Fansub Review: [Ayako] Dog Days (Episode 01)

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This is a review of Ayako’s Dog Days release. It’s aimed at helping you to choose which fansub group’s release to watch. By popular demand, I guess I’ll be doing this for every show of the season until I burn out and kill myself. Strap yourselves in. It’s gonna be a sexy ride.


I want to absolutely stress this: The problems you see here are only the tip of the iceberg. There were numerous, numerous problems with this release that I did not point out because I didn’t want this to become any more tl;dr than it already is.

Note: The original release of this episode had a file size of 900 MB. They also cut out the preview. This is likely fixed in the new version they released. [LOLENCODE] also released a properly encoded version of the show using Ayako’s script.

This is what the karaoke looks like, for people who care about that.

No, no, Ayako.  It’s “*has* the advancement of the troops gone as planned?”

Hey, I just made up a new word to describe this. It’s redumbdancy.

Protip: No one ever said, “Look, it’s Knight Lancelot!” The logical title is “Sir Brioshere”

I don’t even know what to say.

Again, I’ll share a secret tip of mine. Try replacing the weird words with their most logical real-world counterparts. For example, think of Biscotti as France. “I fully understand the difficult situation us, France, have been placed in.” Does that sound right? Of course not. So, try it like this: “I fully understand the difficult situation we, the French, have been placed in.” Much better~

This is more awkward than the time I got caught masturbating at Chuck E. Cheese. “Thus, it’s time to use our trump card!” more like.

What an ultimatum.

This makes it seem like it was bad to get close to becoming a champion when the real meaning of the line is that it was bad he didn’t become a champion. There’s a difference and it’s a pretty fucking obvious one.

Ohanami time indeed.

<Dark_Sage> <- I don’t even know what to say
<&SpiegelEiXXL> Dark_Sage: why dont you post the people die when they are killed SS
<&SpiegelEiXXL> + i cant see anything wrong with that line

That’s Spiegel, the leader of Ayako. He can’t see anything wrong with this line. Can you?

No, capitalizing “Fronyald” does not make this sentence make any more sense, Ayako.

“We Biscotti have wars with our neighbors, the Galette, from time to time.”

I have no clue how they managed to fuck that sentence up.

Lend his powers? To whom? Come on now, guys…

I think Ayako’s just fucking with us. They can’t be this stupid.



-to see




Who the fuck greenlit this?

Note: You can’t just toss random adverbs together and pray that it works. Also, it’s battlefield. Fucktards.

Uhh, how about…

A Hero is Born! The Birth of a Hero! etc. etc.

Pretty much anything but the title they chose. ._.

Overall grade: D-
I find it truly amazing that natural selection hasn’t killed off their editors yet. Wait for Hiryuu’s release of this show.

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  1. “Fronyald” should be “Fronaldo”, and it’s the name of the land they’re in. Would have been smart of Ayako to read up on the show before subbing it.
    ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    • You sure?

      < Dark_Sage> So you guys are doing Dog Days?
      <&nixx`> You guys are not doing anything right now

      then Commander’A proceeded to quit in front of my eyes.

      <&commander`A> well guys
      <&commander`A> been really good here
      <&commander`A> it was really fun fansubbing
      <&commander`A> really am
      <&commander`A> reallyt sorry
      <&commander`A> well then, I’m gonna leave

      I might have to fix this shit myself.

  2. “No, capitalizing ‘Fronyald’ does not make this sentence make any more sense, Ayako.”

    Two times make in a sentence? Come on, you can do better than that!

    “No, capitalizing ‘Fronyald’ is not going to let this sentence make any more sense, Ayako.”
    Still awkward, but at least easier to read. ;)


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