MSPN Drama – The Takeover [Part 2]

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All right, coming off the last post, I promised a channel takeover. Watch it in action, for this is how pros work.

Where we last left off, #mspn was in a state of siege by the forces of justice. But Premonition and Linx-San were fighting back with all their might. Who will win this glorious battle? (You already know, I just told you like five sentences ago.)

<&premonition> GO FUCK YOU GUYS
* &premonition ([email protected]) has left #MSPN

And with premonition out of the way and only Linx-san left…

<&Dark_Sage> It’s not nice to be mean to people
<&Wickedhelp> It can’t be helped.
<@Sunny> Chan takeover?
<&Dark_Sage> All we’re doing is spreading the love
<@Sunny> Welcome
<@Sunny> <3
<@Phycoforce> Sunny?
<@Aachi> Irrashaimase!
<@Sunny> Hi Phycoforce
<@Phycoforce> Is that you Sunny
<@Phycoforce> Hi
<@Pierrou> [fan]subbing…
<@Sunny> YES
<@Sunny> Wickedhelp
<&Wickedhelp> oh hi Sunny
<@Sunny> sup
<@Zdm321> Sunny stinx
<@Zdm321> true story

So yeah, we just spent the entire time hi5’ing ourselves and spreading the love. It was really peaceful.


* &Wickedhelp ([email protected]) has left #MSPN (UNASSIGN from Linx-san)

he unassigned the bot… Okay, that’s a bit weird. Ah, well, I’m sure it’ll work out for him. This guy seems to know what he’s doing.

<~Linx-san> .access del Dark_Sage #MSPN
<@animegio> there’s not bot, Linx-san, that won’t work
<@KmE> get a bot and type .kb
<@KmE> without any nicknames
<@KmE> <Linx-san> .kb
<@KmE> first assign a bot
<@KmE> . /msg botserv assign #MSPN fapfire something like that
<@KmE> then do .kb
<@Sunny> ヘ(゚∀゚ヘ) do the creep!
<@Sunny> ヘ(゚∀゚ヘ) do the creep!

Goddammit, Sunny! Not now! This is serious!

Aww, I can’t resist…

<@KmE> premonition assign a bot to use .kb
<@convexity> >ChanServ sets mode: -z
<@convexity> yes
<@KmE> are retarded or something?

I think he are.

<@KmE>  . /msg botserv assign #MSPN fapfire something like that
<@KmE> do it
<@KmE> and then .kb
<@FlashGordon> lmfao
* fapfire ([email protected]) has joined #MSPN
* fapfire sets mode: +o fapfire
<@KmE> now do .kb
<@convexity> it’s my channel now
<@convexity> brb dropping
<@foog> no don’t
<@Zdm321> keep it lol
<@convexity> why
<@convexity> who want it?
<@FlashGordon> o god
<@foog> gimme
<@KmE> give it to foog
* Linx-san was kicked by fapfire (Requested)

There’s no way he’d actually be stupid enough to–Oh shit, did that just happen?

* Linx-san ([email protected]) has joined #MSPN
* KmE sets mode: +v Linx-san

Yeah, I guess it did.

* fapfire sets mode: -z
* @fapfire ([email protected]) has left #MSPN
<@Dark_Sage> o/
<@foog> got it
<@KmE> yay :3
<@KmE> good work o/

And celebrations.



For those who don’t know what just happened, Linx-san removed himself as channel owner by getting the bot to ban him. This gave foog an opportunity to take channel owner status, which he did.

But let’s not stop at a channel. Let’s take over an entire identity, for the lulz.

* premonition ([email protected]) Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Sunny)))
<Sunny> wat
<@foog> lol
<@KmE> wtf lol
<Sunny> o/o ReimuHakurei
<ReimuHakurei> Sunny asked
<@Zdm321> how did you get his password
<Sunny> He failed

Reimu told us this story in another channel, but basically ReimuHakurei found out premonition’s password because premonition wasn’t being careful enough. Then he told Sunny the password.

So Sunny took premonition’s password and used it to make Rizon disconnect Premonition’s connection. Nice.

* Zdm321 sets mode: +oooo Aachi animegio ReimuHakurei SleepSub[NL]
* Sunny sets mode: +oooo Suzuku SureShot praddy Okashii
<@Holo|server> cheers
* Sunny sets mode: +oooo Manabi Makise Litch em
* Sunny sets mode: +ooo BT Akarui_Ame Linx-san
<@ReimuHakurei> yay!
<@FlashGordon> did you guys just fucking hijack a whole channel?

Yes, yes we did.

With our heroes in control of one channel, victorious parties seemed assured. But what’s this? Might there be more to the story? Spoilers: it gets a whole better. And clifhangers are good stopping points, so I’ll cut it off here. Part 3 will be up soonlike and I’ll be including a lot of stuff that happened outside of #mspn as well.

Edit: kusion is a faggot

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