Drama Recap [Part 2 of 3]

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Episode 2: “Wait, people actually click on links posted on Tosho?”

So with our IS episode released, I decide to join Ayako’s channel and point out some of the errors they made, in an attempt to be a good fansub neighbor. They didn’t take it too well.

[23:56] <Dark_Sage> How many errors per episode do I have to find for you to fire your editors and hire people who aren’t in middle school?
[23:57] <Chandalen> 17
[23:57] <Dark_Sage> I found 23 in the first ten minutes of IS
[23:57] <&PsychoFox> liar
[23:57] <&PsychoFox> only 3
[23:57] <&PsychoFox> I checked
[23:57] <&PsychoFox> now gtfo
[23:57] <Dark_Sage> http://www.crymore.net/2011/01/placeholder-for-drama/
[23:58] <Dark_Sage> I screencapped ’em ^_^
[23:58] <&PsychoFox> im not clicking yer links
[23:58] <Dark_Sage> Oh, you’re the editor, right?
[23:58] <&PsychoFox> people know you like sending people viruses
[23:59] <Dark_Sage> Cool story, bro.
[23:59] * PsychoFox sets mode: +b *!*@desu.desu.desu

The lesson I  learned from this? Don’t prematurely say “cool story bro” or it’ll seem out of place. My one regret…

Well, thanks to the link I posted to this site on Tosho, and (I assume) word of mouth, we got a pretty decent amount of traffic. And a lot of quality posts from the Ayako Defense Force. If you don’t really want to look at all the pretty pictures in that blog post of mine, just scroll down to the bottom. There are a lot of sad, angry people there.

So I head on over to Ayako’s site to create as much drama as possible, by… offering to join their team and fix their failures.

Is Ayako humble enough to accept aid from a Sage? Let’s find out…

Surprisingly, yeah. That’s Spiegel, the leader of Ayako. So, I take this as they’re going to offer to let me at least take a test to get in the group. Based on the job done for their IS episode, I figure that all I need to do is know how to spell my own name. Looking good… Maybe I could turn them into a somewhat respectable subgroup after all! Keep in mind for later on that I was invited to apply by Ayako’s leader.

I join the recruits channel and actually have a respectable conversation with Estaron and Pikaron. They’re pretty chill dudes, about whom I have nothing bad to say. They offer to let me take the editing test, and I go to sleep, figuring that when marsd (Ayako’s head of recruitment) wakes up, he could just toss me his version of the editing test.

Does all end well for our hero, Dark_Sage, and his beloved fansub group, Ayako? Read part 3 to find out!

[Okay, seriously, the whole “three parts” thing is for a reason. If it was all in one post it’d be wayyy too fucking long.]

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