Subtitle Comparison: [Commie vs DameDesuYo] Koi wa Ameagari no You ni (Episodes 01-02)

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This is like a contest between a diabetic quadriplegic and stairs.


After the Rain

  • DameDesuYo – 1080p, original TL
  • Commie – 720p, takes Amazon’s script and makes it worse

I love this anime, and you deserve the best release. …which is DameDesuYo’s.

Let’s be serious, you knew this was coming; it’s been years since Commie had enough chips left in their brain to call. Read on if you want proof, but otherwise, yeah, don’t hesitate to choose quality (albeit B-tier) over the alternative.




After watching both groups’ 01 releases, I had a whole thing written up about how Commie finally learned some fucking class, and how DDY got too caught up in weebery for their own good… and then I saw episode 02.

Spoiler for

Commie’s Opening.

Webm link


DDY’s Opening.

Webm link


Verdict: DDY wins. Commie’s illegible and distracting “efforts” prove that guillotines should’ve never gone out of style.

Now I know why the bible recommends against sticking things up your ass, least of all your own head.



The Endings.

I like Commie’s better here, but their OP was so egregiously bad, I’d rather just skip this section and call the game now.




tl;dr: DDY typesets things, and Commie doesn’t. In the rare case Commie finds someone on staff capable of translating basic moonrunes, they put the worst intern they have on the job.

Spoiler for






Script – Commie

Even if Commie wanted to, they couldn’t show this series the respect it deserves.

Spoiler for

I realize it’s been a while since Commie staff were able to come within 30 miles of a school without someone putting their finger on the Amber Alert button, but come the fuck on.


When you’re at a restaurant, wasted words are wasted time. Sorta like this release.

Try “Table three’s up!”


Nice timing. Either Commie decided for a Parksinson’s diversity hire, or this is another herkz release.


Why is that a bad thing, Commie? Though I realize your managers at BK were the closest thing to the word you’ve ever been, most people watching this are gonna be struck by the stupidity of these sentences.

Well, maybe not those who are watching your release. At this point ignorance ain’t an excuse.


Ya think?


Sloppy seconds describes nearly every Commie release.


Repetitive dialogue is repetitively repetitive.


I brought this up earlier, but Jesus Christ. Imagine dealing with a fansubber on your tinderchat.


Either “in a school club” or “on a sports team” would work, but what the fuck is this?


…Excuse me?



Script – DameDesuYo

Nothing like getting old man smell all over your script.

Spoiler for

Yeesh. Never thought I’d say this, but Commie, show ’em how it’s done.

Yup. Done by straight copying all the lines from officialsubs, and making them worse whenever you get a chance. Still, in this instance, that was the correct play.


Flippant with word choice at times, DDY reinvents the manager as a guy who lusts for high school girls. Kind of missing the point of the show (at this point).

But hey, this is a super-complex series; no surprise they got turned around.


Stutter harder, retard.



Script – Commie vs. DameDesuYo

Oh boy.

Spoiler for

Transliteration vs. Translation


I’m so hungry.
My belly is about to touch my back.
What does that mean?
It’s from a song.
My belly and my back want to stick together…



Boy, I’m starving! What I wouldn’t give for some hot cross buns!
What the heck?
Some old rhyme, right?
“One a penny, two a penny…”

Nonsensical bullshit abounds in Commie’s release, but DDY always manages to have a consistently understandable release.

I guess this is what happens when you have people who know Japanese on staff, versus those who just jack off to Japanese grade-schoolers.



It’s hard to be human without the alcohol


Akira: Do you have a meeting?
Haruka: It’s the captains’ meeting.
Haruka: The soccer team is going to let us use the field.
Akira: The meet is coming up soon.
Haruka: It’s probably going to be hard this time.
Haruka: Everyone barely beat the qualifying time.
Haruka: It’d be easier with you on the team, Akira.



Akira: Did you have a meeting?
Haruka: Yeah, with the other captains.
Haruka: We got the soccer team to give us more time on the field.
Akira: Regionals are coming up, after all.
Haruka: I think it might be tough going this year. Our qualifying times are cutting it close.
Haruka: If you were there, Akira, I’m sure we’d—

Someone needs to boil Commie’s editor in a bowl of alphabet soup.



Family restaurants are the worst, by the by




In practically every line, Commie stumbles on what a normal human would say, and DDY lands it. With this level of English, Commie’s staff couldn’t even cut it at a call center.




Karaoke: DameDesuYo wins.

Typesetting: DameDesuYo wins.

Script: DameDesuYo wins.

Overall winner: DameDesuYo by a DameDesuMile.

Once again, Commie cannot provide a release worthy of consideration. Not that you should expect anything different from the habitually worst “fansub” group.

Commie, please turn it in while you’re already at rock bottom. Nobody wants to see how much further your flaccid wrists can dig you.


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  1. I would love DDY more if they wouldn’t replace whole signs with their TS. But yeah. I’m impressed by this release. Usually I tend to avoid them.

    “Commie, please turn it in while you’re already at rock bottom. Nobody wants to see how much further your flaccid wrists can dig you.”
    This is just beautiful.

  2. “I guess this is what happens when you have people who know Japanese on staff, versus those who just jack off to Japanese grade-schoolers”


  3. That Commie script is just embarrassing to read. I thought Commie was supposed to be all about rewriting the fuck out of the script to make it “more natural”, not this stilted word-for-word garbage.

  4. Dark_Sage you probably don’t hear this enough because you’re a fucking asshole, but you’re my hero. If the MC of the next big isekai was based after you, he wouldn’t even be an insecure faggot. I bet that you make people’s waifus cheat on them while they’re at work because they can’t resist the urge to feast upon your veiny gentleman sausage.
    So tell us, what’s your secret Dark_Sage? How do you manage to be this cool AND still find time for sub reviews?


    A cute little girl

    • Hi DmonHiro, digging the new name.

      In response to your question, it’s more that I’m not a fan of groups that somehow manage to fuck up dropping poorly edited officialsubs on webm-tier share raws worse than the concept itself. Not that you would know anything about that, of course.

  5. ahh i remember that days commie release the world god only knows, i was such a good release, nice typesetting, understandable and sensible subs, and good wordplay, now it’s just worst.


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