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Group Grade
WhyNot B Full Review
Commie B Full Review
Hybrid-Kaitou D Full Review
Hatsuyuki B Full Review
Hybrid-Kaitou B+ Full Review


fohfuu says:

So did you ever figure out who had the best subs?

Dark_Sage says:


fohfuu says:

Sorry, I assumed it was specifically for Anohana.
So yeah, UTW or Doki?

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, fair enough.

Everyone did really well on that show, so I’d suggest just going whichever group tickles your fancy on aspects other than script quality. You can’t go wrong on this one.

will says:

NIS America.

sangofe says:

I’d say FroZen (Frostii-Saizen) because blakbunnie27 translated, and because I personally prefer their styling. Yes, they didnt’ get the best grade, but somehow QC derped that specific episode it was reviewed.

Synchrosis says:

You have Sakura Trick under Winter 2013 and Winter 2014.

Dark_Sage says:


Lurker says:

Kaito subs?

Lurker says:

[S-T-D] subs?

SlowSubs + Toki-Doki + DameDesuYo

MK says:

What about them? The only release that I know they did was Soul Eater Not! They didn’t sub Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi AFAIK

Im saying this because you suggested [S-T-D] under the results for Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, so…

Edit: LOL this website… there are no comments for specific release results?? Ok. Well S-T-D was probably a one off thing will not be used again/very often

Koby says:

Well considering Toki-Doki is dead and gone while SlowSubs seems pretty non-existent in the first plac; it only leaves DDY active.

ItsHim says:

STD was shini tasty and

Firebird says:

List is getting fairly big…you need collapsing categories!

Reminds me to fix this shit when I’ve not been drinkin’.

PP says:

That’d be nice, but then again, you probably wouldn’t be able to ctrl+f the show.

Firebird says:

True, unless I add an expand/collapse all.

twinkle says:


HyakuPercent says:

He has risen from the ashes!

Firebird says:

I was never dead >_> I just stopped subbing.

ar says:

fibi smells

animegio says:


FonFon says:

Kaylith is dead now T_T.

EllenVasques says:

On the Review Summary page, the Winter 2013 list is mistitled “Winter 2014”.

EllenVasques says:

…or not… I forgot that different places on Earth begin seasons on different dates. Pls ignore ;_;

LotusGG says:

Never thought about the reason they say winter’s snowy when you always lived it as summer?

guy says:

you didn’t review satiricons sub for Nisemonogatari

PP says:

You’re like, 3 years late.

James says:

The other day we were talking about how a lot of old manga (context was yatterman) is bad/for kids. I’ve been wanting to try out Lupin, but a lot of it is older and presumable also bad/for kids. Any suggestions on where a newcomer should be jump into that franchise?

Dark_Sage says:

You could probably jump in with Castle of Castliogro or whatever it is. I’d check the name but Monster Hunter has fried my brain.

LotusGG says:

>Vampire Holmes

Dark_Sage says:

Interesting. Yes, I do have a Vampire Holmes post in the works, but I didn’t expect it to show up here before I actually posted it.

Dark_Sage says:

And now DanMachi shows up. Well, I guess that gives y’all a reason to check this out before I’ve actually posted anything. Easier than me updating the Review Queue manually at least!

LotusGG says:

Well, I just found a thing!
I was expecting attack on seraph tho ;_;

Dark_Sage says:

And it didn’t work like this before, so it’s a novel find, even!

Seraph is like the one show I don’t have on my laptop. Gotta work with what I’ve got, especially when hotel internet is shit.

LotusGG says:

>hotel internet
I know that feeling.

DestinoAzell says:

Hye need help Which 1080pBD Guilty Crown subs did you think has the best quality and eng sub so far?

Dark_Sage says:

No idea. What are the options you’re picking from?

Fish says:

You are a lifesaver, I’ve been using you for years, first comment though. Thanks so much for the work you’ve done!

On a side note, you obviously can’t get around to all anime, are there any other sites like this that do similar reviews?

Dark_Sage says:

Similar to fansub reviews? No, nothing even comes close to Crymore in that regard. Even finding uninformed, crowdsourced opinions on subtitles is gonna be an effort, as sites like MyAnimeList are now trying to curry favor with official distributors by censoring anything that mentions fansubs for certain shows.

Still, MyAnimeList would have to be the best alternative to Crymore — you’ll need to make an account to force the fansub opinions to show up on the anime pages, though (they’re hidden otherwise).

AnonMKII says:

For older shows, like pre 2012, I use to go to Rupee Shards
defunct now though (luckily Crymore came online about then). Well there’s a reason Crymore is the first result on a google search for fansub reviews.

Dark_Sage says:

I’d never even heard of that site till you mentioned it. Interesting.

This post is assuredly out of date, but I guess it serves as an archive of sorts if you’re interested in non-English sites too.

Dark_Sage says:

Well, I certainly fucked that update up. Guess that’s what I get for not reviewing anything in over a year.

Uhh, I’m sure you’ll all get over it. Do it for me, thanks. <3

Haiketsu says:

Do a subtitle comparison for Nanatsu S2 please.

Dark_Sage says:

TL Party work?

Edit: To clarify, we’re looking at a 3-way TL Party or a tenshi vs Chyuu Subtitle Comparison plus a SanZoro review.

Basically, tenshi and Chyuu are similarly mediocre, but SanZoro is hilariously shit.

dude says:

SanZoro review please.

Haiketsu says:

A fansub review would be much more entertaining.
Tenshi has a lot of awkward lines, and their script is a big mess in general. And SanZoro is steaming pile of shit.
Meanwhile Chyuu on the other hand is pretty decent.

ZenMorian says:

Do a subtitle review of Ingress The Animation please.

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