MSPN Drama – The Beginning [Part 1]

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This post details the drama that happened before with MSPN’s oretachi release. tl;dr Linx-san, leader of MSPN was being an absolute dick to the staff at GotWoot who were trying to help him out. Premonition was the timer for MSPN and he didn’t do all that great of a job.

All right, let’s start the drama.

So, I’m in GotWoot’s staff channel and animegio posts an interesting find.

<@Collectr> A bit upset, isn’t he?
<@animegio> yeah, seems to be the case
<@Dark_Sage> ahahahahahaa

Figuring you guys might enjoy it, I post the site in a comment here. Meanwhile, I’m in #ctss, just chilling, minding my own business when Premonition starts to rage at me.

<@premonition> DARK SAGE
<@Dark_Sage> yo
<@premonition> WHAT IN THE FUCK
<@Dark_Sage> ?
<@premonition> you give those trolls my site
<@premonition> now I have like 9001 troll mails
<@premonition> 9001 TROLL MAILS
<@Dark_Sage> I’m trying to get your site more views.
<@Dark_Sage> Cuz we’re friends.
<@premonition> bullshit
<@Dark_Sage> What?
<@premonition> all I’m getting is TROLL MAIL
<@Dark_Sage> They’re just being tsundere.
<@premonition> if it was Revy commenting
<@convexity> ┐(‘~`;)┌
<@premonition> I would appriciate that
<@premonition> it would let me pinpoint an area to get ahold of
<@premonition> I have a project

I see. He has a project…

<@premonition> anyways
<@premonition> dude
<@premonition> don;t post my site up again
<@Dark_Sage> Why do you have a site if you don’t want people to see it?
<@premonition> I don’t want trolls to see it
<@premonition> trolls = spam mail
<@premonition> all I’m getting is people saying
<@premonition> MSPN SUCKS
<@Dark_Sage> Have you considered that they may be right?
<@premonition> ugh
<@premonition> people need to know this
<@premonition> MSPN is a new group
<@Dark_Sage> There are many new groups that don’t suck.
<@premonition> there may be many new groups
<@premonition> that don’t suck
<@premonition> but guess what
<@premonition> it doesn;t mean
<@premonition> go slander the ones that aren’t as expirenced
<@Dark_Sage> It isn’t slander if it’s true, is it?

So I tell my buddies back in the GotWoot staff channel what’s going on. They come in and push Premonition over the edge:

<@Sunny> >mfw premonition thinks I’m spamming his blog.
* FlashGordon ([email protected]) has joined #CTSS
<FlashGordon> cats
<@Sunny> cats
<+KmE> premonition: as a newbie timer, i want your guidance can you teach me timing?
<+FlashGordon> yeah teach me too
<@premonition> sure
<+KmE> can you tell me what is scene bleed?
<@Sunny> Timing is serious shit
<+FlashGordon> can you show me how?
<+FlashGordon> you seem to be a master
<@premonition> I never said that
<+KmE> <KmE> can you tell me what is scene bleed?
<+KmE> ^
<+FlashGordon> [12:06] <+FlashGordon> can you show me how?
<+FlashGordon> [12:06] <+FlashGordon> you seem to be a master
<+FlashGordon> ^
<@premonition> ugh
<@premonition> if I’m getting this
<@premonition> I’m outta here
* @premonition ([email protected]) has left #CTSS

So, of course we followed him into #mspn and realized I somehow had ops.

Looking back into my logs, this happened about a month ago.

<Dark_Sage> Quite frankly unless the position I get is Project Lead + Head Editor Status (as in fuck what everyone else’s opinion is, we roll how I wanna), then there’s no chance I’m gonna join any group
<Dark_Sage> And even then, I’d be picky.
<~Linx-san> lets do it this way sage:
<~Linx-san> i want to have some involement in the project
<Dark_Sage> Dude, I was just messing around.
<~Linx-san> i’ll give u head edit status
<Dark_Sage> @_@
<~Linx-san> i’ll give u head edit status
* Wickedhelp sets mode: +ao Dark_Sage Dark_Sage
<&Dark_Sage> O_0

I left, didn’t come back, and still had & after a month. Nice.

As I step into #mspn, I realize that KmE has already been banned. Attempting to rectify this astounding display of cruelty, I unban him.

* Dark_Sage sets mode: -b *!*@KmE.Siker
<&Dark_Sage> why so mean?
<&premonition> you little shit
* premonition sets mode: +b *!*@desu.desu.desu

But of course, I have ops, so…

* Dark_Sage sets mode: -b *!*@desu.desu.desu
* premonition sets mode: +b *!*@KmE.Siker
* Dark_Sage sets mode: -b *!*@KmE.Siker

This obviously isn’t going very well for Linx and Premonition, so they decide to up the ante.

<&premonition> .access del Dark_Sage
<~Linx-san> .access del Dar_Sage
<&Dark_Sage> .access add kme 10
-Wickedhelp- You can’t use this command.
-Wickedhelp- Use the SOP, AOP, HOP and VOP commands instead.
-Wickedhelp- Type /msg ChanServ HELP command for more information.

After seeing that didn’t work, I was like “Oh, guess I better google the commands.” Of course, Linx-san wasn’t quite so smart, so he continued with his .access’ing.

After I found this out, Linx-san realized he knew how to .kb people. Unfortunately for him, he still didn’t know the commands, so I got back in.

#MSPN unable to join channel (address is banned)
-> *chanserv* unban #mspn
-ChanServ- You have been unbanned from #mspn.

<&Dark_Sage> Hi
* KmE changes topic to ‘KmE is still here’
<&Dark_Sage> Linx-san, y no love?
<&premonition> GET THE FUC OUT
<@KmE> o/
<@KmE> premonition, <3
<&premonition> FUCK YOU KmE
<+praddy> why all the hate?
<&premonition> dude
<+praddy> LOVE AND PEACE!

At this point, I’ve given auto-ops to KmE.

* Wickedhelp sets mode: +o KmE
<@KmE> <3
<&premonition> WHA IN THE FUCK
<@KmE> i use magiv
<@KmE> magic*
<&Dark_Sage> Do you believe in magic?
<@KmE> we all do
<&Dark_Sage> Magic~ <3
<+praddy> I believe in LOVE AND PEACE!
[14:26] <Zdm321> I believe we can make it~
[14:26] <Zdm321> whatever comes across~

<@KmE> give up linx
<&Dark_Sage> u mad, linx?
<&Dark_Sage> Awww, don’t be mad, linx
<&Dark_Sage> We’re all friends here

At this point, KME and I begin to give everyone access

* KmE sets mode: +o Aachi
-ChanServ- AnimeGio added to #MSPN AOP list.

repeated ad infinitum for everyone in the channel

<@Aachi> I R OPPED

As Aachi so eloquently put it, he was opped. And at this point, everything went to hell. Part 2 details the collapse of the channel and the triumph of the proletariat or something. Spoilers: we took over #mspn, ReimuHakurei scored us premonition’s password, and took over #apocalypse-subs

Part 2: [I’m currently writing part 2. Gimme a break cuz these logs are looong]

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