Drama Recap [Part 3 of 3]

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Episode 3: “Good Morning, IRC!”

Next day, and I’m up. “Sure was a good five hour rest,” says I. “I wonder what the internets have in store for me. Time to start my editing test and help my good friends at Ayako become a better group!”

Oh. :(

<Fast forward 12 hours through the day until I finally get back to the drama.>

Remembering that Spiegel had asked me to apply through normal channels. I wondered what was up. Traipsing on over to Ayako’s quality site, I notice a post by marsd.

So, acting like the President is bad? Methinks mars-chan is a bit racist. :/

Attempting to find out for myself, I decide to have a conversation with the good fellow.

<Dark_Sage> Ban on sight? Really? :(
<marsd> uhhhh yeah i don’t think ive seen you actually mention that you wanted to help edit all the while you were in -recruit.
<Dark_Sage> [01:12] <Dark_Sage> So yeah, I’m here to apply as a fabuloso editor~
<marsd> must’ve been cut off my buffer then
<marsd> my bad

Okay, well now that that’s cleared up, I guess the situation is taken care o-

<marsd> i should get to the point… i’m sure you already know more than a few editors don’t like you

Uhh, okay….

<marsd> you making a post bashing them doesn’t help
<marsd> and before that, talking smack in both our staff and main chan didn’t help either

Okay, I may have been invited to their staff chan a while back and I  may have made a less than favorable impression when I addressed their editors. But come on, could you hold that against a guy as kawaii as me? :D

<marsd> i don’t know what you want
<marsd> but i do know that if someone wants to help he wont be doing any of those 3 things you did
<Dark_Sage> I’m sorry, confidence is a problem? Are you really saying that you accept the shoddy work your editors do in exchange for their humility?
<marsd> you don’t get it
<marsd> actually, i’d rather not have you than lose 5 people who actually work
<marsd> than have you and lose 5 of them
<Dark_Sage> Even if I do a better job than all five of them?
<marsd> you can’t do the work of 5
<marsd> i’m also saying
<marsd> we have been doing this for years
<Dark_Sage> Bullshit. You put 2-3 editors on one episode. Taken liberally, that means all I’d have to do is 2 shows to make up for them.
<marsd> they have track record

I knew I should have joined the track team!

<marsd> 5 people doing 80% at speed is better than 1 doing 100% slow
<Dark_Sage> I edit one episode in 1-1.5 hours. ._.
<marsd> and if projects overlap?
<marsd> 3 episodes in 1.5 hours within hours of one another?
<Dark_Sage> Then I bring in my pals who don’t suck at editing.
<marsd> how about no
<marsd> who are you
<marsd> and who are your pals
<marsd> what have you done
<marsd> what can you do
<marsd> i know ffd and oka can vouch for you
<marsd> but you’ve been a colossal dick to the rest of the team
<Dark_Sage> Oh, fansub resume time?

That’s my favorite time of the year!

<Dark_Sage> So you’re just going to look away from the problems that your editors bring into each episode?
<marsd> how’s that going to work
<marsd> you still dont’ get it
<marsd> those problems are minor
<marsd> we’re a speed sub
<Dark_Sage> Minor? 23 errors in 10 minutes is minor?
<marsd> having them work is better than not having any work at all
<marsd> i’ve looked at your post
<marsd> then i watched the episode
<marsd> didnt think they were major
<Dark_Sage> That’s nice. Are you an editor? Are you a native English speaker? Are you competent enough to judge how good the English is?
<marsd> sure
<marsd> yes yes yes
<marsd> to all 3

Oh god. He’s an editor.

