Fanrip Review: [HorribleSubs] Sengoku Otome (Episode 01)

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Ah, here we go. HorribleSubs starts to live up to their name. We’re not getting to Level-E Crunchyroll quality here, but it’s getting there…

Blade of Cruelty sounds cooler. Doesn’t Blade of Cruelty sound cooler? Yes, Blade of Cruelty sounds cooler.

Why is this text floating in the middle of the screen? Also, I have a feeling that “began going” is a bit incorrect. I can’t think of the actual rule in English for it, if there is one, but it sounds off to me. It’s also 3:30 AM. Give me a break.

“this is where everything began to go wrong.”


continuing with the Battle of Okehazama against Imagawa Yoshimoto…

The way this would be pronounced in English would be with an accented “that”. Because the whole line is in italics, “that” should be accented through being the only word that’s non-italicized.

They said “kechi” very clearly and from what I understand, this is commonly translated as stingy. “Stingy” does not detract from the show at all, so I’m drawing a blank as to why they changed it.

internet auctions


She constantly refers to Nobunaga as “my lord” throughout the episode, so much that it essentially replaces Nobunaga’s name. In this case, “My Lord” should be capitalized due.

My Lord! Are you feeling okay?

If you wanna be real swanky, you can replace “okay” with “all right”

Except they’re girls, so make it

Um… You two look like you’ve been discussing something,

Okay, she directly refers to herself, sure. But people don’t say “Calm down, self!” In these scenarios, the person refers directly to him/herself. “Calm down, Nobuhiro!” or “Just calm down!” considering the viewers can understand the context of the situation.

Some groups don’t use commas. These guys overuse them. The comma in the first sentence and the second comma in the second sentence are not needed.

[he] incurred the gods’ wrath and lost his life.

Some groups have three line at once. HorribleSubs managed six.

Overall grade: C+

The errors weren’t horrendous, so that’s not the reason for the low score. The problem is that the script was so simply written that it’s an absolute shame any errors were made at all.

–Note– Hiryuu told me they were doing Dog Days, so I decided to refrain from fixing Ayako’s script and releasing it. Are there any decent groups doing this show or should I give it a proper edit, bribe someone into TLing the OP/ED, and then release it?

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  1. Are there any decent groups doing this show or should I give it a proper edit, bribe someone into TLing the OP/ED, and then release it?

    Do it!

      • Hmm, all right. I’ll go ask~

        Edit: They dropped it. Now I have to decide if I actually wanna do it. The show kinda sucks.

        • Well, it would be cool if you did it, but it’s personal preference. It’s fine if you don’t want to either, can’t force you into it or anything. It’s just “gotta take what you can get” at that point.

      • The point is, if the subs will be ripped from CR and there will be only heavy editing on the script why bother doing the timing? Also for the OP and ED anybody can time it since its only few lines. Unless someone will translate it from zero then a timer is needed.

    • It comes pre-timed. Unless you wanted to k-time it. Sparky’s my main timer though, so I’d only ask you if he didn’t want to. I’m assuming you go by Insanity on IRC?

  2. I’m quite amazed by Kyouki-Tsuki who probably read this and made all the changes you said. Why if I didn’t know better, you came in and did it. ;)

    I don’t know how often you help with other groups though.

    • That’s interesting. I’ll have to check out their version, then.

      I don’t really help out other groups… But even though I don’t help out other groups directly, that doesn’t mean they don’t use my suggestions. :3


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