Fanrip Review: [HorribleSubs] Hanasaku Iroha (Episode 01)

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Note: Fuck, I really wanted to tear into the professional subbers here, but they actually did a really good job. I guess the millions the Rockefellers threw into Crunchyroll really paid off. No OP/ED because professionals don’t translate songs.

Additional note: [Splazm] also released this episode. Like HorribleSubs, they are a rip group. Their release is basically the same as this one.

No subject? For srslies?

It was worth a shot.

Little miss Ohana? What?

Awkward. How about “They’re calling about my deadline!” or something?

A plan can’t be patient, but it can be methodical.

Do people still use this word?

Questions, even rhetorical ones, need question marks.

Are they just toning down the dialogue so four-year-olds can watch this shit?

This is not an idiom. At all.

As mentioned later, that’s his nickname. It should be capped as people will be using that in lieu of his actual name.

His last name is Denryoku, like the bean company.

Their sentence actually sounds better, but the line was way too long for the time it was allotted in the episode.

can -> could

Overall grade: B+

I’ve always thought of professional subs as something to be avoided, but this is really high-quality work. Find a group that tosses OP/ED translations onto CR rips and go with them for this show.

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  1. Personaly I don’t realy care the OP/ED, but if they would at least add it on the final episode. So I could finaly know what the **** the singing.

    And if you do a karaoke, make it complte with kanji. I just recently started with learning japaneese. If they add timed kanji in it, then it would even help me a little to learn something XD

  2. I disagree with most of your points – this isn’t a translation of a technical handbook. A writer can break the rules in the right places: this is what gives the work a personality.

    And who says the characteres speak perfectly all the time?

    • I am willing to go over each and every one of my critiques and point out exactly why they are legitimate and why they would lead to a better release. Which one’s bugging you the most? We can start there.

    • most of the critiques were targeting grammar, capitalization, and basic sentence structure.
      Occasionally, Dark_Sage does fuck up and criticize the ‘flow’ and ‘phrasing’, but most of his points are based on the basics of english grammar.

  3. Seriously, just FUCK OFF! If you think you can do a better job, then do it. Stop whining like a dick and get your ass working on a better translation, MOTHERFUCKING HATER…

    • LOL go read the previous posts.
      We are starting work.
      And Dark_Sage wasn’t hating, he was just luling.
      Of course, if you disagree with any of his points and wish to debate the intricacies of english grammatical conventions, feel free to reply with a greater variety of diction with the use of syntax beyond that of a toddler.

      Also, always keep Rule 3 in mind.
      Rule 4 will not be forgiving.

  4. I really like this show and already compared the horrible subs – doki translation.
    how about hatsuyuki tsuki subs version?
    need your opinion?

  5. “No OP/ED because professionals don’t translate songs.” They generally do translate them, when it comes to DVD/BD releases. But with simulcasts/streams, there’s not enough time to go through all the legal hoops to get translations approved by the original lyricist, the record company, and whoever else has a piece of the pie. There are some exceptions, like Shugo Chara, where the production committee of the anime creates and controls the group(s) that do the OP/ED.


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