Let’s Read – Episode 2: Eerie Queerie! Vol. 1

Let's Read — By on February 9, 2015 2:36 am

This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.

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I thought about sneaking Volume 2 in, but I didn’t wanna overload your loins with my reading skills, so we kept it at one volume.

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kani says:

I can’t help but imagine that this is the logical conclusion of ASMR. Eerie Queerie indeed.

(Have to say, this is a step down from your previous Let’s Read. Unable to gauge your progress based on the ratio of pages in each hand. Instead I must rely on the seekbar, which is considerably less accurate.)

Dark_Sage says:

Good point. Side view preferred, or should I angle the camera up more?

kani says:

Whatever takes the least effort.

Kiraly says:

Can you angle it at your face? Pretty please?

Dark_Sage says:

I’ll give you a facial in episode 3.

Kiraly says:

:nosebleed intensifies:

QQwerty says:

(Prepares custom dakimakura order)

So uhhh, what’s the ETA on that episode 3, D_S? Just curious, no other reason.

Qrius says:

I take it you didn’t get the memo that Crymore 2.0 follows a weekly schedule

LotusGG says:

what the actual fuck

James says:

Is this a gag, or is my sound broken….

Period says:

why would it be a gag? he read

James says:

Just checking. I thought maybe this would be a review of the official translation of a manga.

Anonymous says:

Now this I can get into.

Anonymous says:

I can’t hear jack shit in this video, what the hell?

Hairy says:

Maybe you muted it.

Anonymous says:

I tried the video on my phone, laptop, and pc and all I hear is static the whole way through.

FalseDawn says:

That’s not static. It’s the sound of :reading:

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