We need to talk about Boku no Hero Academia and how shit it is

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I’ve kind of had enough.


My Hero Academia? More like My Hero SUCKademia!

Cursed image for a cursed thread.

Let’s make a list of why Academia is bad:

  • The powers are boring
  • The drama’s too fake — everyone knows the limp-wristed heroes are gonna win easily as always
  • The villains are uninteresting pushovers
  • A bunch of random high schoolers are somehow OP as fuck, despite simultaneously being weak as balls — none of this is earned
  • The world makes no sense and the shit world-building doesn’t help
  • The whole thing reads like a DC Kids fanfic that got rejected before it was even submitted, but somehow worse
  • The fandom

Look, I get why this show is popular. If this was my first shounen I would think it’s cool too. I mean, wow, having a main character whose power is based on how hard he grimaces? There’s a fucking concept.

haha wan punch amirite my fellow nerds?


That’s basically what korogiri’s doing let’s be honest

You know why they continuously list out the characters’ quirks every time they show up on screen? It’s because the target audience is too fucking stupid to remember the half-dozen abilities that aren’t emblazoned across the characters’ poorly drawn faces.

Fropply looks like someone who managed to fail out of a Downs Syndrome Academy.

This despite having the most allergically autistic fans of any form of media aside from Steven Universe. I’d show you a picture, but my site deserves better. Try googling “reddit meetup” and you’ll get the gist. The Academia fans are the ones who should really not have taken their shirts off.

Shiragaki has the right idea.

Honestly, I don’t much like to talk about other people’s appearances, because there are very few people as naturally pretty as me. But Academia groupies, you do have the capability to not show up as sperg-spewing mental midgets to anyone in your path. Don’t cosplay in malls. Don’t wear the stupid retard-signal merch outside. And stop drawing your god awful fanart and posting it on tumblr; your art teacher told you you’d never amount to anything for a fucking reason.

You all are literally the reason I voted for Trump, and the only thing I regret about that is he hasn’t put you all in the fucking camps yet.

But one more supreme court justice and we have some fucking manga libraries to burn.

Okay, sorry, I think I might have come across a little strong right there. Let’s roll it back a bit and find some common ground.

See, I’m politically flexible, I’d be fine with throwing you in the gulag too.

Not fucking once have any of this series’ fans ever thought to themselves, “oh, I wonder what other series are like”?! You are literally worse than all those fat, middle-aged Ghibli fans who totes love anime — all two of the tired Nausicaä retreads they’ve seen. Actually, those are probably your fucking parents, which explains a fucking lot.

Time for some fucking education. Here’s some classic shounen manga you absolutely need to read if you wanna have an informed opinion on the series:

  • Hunter X Hunter
  • Tokyo Akazukin
  • Narutaru
  • Onani Master Kurosawa
  • Anne Freaks

Assuming you’re illiterate and can only watch dubbed shounens, I’ll also accept the following:

  • Hunter x Hunter (2011)
  • Harmonie
  • Shigofumi
  • Shinsekai yori
  • Jormungand

Get through those and we’ll talk. Till then, I’m keeping this gate to GoodTasteLand closed.

Soz, nerds.


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moron says:

you must be real bored if you’re trying to talk to teenagers who didn’t know what anime was until last week
fantastic recommendations though

GoodTasteLand indeed. Hunter x Hunter despite its propensity for hiatuses still btfos most manga out there.

ZenMorian says:

How can you shit on bnh for being bland and then rec Jormungand? Do you not see the irony there? How can you rec the 11th iteration of hunter hunter over the 99th? Bigger numbers are better numbers.

