MomoCon 2015 – The Cosplay

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I’d rename the site to ConventionMore, but I think our current title describes the state of things well enough.

Note: If you want bigger pictures, click on the images — they’re hyperlinked to the larger versions (that are like 3 GB a piece). If you just try to view the image itself (in Firefox, for example, doing Right Click -> View Image), you’ll get some small/fucked-up version of the image. I have to do it like this because WordPress sucks.




Meme – Me!Me!Me!


I think she just came to hang out in the foyer and pose, but that’s fine too. Not like there was anything else to do at this fucking con.



MerHaru – Free!


>”Do you want me on the floor?”

>”Uhh… YES”

Fucking anime cons <3



Rei Ayanami – Silent Hill


Bad lighting makes for good crossovers.



Holo x Lawrence – Spicy Wolf


Peddling apples like I peddle literary orgasms~





Jaune Arc – RWBY


I don’t usually get RWBY pics, but he had the guitar, so…



Meme – Me!Me!Me!


Didn’t ask for tongue, but I got it anyway. #Success



Decim – Death Parade


Don’t know what the fuck the badge is for, but okay.



Esdeath – Akame ga Kill!


One of these days the Esbestus will kill me. Unfortunately, this was not one of those days.



Jibril – NGNL


Yeah, it’s a good Jibril, but Mr. Doesn’t-Skip-Taco-Tuesday was feeling it way more than he should have been.



Decim – Death Parade


Turns out this Decim runs AkaiCon. His friend caught me on an escalator and tried to get me to go by explaining they got the English voice actor for Levi to attend the con. All during his spiel, I could only think of how fucking pathetic someone would have to be in order to look up to a voice actor of all people. I’d honestly burn my entire collection if it meant the scene wouldn’t have to deal with this fake celebrity bullshit anymore.

The cosplay was pretty on point, but I think I’m done with Death Parade pics after this con. Honestly saw three other Decims after this.



Yuno Gasai – Mirai Nikki


Not sure what the pose is, but she did compliment me on being “the best person ever”, so I’m gonna say she wins the con for feeding my narcissism the most.



Doll x Sakura Kyouko – Kuroshitsuji & Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Fucking loved Book of Circus. The Doll cosplayer asked if I wanted her to stand up, but it was more entertaining this way. Plus, her friend got in the shot, so it was like double the cosplay with half the effort. That’s a win in my book.



Genderbent Decim – Death Parade


All right, yeah, this isn’t exactly an accurate genderbent Decim… but she did give me homemade memento mori (and not the virgin kind). Taking into account that her day job is legitimately bartending, we’ll let it slide. Red bow next time, plz.





Klaus – Kekkai Sensen


Shut up. It’s rare.



Hoozuki – Hoozuki no Reitetsu


Occasionally I have an existentialist crisis on WalkCon and wish I was back in my hotel room looking for fucked-up porn on the Sankaku booru. But then I come across cosplays where the cosplayers tell me I’m the only person who recognized the series where they’re from, and it helps justify the effort.

Skipping past the livejournaling, Hoozuki no Reitetsu was an awful anime, but this cosplay’s pretty sweet anyway.



Names that I’d get wrong if I guessed again – Aldnoah Zero


Aldnoah.Zero cosplay’s always hype even if the show was asstastic (and not in the Queen’s Blade way).





Anthy x Utena – Revolutionary Shoujo Utena


I despised Utena (the show would be 6 episodes if they took out all the filler and car scenes), but damned if I don’t know what’ll make your hearts beat.



Yuno Gasai – Mirai Nikki


On my way out to lunch, saw this Yuno and knew I had to get a memento of best girl. Almost was enough to wash the taste of con cancer away.


Luckily, ocarina guy was there to finish the job.

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Assirra says:

Is it just from your pictures or is Death Parade really so popular at cons?

Dark_Sage says:

I mean, Decim is a cheap and easy cosplay. White wig, red bowtie, and a bartender outfit and you’re golden. I’m not overestimating when I say there were at least 6 Decims at the con. Chiyuki isn’t as common since you need to have the body for it, but it’s a no-brainer couples cosplay.

Calyrica says:

I’m probably the only person who visits this site who loves Utena. Thanks for pandering to, uh, me.

CoffeeFlux says:

it’s ok, i do too <3

LotusGG says:

Wow, some actually good cosplays on this one.
>silent hill

anon-tan says:

>Names that I’d get wrong if I guessed again
Fat Slaine, fat Asseylum, fat Inaho.

I really like that Hoozuki.

Abunja says:

Why don’t they cosplay characters that suits them?

Dark_Sage says:

I know, right? Whenever I see someone cosplaying a Clamp character and they’re not seven-foot-tall anorexics, it just ruins the immersion completely.

Abunja says:

‘Gonna do what I love’, they might say. Though, I think they’re not watching that much if they can’t find a character that’s quite a match to their description.

qq says:

Now you have me wanting to see someone with Marfan
‘s cosplay a Clamp character.

herecomesthebride says:

Dude with the ocarina is playing the song of time though mate…

Dark_Sage says:

Same thing. Not like I ever played that shitty game.

LotusGG says:

But you’re always playing shitty games!

Dark_Sage says:

Haven’t touched any vidya since my monhun post. ;_;

LotusGG says:

do you intend to play blade and ass when it releases on west? (it has an actual plot so maybe you’ll be interested)

Dark_Sage says:

…depends how much ass we’re talking about.

LotusGG says:

that also depends on your creativity on the character creation system.

Abunja says:

Badonk-ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

El Huesudo II says:

Every time I see the initials NGNL, I can’t avoid reading them as “not gonna not lie”.

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