Fansub Review: [Commie] Tiger & Bunny (Episode 01)

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This was pretty well done. FlashGordon was right when he told me there weren’t too many things to complain about.

Note: I didn’t do YouSmell’s version because the font was unreadable and hardcoded. This is an assuredly better version.

Commie’s karaoke for this was very unique. Both the OP and ED changed colors/fonts when it was appropriate and it was really classily done.

I should note this isn’t a minor inconsistency; it’s seen throughout the episode. Whether to capitalize Hero/Heroes or not is more a styling issue than anything in this show, so I’m not talking about that. I almost feel as if the editor decided halfway through to capitalize Hero/Heroes, but didn’t change everything. The split’s about 80-20 if I had to guess.

I’m sure we all can agree that “rescue entertainment program” doesn’t roll off the tongue very well. How about “This entertaining rescue program rates Heroes by their actions as a means of choosing the King of Heroes!”

Open-Flame Broiler

Cuz, y’know, you can’t exactly be a broil.

Nothing’s happened to Wild Tiger at this point. They’re asking if he’s going to be all right because a train’s about to flatten his sorry ass.

Are you sure he’ll be all right?!

This isn’t an error. I just wanted to point out that sometimes Japan doesn’t get it quite right.

To be honest, I prefer “Cut to commercials” because it makes it seem like there are multiple ones incoming. I can understand the logic behind “cut to commercial”. After all, the break is only supposed to be 30 seconds, as the show explains, so you could make the argument that only one commercial is going to appear. But at this point you’re throwing out consistency in favor of bold assumptions. Minor point, I know, but I’m here to whine, not suck dick.

tiggerz. Err, I mean triggers.

You know when you’re watcing an anime and a line goes by and you just stop for a second and make a quick, incredulous glance over your shoulder like “Whoa, did I just see what I thought I saw?” Yeah, that’s what happened to me here.

Overall grade: B

I’d give ’em an B+ if it weren’t for the major inconsistencies when it comes to capitalizing Hero/Heroes. Good release.

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  1. Yeah, I had fixed that hero thing in qc before aegisub took a shit on me and deleted everything I had done. I spent like, fuck, 7 hours maybe doing all sorts of shit to the script.


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