Will Sub Trailers 4 Free!!

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So, I wanted to give back to the great anime community that has given me such things as SankakuComplex, BakaBT, and Crunchyroll. What better way to do this than by providing fan translations of the trailers for the upcoming season? So, uhh, yeah, I’m taking requests. They will be done under the [Superior-Subs] tag for… various reasons.

Currently done: Ao no Exorcist PV4

TL-kun is still out having pre-marital intercourse with Thailandic people, so he won’t be available to translate the subs. Luckily, I have a semester of Japanese under my belt, so I think I can pull it off.

Note: This is the first in a series of banners highlighting what an awesome sub group we are (were?). Make sure you put them in your signatures on forums because this is 2002 and people still use forums.

And, here come the trailers… The only one subbed so far is this one:


Torrent: http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=download&tid=197510

0 thoughts on “Will Sub Trailers 4 Free!!”

  1. 1. Ao no Exorcist
    2. Deadman Wonderland
    3. Hidan no Aria

    I don’t know if they’ve got preview releases of them or if they’ve been released

    • Hidan was already subbed by our good friends at Hina. Deadman Wonderland has no PV out. But Ao no Exorcist… yeah, I can do that.

      • This is actually not a bad idea and I’m glad that you came up with the idea if there is anymore that comes to mind I’ll gladly list them

    • I’m just fucking with you. The trailer was super boring, so I just added in some fun lines.

      Also, I just realized Lotte’s Toy as a jokesub would be worthless considering the show is trying to play itself off as a clean romance but the whole plot is that the girl survives off sucking down cock juice. ._.

      And I think Skeet Dance would actually lend itself to a good translation much better than a jokesub, so I’ll refrain from that.


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