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If a group can’t afford to operate without donations, it’s best that the group is dissolved anyway. If a fansub group is in dire straits and says it needs money, the group is lying. They’re getting free materials (raws/programs used), free labor (very few fansubbers actually get paid – paying people to sub is retarded), and free distribution (DDL/torrents/bots/DC++). The only reason they’d get into a shit situation is if they (and by “they” I mean the one or two people who are actually putting down money for a server) really fucked up their finances.

But if you really want to support a group going through some trouble that they got themselves into, the best thing to do is let it collapse. Let those kids take a break from fansubbing to, oh, I don’t know, find a job maybe? A few hours of working would earn them enough to pay off any debt they were stupid enough to get themselves into, and would even let them salvage the bit of pride they lost by begging strangers on the internet to support their stupidity.

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  1. yea but if you want the release to come out faster donations do help. Say you have a server that you personally pay for. It has ok performance. If people donate then the guy who usually pays for the server will be able to afford to get another one with better performance.

    Also TV raws dont cost money but DVDs and BDs do. I wont say you wont be able to find them on a p2p program but they don’t always show up. Also if you are able to buy them then you wont have to stare at a program waiting for someone to upload the ISO/BDMV.

    In conclusion, no donations aren’t “necessary” but if you want to speed up the process it certainly helps.

    P.S. bots arent free they run off a server/seedbox

  2. The only way that releases would come out noticeably faster is if the server’s performance was upgraded by godly amounts. Even then, what would that be able to add at max? 30 minutes? And with the amount of money it would take to get to that time savings, I can’t see how that would provide any kind of significant benefit.

    And I believe I addressed the bots costing money issue with my comment about the one or two guys that are paying for a server. But bots can be run off of seedboxes? Well, that would solve so many fucking problems for me. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? D:

  3. never said it would improve release times by a crazy amount but it would just get out faster. 30min is a lot in the battle of speedsubs

  4. Finally, someone who can actually think straight when it comes to fansubs. What’s all this about speedsubs though ? No one should donate to ANY fansub group, speedsub or not. Even those who whine about website costs, well.. USE A BLOG!

    Hell, I used to sub back in my day – before it became so easy to get (good) raws on the net. I bought the R2 DVDs for myself and used them as the raws. Not once did I ever ask for a donation because I did it for myself, my friends and anyone willing to give anime a try.

    Fansubbing, these days, has turned into something else… Most people forget (or don’t even know) that originally fansubs were done in order for fans to watch things that would otherwise never make it to America or Europe. Now you’ve got everyone and their dog “fansubbing” series that have been licensed for US release.

    I guess I went a bit off topic..

    Either way, good to know there’s someone else out there who thinks donating is BS. :)

  5. Speed subs are long dead, now with Crunchyroll you could watching your favorite animes by just a matter of hours after it airing in Japan.

    well whatever


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