Props for sticking out for the Ghibli fans though. I love my one-dimension mainstream children’s movies and they’re not boring or dull or made by some pedo at all. They’re art. The guy won like an Oscar or something, the most prestigious of awards. Those works are so complex and avant-garde they move the industry forward and my girlfriend– did I mention her yet? She looooooves Ghibli. Normally when I watch a complex movie I NEED to have the commentary on or I JUST WONT GET IT. I NEED the constant reminder which sound-effects are added post-production and just how historically accurate this dramatization of actual events has been compared to the real deal. And did I just see you shitting on, dare I say it, best girl just because she’s related to some frogs? How fucking dare you? You know what you are? You’re just a moe lover. I can see it already. You don’t like it because it’s not moe enough. You know who was right? Not Miyazaki. But that aside. Jormungand just wasn’t that good dude. I’m sorry to break it to you.

Zop says:

Good call on Onani. I thought I’d never see it referenced again.

Lotusgg says:

I have watched too many shows and this season sucks carbonized dick so yeah I’d say this show is doing the easiest job in the history of anime that is not letting me fall asleep for twelve full minutes once a week.

Lotusgg says:

BTW it’s been a while I last been here, I swear I didn’t come back only to talk about this show lmao

Potato says:

Them shit recomendations tho. Almost expected to see To Love Ru or The Legend of Maian among them xD

fuckingright says:

yeah i tried mai hero academiwhatver and i hated it my friend loves it because he never watched yuyuhakusho or dbz not dbs btw and (of course the only way to watch dbz is in english with the bruce falconer score i personally hate the japanese version of dbz anyway)but im fine with naruto and a plethora of shows that aren’t dubbed. my friend started out with naruto as his first shounen that’s prob why he likes this dumb series and he also likes one punch man which i also don’t like because its way too goofy like that bobobooobo show and of course like zero acadamy i cant tell if they tried way too hard or way too little on the dumb character designs in both of the shows

Dark_Sage says:


Fuckingright says:

I might have jumped the gun a bit earlier but Overall this article is very satisfying

Fuckingright says:

Minus some of those recomendations i cant deal with slice of life anime accept maybe strins gate or persona 5 anime i guess

Rose says:

I feel like you were building up to this for a while.

Lapan says:

>recommending HxH
Won’t ever be finished

Dark_Sage says:

People should just stop after Greed Island and consider the series done.

retkit says:


It does end with proper cliffhanger.
HxH 2011 that is.

Anon says:

OMK, Harmonie and Jormungand aren’t shounen manga.

Dark_Sage says:


Welp says:

OMK and Jormungand definitely seinen.
Harmonie is just romance bs. Probably shounen.

Dark_Sage says:

We’ll meet in the middle and call them all josei.

Chiakisama says:

You forgot the greatest shounen of all time: Ramen Fighter Miki.

You can’t convince me otherwise.

P.S. Yeah, I still check on your site sometimes; hope you’re doing well Dark (if you and Soup remember me lulz).

Dark_Sage says:

Course I remember ya. Boston sucks, but we had fun. Sakuracon stole my heart though – they should really reschedule those.

As for me, I’m living, except now the alcoholism isn’t ironic. Topically, Ramen Fighter Miki helped with that.

Haven’t seen Soup since the cops put out that Amber Alert in Portland. Sure it’s just a coincidence.

pengu says:

I come back here after a long time and see you hating on my currently most hated show.
One of my friends is only talking about this show, cosplays it to every con (ofc they crossplay as the guys who are shipped with each other by her and her friends), adds me to obnoxious group chats with sexual rpgs of the characters, starts to identify herself as one of the characters and wants to be called by their name even outside of cons and cosplay.
I still like my friend, but I hate this show passionately. Send help

no says:

i did indeed just GIS “reddit meetup” and was not disappointed AND got a free confidence boost.

but you say that AND you still go to anime conventions which are equally weird, if not moreso.

tl;dr – dont meet up with other people that you meet on the internet

Dark_Sage says:

I dunno, I’d say of the people I meet 1/3 are friends-tier, 1/3 are chill, and 1/3 have an ankle bracelet. Ain’t bad odds.