<Dark_Sage> Beautiful.
<marsd> we release with compromise
<marsd> either we spend 100 hours nitpicking until everything’s perfect
<Dark_Sage> Then, if I take a look at an episode you edited, how many errors would you expect me to find?
<marsd> or we release in 4
<marsd> take index 2-5, i’m sure you’ll find more than 10
<marsd> and i’m perfectly fine with it
<Dark_Sage> You are fine with ten errors per episode?
<marsd> i’ve just said
<marsd> [12:12:33] <marsd> we release with compromise
<marsd> [12:12:42] <marsd> either we spend 100 hours nitpicking until everything’s perfect
<marsd> [12:12:48] <marsd> or we release in 4
<Dark_Sage> I just wanted to confirm your position that being a terrible editor is a good thing.
<marsd> oh so you’re going to say that i’m a terrible editor to allow mistakes through
<Dark_Sage> You don’t need 100 hours to edit properly.
<Dark_Sage> Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.
<marsd> meh
<marsd> do whatever
<marsd> anyway
<marsd> if you want to join speak to Spi directly
<marsd> he can decide to fire all of us
<marsd> or not hire you
<marsd> but i’m sure i won’t consider you anymore
<Dark_Sage> Are you that committed to terrible subs?
<marsd> i’m committed to releasing faster than anyone
<marsd> is that enough?
<marsd> you stand on that side of the river
<marsd> while we stand here
<marsd> stay over there if you don’t dare to cross
<Dark_Sage> So, if you lost in a speedsub race, would you quit fansubbing?
<Dark_Sage> Please say yes.
<marsd> no we just sub faster next time
* marsd shrugs.
<marsd> good bye
<Dark_Sage> Night, friend.
<marsd> i’m not
<Dark_Sage> You’re not going to sleep?
<Dark_Sage> Okay, good day then, friend.

And that was the last I saw of marsd until I join #kokizzzle…

<&marsd> HEY SINCE Dark_Sage is still here let me help me promote his website a bit
<&marsd> http://www.crymore.net/2011/01/placeholder-for-drama/
<&Wintereise> >.pro
<Dark_Sage> Ah, why couldn’t you have waited? I’m coming up with an even kawaiier post within a couple hours. :(
<&Wintereise> Pro Whiners there indeed
<@Red_Alchemist> lrn2screencap
<&marsd> dont matter
<&marsd> we’ll promote it when you post it

Fuck yeah, hits! Though, I don’t think everyone over at Ayako will be too happy with that. One of the guys there exhibited a bit of RAGE when a guy whose channel I decided to lurk in last night, Meesles, decided to join #ayako. “Paranoia, paranoia, everybody’s coming to get me~”

[tl;dr: Meesles join #ayako and posts my site, telling PsychoFox to take a look at it and learn from his mistakes]
<PsychoFox> you know yer ban evading Meesles
<Memento_Mori> hi, Dark_Sage
<Meesles> ?
<PsychoFox> I should report you to services
<Meesles> lol
<Meesles> ive never come on here
<Meesles> so dozo
* marsd 7(ノ゚-゚)ノ旦 ☆ DOZO
<Memento_Mori> fox
<Memento_Mori> wrong person

Come on now. If I was going to ban evade with a fake name, I’d choose something much better, like Captain_Sexpants or something (keep that on the d-low. I don’t want people to know my secret, ban-evading identity).

[tl;dr: Meesles says if Ayako keeps sucking, his group, Interrobang, will start doing IS. Psycho interprets this as Meesles being part of Whine-Subs, which he isn’t.]
<PsychoFox> yeah from a script you stole
<Aistad> He stole our script and fixed the errors?
<PsychoFox> yup
<PsychoFox> I can prove it too

No, you stupid fucks. If I did that, I’d be bragging about it (I stole subs from CR for [aRK]’s Highschool of the Dead releases, which btw we are doing on blu-ray shameless_plug).

Here’s a mediafire of the pre-timed script I did (that didn’t get used), the script for our release, and your script. If you can’t tell the difference, you’re as retarded as I think you are. So, go ahead. Prove that we copied anything from your shitsubs. I’d love to see the evidence you’ve got. http://www.mediafire.com/?7odjsf497s0ywf8

[Oh, and for the end of the conversation… tl;dr PsychoFox cries and then Meesles walks away like a boss. But as he’s walking away, Ayako’s floodbot automatically bans him for his speed posting. Ouch. Here’s the full log which Meesles kindly provided, but yeah, most likely tl;dr: http://pastebin.com/iSd4e5kn]

Well, okay, that’s it. Hopefully these posts offered you some lulz and didn’t bore you (they were long, but drama takes time). If you’re somehow offended, please make sure to post a comment indicating so. Such comments really do make me rethink my cruel and meanspirited ways, so I encourage them as much as possible.

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  1. I’m not trying to be an asshole to you bro, but you should eat some of that humble pie. Shits bitter tasting and kinda sucks but you’ll get what you want. The bashing and shit wasn’t called for. And yeah, admittedly we get some LOLshitty groups with LOLorganization skills, but those are few, far in between. (Prob the reason why they still stall because of lack of manpower.)

