P-Tuesday Pollday: Top OTP & Sexiest Boy of Winter 2015

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See? I’m keeping to the schedule. …if we’re going by like Pacific time.




Kaneki Ken x Naki (Tokyo Ghoul Root A)

Good Guy Kaneki
Naki loves Kaneki for the Yamori on the inside.



Izaya x the Orihara Imoutos (Durarara!!x2 Shou)

Drrr Kissu



Koi x Poi (Kantai Collection)

Poi x Koi



The Rolling Girls x An Art School Dropout

The Rolling Girls - Color
“Garish is in now, I swear!”



Yurikuma Arashi x Kleenex’s Stock Price

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Sexiest Boy


Me, of course.
Me, of course.


14 thoughts on “P-Tuesday Pollday: Top OTP & Sexiest Boy of Winter 2015”

    • Like Anonymous said, it’s One True Pair/One True Pairing.

      Related tumblrspeak:
      Ship = “to pair up in a romantical relationship” as in “I ship <character a> and <character b>”
      Canon = “official”, as in “Dark_Sage x me is canon OTP”
      Crack ship = derivative of ship, “a romantical relationship that you’d have to be on crack to suggest”, as in “That chick from Sankarea x Rei Ayanami (v3) isn’t even crack ship; they’d be so good together it’s practically canon, fuck you.”

      Also see:


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