls, not groups.

the groups -> the ghouls


How about a decent editor?

[Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_18.16_[2014.09.12_23.53.49] [Hatsuyuki]_Tokyo_Ghoul_-_09_[1280x720][70E166A6].mkv_snapshot_20.00_[2014.09.12_23.53.14]

If you can replace sis/onee-chan with the people’s names, then you should capitalize them.

“What is it, {Touka}?”

sis -> Sis

“No. Actually, I had {Touka} cut it!”

onee-chan -> Onee-chan


This doesn’t mean what their script comments say it should mean.

At this rate, Yamori and that fairy are going to get him first{the jump on him}. {TL: he says through mask and I can’t here well so I went with FUNI}

“At this rate, Yamori and that fairy are going to get the jump on Banjo.”


that -> this

that/this confusion is pretty common for ESLs, so when I come across errors like this one, it’s pretty easy to tell when a group hired someone to edit that they shouldn’t have.


A hot fuss, this release is not.

making fuss -> making a fuss






Watchability: Watchable.

Visual grade: B+

Script grade: D+

Overall grade: C-

Looks like the Syndicate couldn’t beat the Cartel on Tokyo Ghoul after all. Better luck on Sailor Moon, guys.

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No says:

> and I can’t here well

I can’t here well either.

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, TLs generally aren’t known for their English skills.

Solaristics says:

Oh, this was an original TL? A lot of the FUNi lines were better than the original TLs, judging by the FUNi script I worked on. But I guess that’s due to whoever is editing for Hatsu.

Hairy says:

Is this really an original TL?

I did a comparison of this with the Funi script, and it doesn’t seem like it was translated from scratch. Looks more like they used the Funi script as a base and then TLCed/edited the script pretty heavily, adding a bunch of errors in the process.

Dark_Sage says:

Just went off what their site said since comparing scripts to Funi subs is a pain.

Hairy says:

Well, I used the script from Senketsu, which is an OCR of Funi’s release.

Thanks “Hairy” for talking about my OCRed Funi’s script! lol :-P

In fact this is the second time I see my “Senketsu Subs” mentioned here, in the “review” page above someone said about me too.

I know Crymore will never review any of my scripts but they aren’t meant to be reviewed as they are direct rips of Funi’s releases.

Anyway… thanks for talking about me and kisses! :-* :-* :-*

P.S. Wait… Kisses? Well… “Senketsu Subs” is somewhat different, it’s an one woman release group. See ya! ;-)

Solaristics says:

That’s a good question. A lot of the lines are similar. I can see out of 70% of his screenshots where they are the same except the missing grammar (Unless they decided to go full retard and remove that…)

Anonymous says:

No disrespect to the group, but does anyone actually use Hatsuyuki these days? Their releases are always so late after everyone else and not to mention generally worse quality.

Hairy says:

They still get downloads, so I assume someone is watching their releases.

But as you said, they’re incredibly slow and worse than the much faster competition by several degrees, so it’s kind of baffling as to why anyone would use them. I wonder if there are people out there who wait for Hatsuyuki because they think they’re a legitimately better option than others.

Kristen says:

When I was in college, our anime club used to watch shows on a projector. We would very commonly use Hatsuyuki for one reason – they are one of the few groups left that still releases .avi files.

Outside of that, I’ve never seen much strong with them, though they do have some very talented karaoke. But I do respect them a ton because after all the flack they have gotten over the years, they are consistent in their releases and beliefs.

Googol says:

Why would you need .AVI files to project them?

Kristen says:

Don’t know. I never was in charge of the projection, just supplying the files and arranging the meetings. But I used to supply the files for the club the last 2 years and the first week when I supplied all .mkv files, it was a total crash and we had to download .avi files during the meeting.

HUNTA says:

Because college computers are literally toasters.

nishishi says:

I think people enjoy the community around the releases sometimes as much as the releases themselves. Look at doki for example. They have a pretty good community built around their releases that is fun to be a part of. Compare that to someone like vivid who generally has good releases, but definitely isn’t the kind of site you want to hang out on.

tenkenX6 says:

>Just who they be willing to reassign…

Amon in gangsta mode. Since his job can be rather crazy and stressful, he’s gotta let off some steam somehow, right?

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