Kawaii miku says:

Ok ok ok so imma just say that i made this account just to comment this so…

>:< Ok people have strong opinion im not gonna hate bt if you dont like something you dont have to share it to the inter webs Like god damn people.

Dark_Sage says:

I put $100 on your fag boyfriend leaving your fat ass with an unwanted Down’s baby and two STDs. And when you take my order please remember that when I say I want my beefy cheesy burrito grilled I mean I want it fucking grilled. I will fill out that survey, fam; don’t test me.

AllNight says:

The way the fights work and how some characters with weird quirks can make it so far is not very good.
Let’s take the invisible girl, how did she destroy the robots in the entrance exam? Yes she is invisible, but that doesn’t give her any attacking power needed to destroy a jouse sized robot.
Also it makes no sense what the characters can survive in a fight. Most have very specialized quirks like talking with animals, there is no general concept of somethink like qi in Dragonball, Yet they survive extreme falls or they survive being smashed against rocks. Yes, some of the strenght type of characters should survive that, but often it makes no sense.

Fucku Crymore says:

Sorry to be rude or anything but those stupid reasons stated that the anime is bad are totally suckish and dumb to even place out from a writer like you. Let take them one by one

The powers are boring- who thinks like this the power system is too amazing for me imagine powers like frog, navel laser, pop balls in the anime that the powers will be dumb but in the series that powers are ones to compete with
The drama’s too fake — hmmph, wrong they don’t win easily watch if you what to be fair to the anime the S3 E10-11 you will that even the strongest hero there All might almost died in the episode and gave up his whole powers to save others. if you don’t believe me check it yo’self
The villains are uninteresting pushovers-
you are an uninteresting pushover by saying this and there is nothing to say than the villains are as amazing as other villains in the dc and marvel univers, if you like deadpool’s personality go check out twice in the series, love Deathstroke go check out Hero killer stain
A bunch of random high schoolers are somehow OP as fuck, despite simultaneously being weak as balls — none of this is earned
The world makes no sense and the shit world-building doesn’t help
The whole thing reads like a DC Kids fanfic that got rejected before it was even submitted, but somehow worse
The fandom
All the remaining are you just being sad and depressed about you not being able to make something as wonderful as this. NOTE this isn’t my first shonen anime i have seen DBZ, naruto, Bleach before this but i still grade this as well as watching those anime. So three advice thou shall give to thee
– Stop being a mofo and watch things from both perspectives before complaining about something
– Watch the anime with a pen and paper write down the pros and cons of the anime TRUTHFULLY or i will do so for you unexperienced writer
– Finally before you do this to another anime that is great but you are blind to see that check it out and right

NOTE i will give you a challenge watch the whole anime from S1 to S3 all 63episodes and tell me your reponse

Dark_Sage says:

I’m sorry you have autism, and I’m sorry you’re racist, but you really shouldn’t take your frustrations out on a respected anime blogger such as myself.

Boku no My Hero Academia is objectively boring and bad, lacking in all but elementary originality. The only good thing about the series is the bloodslut, but her containment vessel only has as much value as its fans: none. Slow, stupid, and entirely inauthentic, the series is “babby’s first” for the short bus.

If you honestly like this series, you are beyond redemption and should seriously consider suicide. Your existence is a net loss for the world.

cash4max says:

my hero academia is overhyped boring generic bullshit and i cant stand its tryhard appeal to western autists. A take on Dc super heroes with japanese cliches. On another note I cant stand isekai its comparable to shovelware. My favorite genres are mecha, mahou shoujo and shonen.
People who like hero academia have shit taste.

Whatever says:

You consider yourself a “respected” anime blogger… You shove your political bias into your anime reviews and then get super aggressive against the classics. As a middle aged man who enjoyed Princess Mononoke growing up, I must tell you to go fuck yourself.

2 year old loli slut says:

A middle-aged man getting upset in the comment section of a chinese cave painting deciphering audit website. lmao what a faggot I bet not even your wife’s children respect you.

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