    But honestly what you did was wrong. Not that I care. You get off on doing what you do to make yourself happy, but those are peoples’ I care about, and you should be acing like an Holier Then Thou asshole. But anyway you made your bed, now you’ll sleep in it, so keep up the good work and hope that the peanut crowd of misfits we call leechers will forgive you for your stupidity.

  2. This has been extremely amusing, kudos to you!
    I came here through Nyaa and I must say, I’m really happy I did. You should make more attempts at different groups to see what kind of responses you get.

    In before “do it yourself”:
    I would if I had the confidence my English grammar but I’m not a native speaker, that and been brainwashed with both en-us and en-gb my whole life so I tend to mix them both way too much.

  3. I dunno, you seem to think people other than editors give a rats ass about numbers and double spaces, (Hint: They don’t). If you’re going to catch “errors” make sure they’re real. Double spaces TECHNICALLY count, but they don’t change the readability, and no numbers is a preference you have, that doesn’t really matter to the majority.

    As is, you just come off as an asshat saying “I could do better”.

    The proof is in the downloads.
    Just off Nyaa at time of writing:

    Ayako: 38102 completed downloads.
    Whine-Subs: 1809 completed downloads.

    Clear winner: Ayako. Sorry bro, umad?

    • I am absolutely furious that a group which has been around for years and which released hours before us with karaoke and all the benefits of their distro network was able to claim a higher download count than an episode from a no-name group. I am shocked this could happen and I am questioning my sexuality as a result.

    • I teach English, and have an honours degree in the subject. If my students use double spaces, or use numerical representations, I would dock them marks. It’s the same as using a comma incorrectly, or forgetting to indent; you look like an idiot when you forget to do it, or worse yet, do it poorly.

  4. As for meesles lil ban…

    {21:46:47} * AyakoK sets mode: +b *!*@i.love.lolis
    {21:46:48} * Meesles was kicked by AyakoK (Stop flooding!)

    That’s the services bot, badly configured, banning him for too many lines in 10 seconds, not staff banning him in lolrage.

    • Oh, so it wasn’t just a snarky method of banning someone? All right, I’ll fix that in my post. I blame my retardation for not noticing it before.

  5. Not saying you weren’t right about all the errors, but was it really necessary to attempt to humiliate them? It just seems really childish to announce this to your viewers instead of just shooting them an email with suggestions for a v2 script.

    • Okay, I’m gonna be serious for a second here.

      All this drama has resulted in the following:
      A. Provided entertainment for people
      B. Caused Ayako to hire four new editors

      To me, that’s win-win. Sure, I spent a bit of time putting this all together, and yes, I caused a lot of butthurt. But if all this will actually result in visible improvements in the quality of Ayako’s subs, then really, I think I did the right thing.

      /Dark_Sage, Internet Hero

  6. Popcorns.

    I like dramas when it’s in other groups. Somehow, it’s still rather enjoyable. Dark_sage, you are such a bad boy. XD

    Some Ayako translators are impatient bastards, and the group is to help them release as fast as possible. IS 01 was such a case. If we had dark_sage in channel, we could have released 3 hours faster and with very few mistakes (That script is quite powerful, so I don’t expect 0 mistake). As far as I remember, no people have been kicked from Ayako for bad edit or slacking.

    It reminds me of himatsubushi’s angel beats. The scripts were sometimes sitting on ftp for hours, it wasn’t fair for the translator. When we didn’t have any editor, we were happy to have a editor wannabe to help. And in the last few episodes, we got some help from a good editor. I was really happy with the outcome, and speed didn’t matter any more. If we had a competent editors like dark_sage, we could have released 2-3 hours faster, but we can’t be ungrateful to other helps.

    That’s to say, from a group’s point of view, we can only appreciate members’ help. We can not always assign the best members for all projects. And when a member is assigned, we may not kick him out just because someone is better.

    I timed Ayako’s IS01, and I knew the status. Although it wasn’t done correctly. We can only say thanks for the flawed edit help. Thanks for the dorama, we are getting more edit helps. I guess that’s a happy ending?


  7. (I stole subs from CR for [aRK]‘s Highschool of the Dead releases, which btw we are doing on blu-ray shameless_plug).

    no you didn’t, fucker.


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