FanimeCon 2015 Cosplayery Episode 02 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

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Giving up my morning coverage of Momocon to bring you pics from a better con.

Note: If you want bigger pictures, click on the images — they’re hyperlinked to the larger versions (that are like 350 MB a piece). If you just try to view the image itself (in Firefox, for example, doing Right Click -> View Image), you’ll get some small/fucked-up version of the image. I have to do it like this because WordPress sucks.




Eto – Tokyo Ghoul


I tend to skip over the common Kanekis at cons, but I knew I had to nab this Eto as soon as I saw her. Also, it gave me an excuse to run away from one of the worst egg benedicts I’ve ever had. Seriously, San Jose, they’re not that fucking hard. Why can’t you fucking make something that’s at least edible?



Mayu x Chiyuki – Death Parade


Didn’t recognize this was a Mayu until the Chiyuki brought it up. Their pro-tier pose game made me regret my potential slight.



Hestia – DanMachi


We went on a journey to find every Hestia we could. …and we succeeded. Go us. Chase (Soup) also grabbed a pic with another one earlier in the day:

Boob Ribbons
Chase so perfect~



Yurigasaki Lulu x Yurishiro Ginko – Yurikuma Arashi


Apparently these two are professional cosplayers ( They’d probably make more in other pursuits that exploit their youth, but hey — whatever works.



Yaya – Unbreakable Machine-Doll


When puddi, conks, and I saw this cosplay we were like “Holy shit, was that Unbreakable Machine-Doll? That’s rare. I bet we’d make that girl’s day if we took a pic of her.” But by the time we determined this, she had already disappeared. Thus ensued a five-minute search that resulted in this pic… in which she didn’t appear excited at all.

Lesson learned: Don’t put the doll on a pedestal.



Captain Cruhteo x Asseylum Vers Allusia – Aldnoah. Zero


Caught these two while playing WalkCon when separated from the crew. The cosplay was pretty on-spot, unlike the pandering cancer the show turned into.



Yin x Hei – Darker than Black


If Hei was alone, this’d be a pass. But with Yin? Eh, sure.



Gendo x his dead wife whose soul he implanted in a 14-year-old’s body that he probably skull-fucked (/spoilers) – Neon Genesis Evangelion


They gave me a Gendo button for taking their pic. It was adequate compensation.



Kaneo Takarada – Kill la Kill


Cash kane millionaire. There was no way I wasn’t gonna mug this mug for a shot of his mug. (No, I will not apologize for that.)



Someone x Velvet – Odin Sphere


Honestly, I didn’t even like Odin Sphere. But I collect rare cosplay like I collect otaku hearts, so I had to grab this shot.



Loki – DanMachi


Loki Loki Loki <3 <3 <3

Saying I was thrilled to get this shot would be a significant understatement.





Gintaro x Kaguya – Gintama


I’m not super hype for Gintama, but I know a lot of you are, so I camera-glomped these two while they were sitting down. Luckily, they took it like champs. Bosses, even.


I think we were only on the con floor for like two hours on Sunday, so we didn’t get too many any other pics. Gomen.





Chiyuki x Decim – Death Parade

These two were not particularly pleased I wanted a picture of them, and I basically had to tear the Decim away from the dog he was walking to get the combo shot.

Decim was really feeling it.
Decim was really feeling it.

You could say I was an asshole for grabbing a picture anyway, but they should have at least suspected that walking in Death Parade cosplay a block from the convention center was likely to get them jumped by a Dark_Sage. I mean, the odds were a little higher than 100%.


And… that was the only pic I nabbed on Monday, cuz although I saw some awesome opportunities (there were a few Black Lagoon cosplayers staging a fight around an empty con center at 5:00), I was way too fucking dead to attempt interacting with humans. And I’m pretty much at that point right now at Momocon. Please save me. ;_;

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  1. Pretty sure that’s Cruhteo, not Saazbaum. But if they went as a pair, it really should’ve been Klancain.

    Some of these don’t look too bad. I guess when it’s a con that’s not the shitty tiny one I went to once, people actually try.

  2. Where do you get off trashing on people for no reason other than your lackluster “weeb superiority”? I have quite a few friends that you have pictured up here and as a former cosplayer myself, this shiz isn’t easy. People do it because they love it and want to share that love with the community. The fact that they let you take pictures of their hard work and dedication should elicit some respect. No one cosplays so they can get dumped on by some trash’s 5th-tier blog. As a part of this specific community, keep your negative BS to the anime, instead of directing it at other fans. Grow up and learn to respect the community you’re so damn fond of.

    • Well thank god I’ll never have to meet your ever-bleeding cunt, cuz I ain’t going back to this shitty con or your shitty city, which is somehow even worse than fucking St Louis. What in the fuck.

      Look, Captain Can’t-spell-wan-piesu-characters-correctly, I think you’re mistaking sycophantry for the bar that every cosplay post on the web should meet. I don’t know what exactly set you off, but I’m pretty fucking sure I was as tiptoe-through-the-tulips as I coulda possibly been in this post.

      Maybe you can tell me what triggered your tumblrism so I can address where exactly your subpar literacy dropped the ball. My breath couldn’t possibly be more bated.

    • What’s your problem? I don’t even see any comments in this post that could be considered offensive. Where exactly did he “dump” on anyone?

      Regardless, go fuck yourself. Not every community on the internet is a virtual hugbox.

  3. This isn’t any SJW shit. Your entire post reeks of your self-aggrandizing entitlement. No one at the conventions is there for your pleasure. Grow up, scrublords.

    • “Your entire post reeks of your self-aggrandizing entitlement.”

      And your comment reeks of the SJW bullshit that your first sentence said it wasn’t. Also, there was basically no negativity in this post for you to get your panties all bunched up over. You’re telling other people to grow up when you haven’t even learned to read yet? Absolutely comical.

    • Nobody said anything about SJWs until you did. And you did so after dodging the replies to your original post.

      Is this a new form of cringe trolling or something? All you’re making me feel is bad for you.


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