Linx-san, MSPN and Oretachi

Join me, Revy-chan, on a voyage to learn the truth about the shitstorm last-night that was MSPN-l0lghost Ore-tachi no Tsubasa. INC. LONG POST.

So yesterday, after coming back from my Japanese placement test, I join IRC and Sapph asks if I’m free to time. I wasn’t there at the start but apparently the earlier sh*tstorm that occurred was, LiLGhost got into MSPN channel, somehow got full access then continued to ban EVERYONE from the channel. Linx-san being the useless kid he is asks Sapph for help on getting his chan back. Apparently too stupid to even understand basic commands, Sapph ended up getting access, removing LiLGhost and then getting the chan back.

During the course of this, Linx-san asks if we have timers, editors and QCs to help out on his release of Oretachi. We weren’t the only group he asked.

Linx: will u seed my release?
17:11 ?
10 minutes
17:22 Linx: pls?
6 minutes

Him and Hologfx.

22:11 Linx: r u subbing tsubasa?
22:12 and what does tss.ts mean?

You don’t even know what a .ts is and you want to fansub?

23:47 Linx: which font goes well for tsubasa logo?
me: i dont do logos
Linx: at least help me with that pls
23:48 but which font goes well?
so i can get it

Serious? Can’t do this yourself?

03:35 Linx: can u spare me a timer pls?
03:43 u there

>mfw 3 fucking AM?

06:12 me: Where’s your own timer
06:13 Linx: hes here now
to much chaos
43 minutes
06:57 Linx: can i borrow your timer pls
me: Where’s yiurs
06:58 Linx: he’s whying about the script
and holding us up
06:59 pls let me borrow your timer pls
me: You missed him, he went to bed
11:38 Linx: u see this bullshit

Not doing so well on your début day now are you?

So after pestering Hologfx for help, we get asked, dunno how but when I joined in, Sapph, Janice, Dark_Sage and Puff-kun had already begun work. Puff was doing the K-Timing/Encoding, Sapph, Janice and Dark_Sage were trying their best to edit the shit awful TL and I was suppose to time it.
The irony is, he didn’t even have OP lyrics so:

[11:59] ~Linx-san we’ll release it without op
[12:00] ~Linx-san and we’ll use another groups lyrics
[12:01] Sapphire who is TLing your OP now….
[12:01] ~Linx-san tl from another group

Trolol, where’s your TL’er good sir?

Continuing with this scipt, due to the shit they like to call “TL”, timing couldn’t begin cause there were errors everywhere. I had limited time so I went through the script with the RAW and fixed all the shit up. Not only were there grammar mistakes, but mistranslations were all over the place. Lines were also seemingly switched for no good reason. Generally, it made no sense. After 2 hours I had to leave and the script was mildly readable/fixed at that state. Linx-san brings in Premonition (WORST TIMER EVER BRO, DON’T KID YOURSELF) and in the 4 hours I was gone, he did like, 118 lines, while Sapph did like 1/2 the script and waited for this kid to get his shit done. Premo also proceeded to delete about 10 lines of the script cause apparently:

[14:36] premonition-BUSYSUBBING it’s 2 different things for it

Except it’s not cause you don’t know a lick of Japanese you retard.

Dialogue: 0,0:01:50.58,0:01:52.25,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,This is the third day straight, actually!
Dialogue: 0,0:01:52.25,0:01:56.88,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,It feels like a higher power is at work here!
Dialogue: 0,0:01:56.88,0:01:59.27,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,Kind of like destiny, ya know?

Dialogue: 0,0:01:52.20,0:01:56.89,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,This is the third day straight, actually!
Dialogue: 0,0:01:56.89,0:02:01.04,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,Kind of like destiny, ya know?

Don’t fucking delete the second line, cause she SPECIFICALLY says higher power in one sentence, and destiny in the other. It’s not the fucking same herp derp.

