FanimeCon 2015 Cosplayery Episode 01 (Friday)

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If a cosplay doesn’t exist until it’s observed, does that make me a better seamstress than Nui?

Note: If you want bigger pictures, click on the images — they’re hyperlinked to the bigger versions (that are like 415 MB a piece). If you just try to view the image itself (in Firefox, for example, doing Right Click -> View Image), you’ll get some small/fucked-up version of the image. I have to do it like this because WordPress sucks.



Kousaka Reina – Hibike! Euphonium


Started off the day right with a Hibike cosplay. Yeah, we had been talking about how Hibike sucked right before we saw her with the trumpet… but any airing-show cosplay is hype enough for pics, regardless of how much I want to kick every band member into an oncoming train.



Someone – Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle


Thought this cosplay was from xxxHolic, but I was a bit off. Guess she’s from Tsubasa Chronicle, though I still don’t know what character.

Oh well, at least I guessed Clamp correctly. Gotta be worth at least some fujoshi cred.



Group Cosplay – Deadman Wonderland


Saw this crew in the Gaming Room, but didn’t have a good opportunity for pics. Managed to find them just a bit later though, so I seized that fucking diem. Loved the hell out of that manga (fuck the anime).



Curly Brace x Quote – Cave Story


Honestly I don’t even like Cave Story, but I can recognize a rare cosplay when I see one.



Decim x Chiyuki – Death Parade


They had the cups, they had the pose. Come on, you thought I wouldn’t get this?

Saw them around a few times throughout the rest of the day, but I managed to hold off on asking for more pics cuz apparently that’s how restraining orders come about.



I Dunno

We passed by this guy moping in the corner a couple times during WalkCon, and eventually just decided “Fuck it, why not grab a pic? Evangelion was pretty good.”


Turns out he wasn’t a dedicated cosplayer, slyly rolling a depressed Kaworu cosplay… he was just a guy from some anime.

You could tell I was the first person to ever ask him for a pic, because he started bragging about he was using the canon shoes from episode 2 of the show he was from. puddi and Rekyu were hanging back while I was getting lectured, and had no interest in saving me. Barely escaped with my sagacity intact.



Pit Icarus – Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Pit was behind a window. The window didn’t have a door. So I ran through the hotel restaurant and jumped off their porch to grab this pic.


…you know, I’m starting to think my sagey maneuvers could come off as pretty weird if my fellow con-goers hadn’t already set the social expectations bar far below ground.



Kuroyukihime – Accel World, A Pokemon – Pokemon, Skateboard-kun – K


The girl in the middle had to explain what Pokemon she was cosplaying a couple times, which I guess she didn’t mind cuz I said I wanted hashtag it properly. Honestly, I still forgot it a second after I took the picture. We’ll just say it’s #PinkEevee.



Ranka Lee – Macross Frontier

As we were passing by the registration hall, Chase saw this girl and turned to me with a quizzical “Was that fucking Ranka?”


It fucking was. Aren’t you happy I ran off after her for this pic, Chase? I know you are, cuz I rubbed it in your face the whole con.

Bonus story: She had a cute little bow thing on the back that was pretty hype, but there’s no good way to ask for just a back pic, so it will be forever lost to the history of the world.

Well… maybe one of those fat, balding fucks who were hanging outside with $4,000 cameras have a creepshot. Guess you’ll have to check reddit to find out.



Rock x Revy – Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3




Zero – Drakengard 3

I dunno if she was just in character or not, but Zero-chan was visibly displeased we wanted a picture. It’s like, Jesus, I’m not gonna fap to this fucking pic; I can only get off to my mirror now anyway.


Maybe she was burned out, but we’re talking like noon on Friday here, and I’m pretty sure I’m the only person at fanime who was buyfag enough to waste any money on Drakengard 3.



Dark Flame Master x Rikka – Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!


Dark Flame Master and Rikka were a bit more amenable to getting their quality chronicled, even though we made them get up for a pic. Top poses too. <3



Rinoa x Squall – Final Fantasy 8


Screw good taste, FF8 was awesome. And this Rinoa was awesome. And I guess we’ll give Squall some props too, but the Rinoa is what we all came for, let’s be serious.



Lagiacrus(?)-Armored Lancer – Monster Hunter


I do like my MonHun cosplay, even though the dude was rolling a boring-ass Lance. Speaking of: Hunting Horn for the win, and fuck Great Sword/HBG casuals.



Hyakuya Yuuichirou x Hyakuya Mikaela – Owari no Seraph


Yeah, it’s Owari no Seraph, but I cut them slack cuz :airing:. This may also be the only pic I took that didn’t turn out as trash as this series.



Yurishiro Ginko – Yurikuma Arashi

Pretty sure I caused some facepalms in the group when I peeled after this Ginko to get a picture.


She fucking kuma shock’d me while the crew was a block or two back, being all shy and shit. Guess that means I made the right choice after all. \o/



Esdeath – Akame ga Kill!



Grabbed this at 10:30, which is generally the cut-off for when everyone at a con starts smelling like whiskey, so this is the last pic of the night. Gomenz. (For details on all whiskey-related shenanigans, look forward to the Day 2 Fanime write-up I may never post.)



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