FanimeCon 2015: Days 0/1 – Thursday/Friday

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Will I finish this convention series in a reasonable timeframe? My unfinished Sakuracon and AniMinneapolis write-ups point to no.

Meme crew breakdown:

  • puddizzle
  • conkerer
  • SoupRKnowva
  • yo
  • Rekyu
  • Denpa (real version)



6:00 Airport -> Convention Center

Because San Jose isn’t quite as developed as a decent city, there aren’t any details around how to actually get to your destination, so you have to leave it to the fates, or swallow your pride and ask somebody… and I’m not much of a swallower.

Though, since Fanimecon is far more popular than it should be, all I had to do to find my destination was follow the high schoolers acting like high schoolers.

Basically this, except none of them were anime cute. Also, I didn’t have a desk.


7:15 Press Badges

Got to the con after losing more faith in the human race than I thought I had left (there were people dancing on the bus in Kuroko no Basuke wigs), then met up with Puddi to get our badges from the press room.

This con is absurdly stringent about their press badge process, so they wouldn’t let us pick up badges for Rekyu and Denpa unless they were there… even though I’m the site owner and ridiculously handsome. So we just grabbed our two badges and left.

We also had to have business cards to get in. Find me at a con and collect them all~


8:00 Etc.

We hit up a Safeway to gather supplies (read: liquor) and then went back to our hotel room to chill, but otherwise it was a rather uneventful day. …Which was good, cuz Friday was full of enough shenanigans to justify this post.





9:30 Room Change

Our room was originally on the 20th floor, but since this wasn’t my first rodeo, I went down to registration to see if we could get on a lower floor so we could just use the stairs. Didn’t exactly want to rely on the four elevators they expected to serve a 30k-person con.

Luckily, I didn’t need to rely on luck. Marriotts love me, so they hooked us up with a 5th-floor room.



10:00 Food Time

Conks came in, so we decided to get some eggs benedicts at a joint close to the hotel. Ended up at a place called Flames. I got a chicken-apple sausage bennie, which was the worst excuse for a benedict I’ve ever had.

It tasted about as good as it looks.
Vomit on a plate.

puddi then reminded us of the old adage, “if a restaurant menu has more than 70 items, none of them will be good”, and we were all sufficiently shamed for our words and deeds.

Went to Psycho Donuts right after and picked up a Totoro donut and a Red Bean donut. They were okay.

I'd give you pics, but Miku's cuter, so...
I’d give you more food pics, but Miku’s cuter, so…


11:00 WalkCon

Ran WalkCon for a few hours and found some excellent cosplay (that I’ll share with y’all on Monday or Tuesday if you aren’t already following this bullshit on my tumblr or twitter).

Fanime’s WalkCon is pretty good, but mostly because that’s all the main convention area is for — panels are in an entirely different hotel that’s incredibly inconvenient to get to.

Oh, and we also managed to sneak our way into the (closed) karaoke room to get a Crymore-exclusive first look.

We're real press now.
Only the most professional reporting from us.


2:00 Artist’s Alley

I blew my load on a table-ton of art. Not exactly able to take pics of it all right now, but here’s a money shot of my Kekkai Sensen haul:

Kekkai Sensen - Sei

When people do airing anime (well) my hype cannot be contained. Just wish there was a White poster. ;_;

So best.
So best.


3:00 Moe Moe Panel

We go to this panel, expecting some moe shenanigans, but all we got was a couple dudes who had no business speaking publicly (let alone speaking in general) struggling over the definition of moe for 40 minutes. The straw that broke the ineptness camel’s back was when the guy started going off about how Senjougahara was moe.

Senjo so moe.
Senjo so moe.

Taking this as our cue, we left to hit up…


3:30 Fanfiction Writing 101

Upon entering, we were each given a 30-page booklet on fanfiction writing. I believe they expected us to follow along, but I spent the entire panel on tumblr, puddi and Soup were trying not to /wrists, and conks just fell asleep.


4:00 Quizzery

If you remember puddi’s post from last Sunday, this is the panel where he was able to pick up a physical copy from. Took him an hour to fill in the answers y’all provided, and about five minutes to guess the six we didn’t have answered. As far as the results of the quiz…

She's a bad character but I'd still fuck the dye out of her hair

Spoiler for
…rankings will be announced on Monday.


5:00 More Artist’s Alley/WalkCon

Whatever, you know the deal.


7:00 Rocket Time

Jack and Rockets

Since Soup and I were hype about Kekkai Sensen, and since there was a Johnny Rocket’s two blocks away… we went down to grab some burgers from the joint. Unfortunately, it was a Johnny Rocket’s Express or something, so they only had a few burgers and shakes for options. I was triggered, for sure.

For reference, this is what I had at an Atlanta Rockets (fried egg, caramelized onions, bacon, pepperjack, and saucy sauce):

Fare thee well, my burger ;_;
Fare thee well, my delicious meal. ;_;


8:00 K-pop & liquor

Since Soup is all about the K, he put some fucking K-vids on my laptop, and we had some boy talk. For you girls out there, boy talk is basically the best thing ever, and you’re missing out.


For liquor we rolled Bulleit/Maker’s with Coke and straight shots of Ketel. We do it right.


10:00 Rave

Per tradition, we had to hit up the rave.


10:05 Bye

Also per tradition, we had to leave it after 5 minutes cuz it was a rave.

On the way back, puddi and conks got caught up by some violinists and managed to get them to play the Yamada-kun OP. Soup and I missed it, since we were practically running from the ravery, but puddi got a sweet recording:


12:00 Rekyu and Denpa arrive…

…way too late for any Friday con shenanigans, cuz they didn’t have badges.



12:30 Raver’s Paradise

Soup and I downed a couple more shots and hit up the rave again for reasons I’m still not sure I understand. Grabbed some video, cuz we’re social anthropologists real journalists.

On behalf of all white people, I am so sorry you had to witness that.


12:35 Room Time

Soup and I came back to find the boys settling it in Smash. Crew played a couple more rounds and then we hit the snuggle factory to charge up for Saturday.




I’m getting this post out at the con because puddi’s cuddle game was too strong for me to remain sleeping and retain the idol-like innocence you’ve all come to expect from me, so lucky you. We’ll have to see if my pure body can handle what the rest of Fanime throws at me, but it’s not looking like we’ll be able to avoid a scandal. :<

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  1. “The Citizen Kane of anime blogs”

    It marks a low point in your career; was panned by the general public and not appreciated until decades after its release; and caused someone to attempt to frame you for statutory rape?

  2. I still don’t get why you go to so many anime cons. Honestly, it seems like the only things you hate more than anime fansubbers are anime fans and anime conventions.

    • I go for the people. Like, I would’ve never met you unless I went to Anime North, which I knew going in would be awful. Meeting up with friends and making new ones is pretty much the point of cons; they’re awful to solo, and the enjoyment often has to come in spite of them.

        • I would not wish a solo con on anyone.

          Raleigh’s awesome, so I’m a bit sad I didn’t make it out there last weekend instead of San Jose. If there’s any other cons coming up in the area, and if they don’t suck, I wouldn’t mind dropping by to hang out.

  3. Wait? You are supposed to pay for that vomit on a plate?
    They should pay you to even look at it, let alone eat it.

  4. One of my colleagues went to Fanime. Do me a favor and look for the short guy in orange and tell him he’s a faggot.

  5. Ugh, should’ve spent more time with the crew. Getting the money’s worth wasn’t worth it this year…. Panel ‘quality’ seemed lower & everywhere else didn’t keep my attention for long. Sadly, one con a year while generally solo skews the baseline a tad. Yay for regrets!


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