Dialogue: 0,0:03:39.32,0:03:43.44,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,I’m Chitose Shuusuke, a run-of-the-mill, part-time guy who can’t hold down a job.
Dialogue: 0,0:03:43.44,0:03:47.18,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,I manage to get along with the money I earn from working a couple different jobs.

Dialogue: 0,0:03:39.32,0:03:47.05,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,I’m Chitose Shuusuke, a run-of-the-mill, part-time guy who can’t hold down a job.

Two separate things are being said here, don’t delete the 2nd line and extend it you idiot.
Also notice the different ends and starts, KNOW WHAT BLEEDS ARE GOOD SIR? They’re all over your fucking timing.

[14:45] premonition-BUSYSUBBING IDK who TL’ed this
[14:45] Janice lolz
[14:45] premonition-BUSYSUBBING or if you did something
[14:45] premonition-BUSYSUBBING the notes aren’t in a note
[14:45] premonition-BUSYSUBBING UGH FUCK

No, you’re just stupid.

[14:50] premonition-BUSYSUBBING Je t’aime!
[14:50] Sapphire leave it that
[14:50] Janice lol
[14:50] Sapphire does she say it in french?
[14:50] premonition-BUSYSUBBING WHY?
[14:50] premonition-BUSYSUBBING it’s just
[14:50] premonition-BUSYSUBBING KORA!!!
[14:50] Sapphire DOES SHE SAY IT IN FRENCH
[14:50] premonition-BUSYSUBBING NO
[14:50] Sapphire IN THE ANIME
[14:50] Sapphire lawllllllllllllllllll
[14:50] premonition-BUSYSUBBING it’s just kora

Except she does say it.

[16:48] Revy-chan i’ll PRESUME YOUR TIMING is ok
[16:48] premo mine
[16:48] premo it should be

Worst mistake I ever made. Luckily I started from the beginning instead of where he left off cause there were mistakes on the every first bunch of lines.

Dialogue: 0,0:00:28.02,0:00:33.49,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,This is Seventh Square’s channel, ACP, Naraku Central TV.
Dialogue: 0,0:03:04.41,0:03:05.56,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,Clearing all the cast-

Dialogue: 0,0:00:28.02,0:00:34.06,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,This is Seventh Square’s channel, ACP, Naraku Central TV.
Dialogue: 0,0:03:04.46,0:03:07.66,Default,,0000,0000,0000,,Clearing all the cast-

You see those scene bleeds there bro?

[17:11] premo ugh
[17:11] premo is mine that bad
[17:11] premo it can’t be that bad

Bad would be an understatement.

[17:15] Revy-chan as a timer, you shouldn’t ever delete lines
[17:18] premo HOLD ON
[17:18] premo no don’t bring them back in
[17:18] premo they shouldn’t made it through
[17:18] premo SERIOUS
[17:19] premo of fuck it
[17:19] Revy-chan uh wut
[17:19] Revy-chan no they’re not
[17:19] premo YES THEY ARE
[17:19] Revy-chan no they’re not
[17:19] Revy-chan i SPEAK japanese
[17:19] premo uhh
[17:19] premo then why aren;t you a TL
[17:19] Revy-chan you’re extending lines so far past what’s said and removing entire lines

Maybe cause I don’t want to be a TL’er? Dunno what that has to do with your shit timing though.

[17:34] ~Linx-san hurry pls
[17:35] ~Linx-san laptop overheating

And what the fuck did you do in this entire “joint” good sir? Nothing? You have no fucking right to tell us to hurry up when you sat on your fucking ass the entire time doing absolutely nothing.

