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    • Kind of an old petition, but the Funimation fanbase is seriously fucked in the head.

      Every con I go to where there’s a Funimation panel, people constantly ask the Funi rep to “make more anime”. One part of me wants to be mad at Funi for exploiting people who are obviously mentally handicapped, but the other part of me just wants them to Darwin themselves into poverty with their stupidity.

      • I think it’s just your average person, really. People see a name on a box and their idiocy organises the iota of thought they can put into it into a retarded conclusion that’s only not shattered and ground into the dirt if you, well, don’t put more than an iota of thought into it and are retarded.
        I also love when they ask anime distribution companies why they haven’t released things yet that don’t exist. “more Haruhi” is always a good one.

        • You’d think people who were big enough fans of this shit to pay hundreds of dollars to go to conventions would be knowledgeable enough about it to at least know which country produces it.

    • I lost faith in petition sites many years ago when:

      Square ENIX did not give a damn about Chrono Break
      Konami did not give a damn about Suikoden

      • Gundam Build Fighters is actually hugely popular. Discussion topics regularly get 30-50 posts.

        They even admit that it basically only appeals to Gundam fans.

        • I don’t see how it could appeal to anyone. It’s a toy commercial where the characters are more plastic than the merchandise. Every episode I watch I feel insulted by how little they think of their audience.

          But people legitimately enjoy it? Well I guess if they’re that stupid, they deserve to. Goddamn.

  1. I have a question for D_S. I’ve been trying to learn Japanese for a while now, mainly by watching English subtitled anime and googling sentence structures. Since that’s how I learnt English (watching Friends with Spanish subtitles), I think I can do it, but right now I’m stuck.

    I’ve been trying to watch RAW anime (for example, Chu2Koi), and I understand many conversations perfectly, but more often that not I get completely lost.

    My question is: Is there an anime show you know about with low-level Japanese? One for kids if possible so I can learn some vocabulary as well xD

      • Well I did learn a English by watching English-language TV series, and even though I know it’s far from perfect, I can watch Doctor Who, Sherlock and How I met your Mother without subtitles.

        So I’m certainly serious about learning Japanese by watching anime.

        Anyway, thank you for your honest reply, I didn’t know about Tae Kim’s site, and it seems to be good.

        • Tae Kim’s guide is the Bible of Japanese Learners (but I had already learned grammar previously from some grammar books of a Japanese library so I didn’t read Tae Kim’s guide; I only looked up some stuff from it).

          Anyway, I think it’s a good way to learn it by watching anime. I’m learning Japanese that way too. I pick an anime that I like and DL the CCs for it from kitsunekko, then I learn each line from episode one (or at least the ones that aren’t too hard/don’t have more than three unknown words), then open the .ass and delete lines that I already fully comprehended before I even started looking words up (also deleting lines that are too hard) and run subs2srs through it then import the resulted files to anki. Then it’ll be like the audio plays in anki where for example a loli says “betobeto” and the answer is “it is sticky”.

          Anyway, this is just the way I do it. Take from it what you want.

          • Thanks! I also didn’t know about kitsunekko (it seems I don’t know much), and your elaborate way of learning seems awesome, I’ll give it a try when I can read Hiragana + Katakana.

            • No problem. You may want to try reading some manga too, considering that not many kanji are used in manga for children, and the kanji used are written in hiragana as well in a lot of manga, even in shounen/shoujo manga.

        • I don’t think you can learn Japanese the way you learned English (by watching stuff), at least not to that extent.

          I understand your intentions – that certainly is a good idea – but Japanese is (probably) not similar enough to the languages you know by now for you to get a good understanding of the mechanics behind it. English and Spanish (probably) have much, much more in common than they have with Japanese…

          Not that I know any Spanish or Japanese though!

          • Japanese isn’t that complicated, structurally speaking.

            In fact, if it weren’t for the writing it’d be one of the simplest to learn languages out there.

          • Actually, I find English more similar to Japanese than to Spanish, because many structures are similar between the former two.

            Besides in Spanish you have to learn n conjugations for each verb, where n = (pronouns)*(tenses).

          • The tough part of learning Japanese by watching anime is the different dialects and various nonsense words that are often tossed into anime.

            I’m pretty sure there are groups that subtitle anime in Spanish, too. Your English is good, but it might be easier if you look for one of those.

    • There are tons of animes with low-level Japanese. Just find out what they’re marketing at little kids. Doraemon or something would probably work.

  2. Oh man. Many days of comments that I have not really read or replied to.

    Uhh… I’ll get on this later tonight. Animu for now.

  3. We’re about a month into Winter 2014. What’s in your top 5?

    1. Tonari no Seki-kun
    2. Sekai Seifuku (World Conquest)
    3. Noragami
    4. Nobunagun
    5. Wake Up, Girls!

    • 1. Sekai Seifuku (World Conquest)
      2. Sekai Seifuku (World Conquest)
      3. Sekai Seifuku (World Conquest)
      4. Sekai Seifuku (World Conquest)
      5. Sekai Seifuku (World Conquest)


  4. It’s pretty old, but if you watched it, what did you think about Seirei no Moribito?

    I’m pretty impressed with it. Dubbed, course.

