Fansub Review: [Nutbladder] Kaiji Season 2 (Episode 01)

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I’m really not a fan of the way Nutbladder styled the narrator’s voice in this show (“Daga! Shikashi!” becomes “But! But!!!” and there are many sentences that aren’t actually sentences – ex. “As the seasons change!”). But I can see the argument to be made for Nutbladder. In this case, I’m willing to write it off as a “style” and not nag on it for this review, but it’s still enough to affect my opinion of the subs.

No OP this episode, just the ED. Yes, that’s just the English text. No karafags at Nutbladder.


No, you can’t just throw “suddenly” in a sentence and expect it to raise dramatic tension. Throwing it ’round willy-nilly leads to shit writing.

Okay, I can understand wanting to start a new sentence here, but this is just stupid. There’s no reason they can’t be connected together  considering the second “sentence” isn’t even really one.

The devil’s night? Excuse me, what? How about “that hellish night” or something? If you insist upon “devil”, at least remember that you capitalized it before to refer to some guy, so call it “the Devil’s night” (even though that makes no fucking sense). If you’re going to fuck up, at least do it consistently.

Endoh, who had entered Kanji in -blah blah blah-, lost his position when Kaiji failed. He was then assigned to -blah blah blah-

The “just” makes the sentence imply that getting chased around on the outside is a good thing. Take that shit out, pronto.

Combo! First off, it’s hostage (singular). Secondly, if you make a line end with a comma, you damned well better finish off the sentence, not start a new one.

If I could just get out of here for one day, I’d be able to figure something out.

Yeah. These guys really don’t understand how to talk about events in the future.

If I got out, I could make it to a track or even an illegal casino…

There are some instances where “who”  is plural, but this is not one of them. He’s referencing himself here,

Commas are important.

Ever heard of word overuse? ._.

it. When will he realize it.

Overall grade: C+

Watchable. Also, there’s no sound in the preview. lol

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  1. Dark_Sage, I love how you keep doing these. Besides being lulz,they are also educational.

    Btw, their encode kinda sucks, yet again, I’m basing my assumptions off of jpeg screenshots…

  2. With all these capping broken sentences issues, it makes me wonder if they are using MS Word as an editing/translation tool, as it automatically changes the start of sentences to a Cap. Of course, that also means they didn’t catch it in the edit.

    • Bad translations can have the cumulative effect of making a good anime seem unwatchably stupid. I feel like an old man referencing Animejunkies, but they were a prime example. Still, I’d agree some of this is nitpicking. Comma use for instance has different ways it can go. I think that sentence about the beer is fine. C+ is probably a reasonable grade, though.

  3. I’m not saying that this is a good excuse, but the translator for this show clearly is translating literally. I remember the “devils night” as clear as day from the manga. It is confusing because “Akuma no Yoru” can be translated to Devil’s Night (possessive), Night of the Devil (characteristic) or Devilish night (descriptive).

    Obviously hellish night would have worked well, but Kaiji’s language in its native language has a strange way of being…….poetic and uses strange word choices.

  4. I’ve watched Triad’s Akagi and Kaiji S1 and I really had no qualms about this release, but just out of curiosity, what would be a better way to translate, “Daga! Shikashi!” I actually really like the narrator’s subtitles! I don’t speak Japanese at all, I just heard the narrator say 2 different words, so I’m wondering what he literally said.


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