[19:59] Sunny Linx-san
[19:59] Sunny FUCK THIS
[19:59] Sunny >MFW
[20:00] ~Linx-san sorry k
[20:00] Sunny .
[20:00] Sunny Where
[20:00] Sunny is
[20:00] Sunny the
[20:00] Sunny original
[20:00] Sunny release
[20:00] Sunny I mean
[20:01] Sunny I want a direct link
[20:01] premonition you mean DDL
[20:01] ~Linx-san its uploading
[20:01] premonition ?
[20:01] Sunny No
[20:01] Sunny like
[20:01] Sunny the file
[20:03] ~Linx-san explain
[20:06] Sunny I mean
[20:06] Sunny where is the full file

You’re obviously not very tech-savvy are you? Then again you had this gem too:

[19:58] hologfx he asked sunny where he would find those “8 letters” that feature on the end of every release
[19:58] hologfx that was funnier
[19:58] convexity 8 letters
[19:58] convexity ?
[19:58] Revy-chan wat
[19:58] convexity oh, CRC
[19:58] Revy-chan oh
[19:58] Revy-chan LOL
[19:58] convexity lol.
[19:58] Revy-chan HAHAHAHAHHA

Seriously? Like, really? You want to fansub yet you don’t have a proper timer or editors or QC’ers or anything else for that matter. You don’t know what a .ts is nor even the fucking CRC? Come on man, you gotta be trolling or something.

[21:59] Sunny
[21:59] Sunny This is what shows up
[21:59] Sunny Just give my blog access

Guess not, you must be THAT retarded.

[22:02] Sunnt I swear to God
[22:03] Sunny I’m gonna kill this guy
[22:07] SHiN_aKuMa the guy is tried, man.
[22:07] Sunny Look
[22:08] SHiN_aKuMa tired*
[22:08] Sunny he fails at posting links
[22:08] Sunny what the fuck
[22:08] Sapphire he claims to be 23 but i think he’s 12
[22:09] ~Linx-san sunny

I think Sunny is about to commit seppuku here.

I think the best part in all this fiasco is that the .ass Premo gave me was broken, that’s why NEITHER of us had subs. It’s even more fucking hilarious cause MSPN only had 1 seeder while people had ours already and were just waiting for a patch. Apparently, Linx-san is a fucking god amongst men in the sense that he can see subs in his fucked up mux,

[21:23] Midgie Holo i asked Linx and his file does play the subs
[21:23] Holo|server he physically opened it?
[21:23] Holo|server and played it?
[21:24] Midgie Holo, he said yes

but everyone knew the mux was fucked from the start. Hope the 1000+ people that waited off of 1 seed enjoyed their raw!

[20:36] * Hologfx facepalms
[20:36] Sapphire ?
[20:36] Hologfx Linx: yo we need XDDC for ep pls
[20:37] Sapphire lawl
[20:37] Hologfx anyway

You really dunno when to stop pestering people for shit do you? For your information, asking me if I’m done every 5 minutes DOES NOT make me work faster. In fact I work slower cause I have to alt-tab to see what you fucking wrote.

[17:31] ~Linx-san how is it going?
[17:31] Revy-chan about half way
[17:49] ~Linx-san not talking to sap
[17:49] ~Linx-san hows things going
[17:49] ~Linx-san ?
[17:49] Revy-chan almost done
[17:50] ~Linx-san k
[17:50] ~Linx-san i just like people with that type of aditude
[18:00] ~Linx-san now?
[18:00] Revy-chan 10 more lines

I hope you guys do well next week with Premo timing and no editors. That script of yours was a pleasure to work with.

guess what? You’ll need to find a timer, editor, QC’er, TLC’er for your release next week. We’re not doing the show either so… fail more please? Also, learn how to use TokyoTosho bro:

27 thoughts on “Linx-san, MSPN and Oretachi”

  1. “You’ll need to find a timer, editor, QC’er, TLC’er for your release next week. We’re not doing the show ”

    These are all easy to find. Finding competent people who will work with a total dumbass is what’s hard. Prepare to see a total fail rape script next week.

