Fansub Review: [Underwater-Commie] Hanasaku Iroha (Episode 01)

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U-C’s version improves the already excellent script that Crunchyroll had by adding karaoke and fixing lines that had errors (nearly everything I pointed out was fixed).

Additionally, lines are more professionally displayed – you can check the U-C script and see that they did a whole lot of N to make the lines appear more centered on the screen. To be honest, this isn’t something I think is important, but someone obviously cared enough to go through the whole script and make sure that lines were displayed nicely. Kudos to you, unknown soldier.

ED only, no OP this episode

Still not keen on hush in this context.

This is something I missed in the original HorribleSubs release. Come now, Commie, I hope you didn’t just take my review as the Word of God. I’m only critiquing first episodes, so you’re on your own after this. ;)


I’m getting sick of you two.

Overall grade: A-

Two errors in the preview, one in the main script, and one line that’s against my personal preferences. Not too fucking shabby. These guys did a great job on taking CR’s version and making it better.

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  1. For those of you wondering, the Hayatsuki-Tsuki review is like 10 minutes from completion, but I gotta get to class. Time management FAIL.

        • oh just wondering is this show air’s in several channel?
          i did notice a difference between U-C version and H-T version in picture quality and labeled tv channel in the upright corner?
          it is just me or the raw that H-T use are better one?
          btw thanks for your reply.

          • It’s probably not just you. I don’t grade based on picture quality cuz I don’t know much about encoding. If the quality is that important to you, H-T is a fine choice.

    • I’m not. I watched Hanasaku twice – once with Doki and once with C-R. Because I already reviewed the Crunchyroll script, I just compared the U-C and H-T versions to that because they edited off of it. With that, I was able to see where they made changes and at that point all I had to do was review the translations.

      Edit: Okay, I watched it one more time for my review on GotWoot. But that was mostly me skipping around, trying to remember each and every plot point.

  2. I’ll get a golden shovel for digging it, but I’ll ask anyways: Anyone know where to download this show in underwater – commie version? I’ve searched whole web and all I’ve got are dead torrents:C

    • At this point you’d be better off grabbing a torrent of a BD release that used their subs like Flep, Hobiron or Golo. Any TV torrent is likely to be long dead by now, and really BD versions with those subs should be better anyway.


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