Fansub Review: [Hatsuyuki-Tsuki] Hanasaku Iroha (Episode 01)

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Like Underwater-Commie, Hayatsuki-Tsuki edited the original HorribleSubs script.

Happy note from Dark_Sage: They didn’t say “hush”! Yatta! And in fact, this review made me realize a fundamental problem with my reviews: they focus on the negative, rather than the positive. Hayatsuki-Tsuki is a very interesting group in that they made many changes to the script that were quite inspired. However, they also made a few changes that perplex me. Why would they remove the word “disowned” and replace it with “cast off”? But then they do something like change “call girl” into “lady of the night” and although the first line worked great, they just made it better.

ED, cuz there’s no OP yet. I liked their karaoke the best. It’s really good.

Awkward. How about “They must be calling about my deadline!” or something?

Again, I don’t see how a plan can be patient. As my pal thecowgoesmoo pointed out, “methodical” would be a better word.


Okay, even CR’s translator admitted this was a bit of a flub. Literal is not always best.

As mentioned later, that’s his nickname. It should be capped as people will be using that in lieu of his actual name.

His last name is Denryoku, like the bean company.

Their sentence actually sounds better, but the line was way too long for the time it was allotted in the episode.

Come hell or high water, I’m going to make every editor realize the difference between British English and American English.

can -> could

Overall grade: B+

You can make inspired choices to the script all you want, but if you don’t fix the fundamental errors, you’re really just running in circles.


It’s tough to make a recommendation on any of these subs, because I wasn’t expecting such high-quality releases. Gun to my head, were I to pick a group to archive, it would be Underwater-Commie. Doki, I love you guys, but U-C and H-T are operating off very, very good scripts in the first place. Hatsuyuki-Tsuki is a bit of a dark horse. I think they could show some very interesting results were they to focus on error management and then work on rewriting lines. I’ll repeat this ranking in a recap thread next week, but, IMO:

1. Underwater-Commie 2. Hatsuyuki-Tsuki 3. Doki 4. HorribleSubs

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  1. I can’t complain about encodes besides that Doki’s raw had some extra adds thrown onto it. See:
    So I’ll complain about typesetting. Underwater-Commie has the worst typesetting out of the three with Doki having the best (not to say that Underwater-Commie had bad typesetting, it just wasn’t as good).

    • Chevy787: I guess you’re mainly referring to that text message in regards to typesetting… yeah, that was my fault. The sign was typesetted but I forgot to copy it over to the actual script. So if you ignore that as a mistake, I’d say the typesetting is about equal.

  2. >hardsubbed karaoke
    >insert song hardsubbed in moon language and not even translated

    lol, what do they think it’s still 2005 and hardsubbing is cool?

  3. In the end, aren’t we all going to download the BD of this show? Because I don’t think that U-C or Hatsuyuki are going to do the BD of this show, I hope Doki takes a look at all this and fix all the errors in their script to make it the absolute best version to archive.

  4. lol. ya. get over your soft sub loving self. i think hardsubbing the OP is a great idea for people who has crappy computers and stuff. also, i personally think its fun to see the mistakes i missed on this show. i just don’t understand what you meant by “Come hell or high water, I’m going to make every editor realize the difference between British English and American English.” if you would please explain, it would help me to know the difference.

    • also its hatsuyuki please, not hayatsuki, please don’t complain about my editing if you can’t even copy and paste. :P


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