    ~The best part is no one in that group will see anything wrong with it…

  2. You’re missing a few things.

    Here is more:

    Note: I’m not really in HorribleSubs, I just felt like messing with him at the time. Coincidentally, CR was delayed for the first episode so he actually thought that I was the one who delayed it for him. I joined his channel and they all thanked me for it. Also, you’ll notice that even though I told him that CR was delayed, he proceeded to ask me for the script.

    Anyway, it’s been a fun two or three days dealing with this guy.


  4. Couldn’t believe it when I heard Linx-san was starting a group. I’ve QC’d with him, and that was bad enough.

    Still, it’s given me the best laugh I’ve had in a while.

  5. As an added bonus, let’s dive into more MSPN History:

    Before MSPN was a reality, he was a Editor/QC at Hatsuyuki (a pretty bad one, at that). He eventually started releasing PVs/Raws/Songs under the name “MSPN”, and constantly asked others to help him rip/seed stuff (on top of him trying to solicit members and leaders from other groups to join his new group). He was eventually fired from Hatsuyuki for this, but continued trying to solicit members. This is where the fun begins.

    PV/Raws: Anyone can rip Youtube and re-release on torrent, but he always asked others to help him seed <10MB files. Always. Every release. It's not like you need a 100mbit server to seed a tiny 10MB file.

    Songs: This is the entertaining part. When he first started out, all he did was take other group's releases (TSDM and Shin-S, to name a few), re-tagged them, and re-released them. He even left in the group's original file comment (until it was pointed out and he re-re-released without the comment). He constantly lied to people, saying that he actually bought the CDs and was ripping them himself (and when people asked him for lyric scans… "OH SHIT MY SCANNER IS BROKE"). After he was confronted with undeniable proof that he just re-tagged (further explanation here:, he began RE-ENCODING releases. Yes, he re-encoded lossy MP3 into even lossier MP3, and even "upscaled" lossy audio into FLAC (see: After many, many months, he finally learned how to encode from bin/cue into FLAC/MP3, but it was already too late (and it seems like he dropped the music business anyway). I guess it was too much work for him to handle.

    gamma's wrote:

    06:03 : Linx-san: r u at least proud that i tried so hard?

    Yes, because constantly nagging people about their progress is unbearably hard. Just like re-naming other people's releases and ripping Youtube.


    • 118 lines in 4 hours, lol so fucking slow, 2.033898305084746 minutes/line, premonition = worst timer ever, fail is fail

  6. To people wondering where my follow-up posts to this went, I deleted them. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and don’t know all the drama that happened today, please disregard this.

    Yes, this blog is about drama, and yes, I’m not in the business of making people feel good about what they’ve done. But I only heap shit on people who can handle it. Based on a few things I saw, I have some serious concerns about Linx-san’s ability to deal with all the drama that we put on him.

    Yes, it was hilarious when someone posted Premonition’s IRC password. We all had a good laugh when someone used /ghost to kick him from Rizon. And getting Linx-san to drop his ownership of his channel? Priceless. I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off my chair.

    But using premonition’s password to access his email and his blog accounts? That gets a little more dicey. I think premonition was able to handle the ribbing, but let’s stop for a second and consider if what he did was really worth it. And what did he do, exactly? He screwed up on a fansub script, and then he attempted to stop people from fucking with his fansub group’s channel. As a result, he deleted every email on his account in an attempt to stop people from seeing them. And then he had his posts on his site edited (albeit humorously).

    Then finding Linx-san’s facebook page and posting it multiple times? Really? Bringing real life into some fansubbing bullshit? Come on, guys. His only problem was being a newfag who wanted a fansub group of his own. He just wanted to emulate us. He did a douche move by trying to claim sole credit for a joint, and getting his channel taken over was nice comeuppance. But real life should be off limits to that.

    I realize that I’m starting to sound like a preachy faggot. Sorry for that. Anyway, my posts are down now. Sorry for wasting my time and your time on all this bullshit. I’ll try my best to bring you better-quality lulz and drama in the future.


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