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I wasn’t much a fan of last year’s entry in the series, but how does this year’s fare?

It sucks.

Rating: Dropped-after-two-hours/10. RIP my $60.


So now that my weekend’s freed up, any ideas for posts? The current choices I’ve been given aren’t exactly… blood-pumping. And the posts I have in the pipeline are equally uninspiring. So I’m leaving it up to you cuz I’m lazy and drunk.

Help me make 2018 great again?

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Zen says:

“any ideas for posts?”
Start reviewing music albums by the track. But none of that gay-ass nightcore shit.

Dark_Sage says:

Is it still 2015? Cuz I’m kinda getting into nightstep now.

Robert says:

Perhaps watch & review Ping Pong to determine whether it’s worth watching despite the shitstain visuals? Or review 91 days for something more recent/ to your taste.

Dark_Sage says:

91 Days was shit. But I might watch Ping Pong just so I can mark it complete and drop its score a bit on MAL.

KoolKidsK says:

Translation party/faceoff for that series both DDY and Commie are doing? DDY’s is an original tl so presumably there’s actually going to be a drastic difference in the lines and it might actually be interesting.

Dark_Sage says:

Hmm, this the pedophile show I was hyped for? It’ll probably be more interesting than my Bleach marathon, I guess.

All right, I’ll check ’em out. No promises though.

Dark_Sage says:

This isn’t even a contest. All right, you’ll get your post.

KoolKidsK says:

Still coming? I wanna see how original tls from a competent group compare to CR nowadays.

Dark_Sage says:

DameDesuYo is absolutely better. That’s clear at the outset. The question is to what degree.

The post is still coming, just don’t expect it until either Wednesday or Friday.

flipr says:

You could do actual anime reviews (and not just the subs) or even just OP and ED reviews. We have an anime pope on youtube, and we need the anime antichrist to save us from the pope’s weird fetish for shonenshit.

Basically I need someone to tell me what shows from last year I should watch because I think I made bad choices.

Dark_Sage says:

I think you’ll like what I have in progress then.

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