14 thoughts on “AMVs, for humans”

    • That’s probably about the only way to salvage this post (which I refuse to apologize for), so link away, y’all~

      Don’t get uppity though — one per person!

  1. Don’t really have a favorite but I’ll post a good one I guess, a-a-and I’m not posting just one because you said so, y-you can’t control me!

  2. i’m Surprised to see the fourth AMV posted by Dark_Sage since it made with my own language so i know every bit of what the lyrics means.

    Edit:Okay so it’s not really my language since it’s indonesian and i’m a malaysian but close enough.

    • I liked it a lot more than I expected. Like… a lot more. Recommend me some good music from your part of the world? I trust you more than Youtube.

        • Always fun to hear random bits of English in there. Cari Jodoh was pretty catchy.

          So… I actually went through a few other songs after listening to those and now I’m intensely curious… are “upbeat”/”positive” songs the only ones that get produced? I noticed that sort of trend with Chinese songs, for example, and interested to see if it’s a recurring theme in non-western, popular music. Sorry for grilling you like this, but this isn’t exactly a topic that comes up every day.

          • It’s fine Dark_Sage…it’s nice to talk to you actually especially since i visited this site for like over a year and this is the first time i’ve commented and talk to you.

            Anyway back to topic…there are other songs that are not very upbeat or positive and sometimes it may sound like a happy songs but the meanings behind the lyrics are not so happy but yeah most songs are always,like you said “upbeat/positive”

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