  5. >I think it’s Dark_Sage’s ultimate goal in life to argue with and piss off every fansubber in existence.

    Like this is a bad thing.

  6. If fansubbing is certain people’s life then how did they get the skills for their jobs? Did fansubbing become their life only after they gained all the skills necessary for their jobs? (I’m talking about those with a job btw.)

    • I only started subbing when I had a job that didn’t require me to do a lot, and enough free time to dedicate to useless hobbies, so I’m in the latter category. (Unsure if fansubbing is my life though. I enjoy breathing and occasionally doing other things.)

  7. All right, dropped some poll options. Not saying I won’t review that shit, but they were sub-10% so I figured they wouldn’t be necessary to track.

  8. Well, KlK turned out to be shit, though I can’t blame Trigger for playing it safe. Here’s to hoping LWA2 delivers the awesome.

    • Inferno Cop sequel or spin-off is all they need to do for me to whore myself out more than I’ve ever whore’d before to their studio.

      But yeah, hopefully.

  9. Chemistry tests coming up and haven’t attended the lessons since… October? welp,I’m screwed i guess, anything to help me procrastinate?

  10. For those in need of entertainment…

    According to an ugly yellow box on hatsuyuki’s homepage, one of hatsuyuki’s encoders are asking for 1200 in donations to upgrade his pc (for fansubbing)


    • His estimation is off by a significant margin, unless he lives somewhere obscure like Greenland. He could get a perfectly usable computer that would suit his need for around 600 to 700 dollars, since new peripherals aren’t necessary. I am interested in seeing how many people actually decide to donate to this.

      • The value isn’t the important point, IMO.

        Fansubbing should be a hobby and he shouldn’t be depending on his viewerbase to do this.

        I kind of get why Fansubbers ask for donations, to help them keep their servers up and their work available, but this is on another level.

    • Basically, Naruto kicked an emotional kid out of the group while this kid had full access to all of his passwords. Not a smart move.

      • I read it while it was still up, and all I have to say is that I don’t know what that guy does at Hatsuyuki, but I sure as hell hope it doesn’t involve touching the script in any way. That was some atrocious English.

    • I like how they’re saying “he is just a 19 year old kid” while they’re being just as “childish”. 10/10 fansubbers are the true example of grown up men playing with toys

  11. So how long until the “dropped this season”/”next season preview” posts cause I assume those will be the next two we see.

  12. Wizard Barristers episode 11 was the most poorly animated episode of anime i’ve ever seen. It’s got to be seen to be believed.

  13. D_S, I don’t know if you’ve dropped Wizard Barristers, but you absolutely need to see episode 11. It’s the most noticeably unfinished episode of anime I think I’ve ever seen. Scenes with no artwork showing what’s happening, scenes where the animation wasn’t quite finished and scenes where there’s a repeated still shot that doesn’t correspond to what’s supposed to be happening. It gets so bad that you have to use the sound effects to even understand what’s happening because there’s simply nothing moving or even in frame. In short, it’s a fucking trainwreck.

    • Oh, well there’s Not Red Reviews… which hasn’t been updated since January, or 8thSin… which hasn’t had a review post since last October.
      Or you can compare the available subs and decide for yourself at Fansub.co… which only has six shows available from this season, or Subbusu… which has none of this season’s shows.

      Basically fansub reviews are cursed.

      • Not Red Reviews only did a couple reviews in January. The last time they actually did a season’s worth of reviews was Spring 2013.

  14. So much complaining going on here. He had only two shows left to review and the new season starts soon. I highly doubt there’s anyone waiting around for reviews so they know which version of fucking Buddy Complex to watch. If they are, it’s simple; don’t watch the anime-koi version.

    • I know right? Who would expect a blog to have a new article after 2 weeks? People are so demanding. And nice random number you pulled out of fucking nowhere, but there is certainly more than two shows he didn’t review this season.

    • >two shows left to review
      Pls, he dropped all the rest. A week ago he polled to see what his priorities should be, he picked the top two and dropped the rest
      Shows that wont get reviews:

  15. So, are we just waiting and hoping for next seasons sub reviews(read: any article at all) or is everyone just silently grieving the loss of this site?

  16. So Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei has already released some preview/explanation shorts as “yoku wakaru mahouka” and I’m pretty okay with every voice but Miyuki’s (main female character).

    Dark_Sage, are you planning on reviewing those subs? They have typesetting and a lot of the technical terms so they might be a good indicator of which group people would like for the show.

    • I assume the next Hyobu is coming out when either Dark_Sage officially becomes Japanese or at the conclusion of the Ani-blog tourney, whichever comes last.

      • My strategy for completing the Aniblog Tourney is to wait until every blogger gives up. I’m playing the long game here.

  17. I think Crunchyroll made a few somewhat major translation errors with their episode 1 Mahouka release. It’s very readable, but hopefully the CR edit groups actually use TLC this time…

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