P-Tuesday Pollday: Best Winter 2015 OP/ED – Visualfag Edition

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This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.

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While my enjoyment of the music was a prereq, these OPs and EDs were selected specifically for their visuals. Blind people, you’re gonna get a poll of your own, so don’t you worry.

Note that while I call this the Visualfag edition, I don’t particularly care how you vote, or even if you vote at all. I mean, how would I even police that? The point of these polls is -dramatic pause- well, I’m not going to tell you the point. Enjoy.


Heads up

Shiburin - Heads up

Due to Youtube’s hard-on for copyright, some of the Youtube videos here are gonna be rather low-quality or modified in some way to escape automatic copyright flags. So I would recommend using the webm links if you’re not bandwidth starved. (640×360: 10-20 MB, 1280×720: 20-40 MB)


Best OP

The Rolling Girls OP


Absolute Duo

Webm link (640×360, subbed by Chihiro)

Webm link (1280×720, subbed by Chihiro)



Death Parade

Webm link (640×360, subbed by FFF)

Webm link (1280×720, subbed by FFF)



Detective Conan

Webm link (640×360, unsubbed)

Webm link (1280×720, unsubbed)



Shinmai Maou no Testament

Webm link (640×360, subbed by Chihiro)

Webm link (1280×720, subbed by Chihiro)



Yurikuma Arashi

Webm link (640×360, subbed by Asenshi)

Webm link (1280×720, subbed by Asenshi)




Best Winter 2015 OP (Visualfag Edition)

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Best ED

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ED


Absolute Duo

Webm link (640×360, subbed by Chihiro)

Webm link (1280×720, subbed by Chihiro)



Assassination Classroom

Webm link (640×360, subbed by FFF)

Webm link (1280×720, subbed by FFF)



Naruto Shippuden

Webm link (640×360, subbed by WCP)

Webm link (1280×720, subbed by WCP)




<No Youtube ED version available. Now you have to use the webms.>

Webm link (640×360, unsubbed)

Webm link (1280×720, unsubbed)



Yoru no Yatterman

Webm link (640×360, subbed by Cthuko)

Webm link (1280×720, subbed by Cthuko)




Best Winter 2015 ED (Visualfag Edition)

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Audiofag edition up later tonight.

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Dark_Sage says:

Best Opening: Yurikuma
Best Ending: Yatterman

That’s just how the world is built.

Solaristics says:

I need my ‘Fuck the Visuals, but love the music poll.

If we talk visuals, Best OP = Yurikuma
ED… Fuck If I know.

As for music only, I personally enjoy Aldnoah’s and Fafners OP songs. For ED, only one I really like is Tokyo Ghouls.

Dark_Sage says:

Coming in 14. Takes a while to encode all the webms.

pengu says:

Same for me, but I was really surprised at how good the Conan opening is.

QQwerty says:

>Not Yatterman for best OP

Once again amazed by your tone-deafness/shitty taste, D_S. But at least you understand how great the ED is.

Fafner’s OP had the nostalgia factor, plus the visuals were nice. Death Parade’s and Saenai’s were nice too.

Oh, and best Saenai best ED. Tokyo Ghoul’s is also great.

Shigatsu’s OP and ED were okay, but kinda meh.

WAIT this is for visuals. Okay, ignore what I just said. I should read before I comment.

Dark_Sage says:

Yeah, who knows! Yatterman, Fafner, Death Parade, Saenai, Tokyo Ghoul, and Shigatsu could all be waiting for you in the audiofag poll.

It’d take quite of a bit of something on my part for not a single one of those to show up.

Zelot says:

I super love the visuals of Shinmai blah blah Testament.
ED probs goes to Duo

RevyRevolver says:

Oh so this post already had the Yuri Kuma Op…

Oh well too late to edit my other comment.

Pelfmiester says:

Opening: Too much to choose from.
Ending: Nothing I particularly care about.

Switches says:

No Kantai Collection? You little piece of sh…

Dark_Sage says:

sheik? That’s a weird thing to say, but okay.

shaddrag says:

Holy shit, did that just happen? I mean, I know we’re currently the only Shippuden subbers with ED lyrics seeing as Hatsuyuki is delayed and Kurama is in turtle mode, but for you to pick out our subs (especially the very latest karaoke ones), never mind actually considering Naruto for a possible best ED, that’s really something.

I’m aware this comment screams autism, but I just can’t help myself right now, I can’t even. D_S, you legend, you. Just completely made my day, thank you. Oh, and I don’t know what it is, but I always find myself watching the Yurikuma OP at random times, it’s just plain awesome for me.

Dark_Sage says:

No problem. I usually put OPs/EDs up raw when I have a choice, but I figured the scene could use a slight pick-me-up after even I’ve publicly lost faith in them. Have a good one.

Mehrwerfer says:

Best Opening: KanColle (One of the best I ever heard)
Best Ending: KanColle (One of the best I ever heard)

Anon says:

>Yurikuma OP not in the audiofag poll
pls fix ur taste D_S

Dark_Sage says:

I prioritized this poll, so even if it woulda made it to the Audiofag poll, it never had a chance.

jabashque says:

>not grabbing the subbed Conan OP from [M-L]
It’s over at http://the-moonlighters.ml/blog/2014/11/25/detective-conan-752/ and was actually posted a couple months ago.

Anoyimous says:

“Unable to play this item, please update your browser or try another.”
I have Chrome 40.0.2214.111 m (64-bit) <= the most recent. And I can view the webm at the cartel's headquarters just fine.

Dark_Sage says:


Anoyimous says:

On animation alone it would be Absolute Duo OP, but for the art it would be Yurikuma Arashi OP. Assassination Classroom ED because the art.
Not that anyone cares xD

Dark_Sage says:

I care. <3

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