Where to Eat – MomoCon 2015 (Atlanta Downtown Area)

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Due to the nature of my job, I’ve eaten at quite a few (68) Atlanta locations in the past 5 months. This post is about the good ones within a mile of MomoCon.



None of these locations are actually in/connected to the CNN Center. So if you want a review of Burger Fi, I don’t have one, cuz I didn’t even learn CNN had a food court until last week. As far as the rest of downtown goes? Yeah, my recommendations are good. Stretch your legs and freak the normals in suits out, please.

Price range is under $15 for a meal, cuz I know most anime fans aren’t exactly in a high-budget sort of situation. Also, check the fucking store times, cuz a lot of these places cater to the business crowd, and aren’t open until midnight.





Blossom Tree (Korean Fusion)

Korean tacos. Oh god, so good. Get the three-taco plate, cuz it comes with two sides as a bonus. The sweet potatoes are fantastic, but so is everything else I’ve had here, really.


Kwan’s Deli (Korean)

They’ve only got a few legit Korean options (and a bunch of American deli choices), but the bibimbap I had was fucking excellent, so I’m inclined to assume the rest will be nomtastic.




Because Shrimp

The Food Shoppe

Cheap, plentiful, and sometimes they’ll even give you free samples of their hype shit (the bread pudding, oh god). This is a guaranteed stop-by for me for the con, and it should be for you too. If there’s one place you visit on my recommendation, make it this one.

…their hours are a little wonky, though. Don’t necessarily trust what’s been posted.




I do love me some hookahs


I usually hate Indian food, but this shit is hype. Think Chipotle, but with Indian ingredients. Just avoid the bottled lassi they sell; it’s shit in smoothie form.




loli aet taco

Willy’s (Chain)

Chipotle, but not as good. But still pretty good.





Reuben’s Deli

Oh god, the food. You want a smorgasbord of meat? Ask for the “Old Tuesday Special”. Probably a good place to drop by for lunch if you’re planning on some heavy drinking later.




Jack and Rocket - Kekkai Sensen

Johnny Rockets (Chain)

This is a real Johnny Rockets, unlike that bullshit I had in San Jose. Yeah, it’s a chain, so but so is Chipotle. Eat here for the Kekkai love at least. Nightow knows his American cuisine.



Nom away~

But then who was popsicle hand

As a final warning, the food court food in Atlanta is shit. Don’t risk the Peachtree Center unless you’re going for the chains.

If you want the full spreadsheet of my eatfaggery so far, I threw it up on G Docs: Link

And if you want to yell at me for bothering with this bullshit con stuff… you’ve always got the comments section, and I’ve always got my selective hearing. :3 (No, really, we’ll be back to normal soon. This month was a test, and the results have declared my body is not yet ready for me to become a confag, thank the gods.)

4 thoughts on “Where to Eat – MomoCon 2015 (Atlanta Downtown Area)”

  1. No love for Grindhouse Killer Burgers or Bocado? There’s also The Spence if you want to be all fancypants on your last evening there.

    Ammazza might be a bit too far out for Italian for some folks; Baraonda might be an okay compromise in that case.

    • With the exception of Grindhouse (at a nice 1.5 miles away from the convention center), none of those are really walkable. The con’s at the Omni Center, not Midtown.

      Haven’t had a lot of those places, but they seem pretty standard for $20+ plates with “ambiance”, which is really not my scene. Grindhouse isn’t, but I can’t say I’d value their burgers at anything above $6.

  2. >Due to the nature of my job, I’ve eaten at quite a few (68) Atlanta locations in the past 5 months.

    I’m pretty sure this said 47 the last time I looked at it, that being yesterday. As suspected, Dark_Salvia_microphylla is cooking his “articles”. His accountancy is in question. Who knows what other perfidy transpires in these exchanges.


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