Dark_Sage Listens – Updates to the Format + Suggestions?

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So apparently I’m kind of a pussy.

<thecowgoesmoo> You gave them an A-?
<Dark_Sage> HorribleSubs? Yeah.
<thecowgoesmoo> <_<
<Dark_Sage> Was there anything especially troubling you saw?
<thecowgoesmoo> Dunno, maybe I’m too harsh.
<thecowgoesmoo> Would have given them a B+, assuming that’s everything.
<@Dark_Sage> Yeah, I’ve been told my grades are lenient


<&aethon> too lenient
<&aethon> grade harder
<&aethon> so i don’t have to slap my own editors
<&kusion> it’s like
<&kusion> “buuut, b+”

<+koda> dark
<Dark_Sage> ?
<+koda> I want you to grade my subs hard
<Dark_Sage> k
<+koda> Harder than your hot, throbbing di-

All right, I get it guys.

“Drop those grades, cowboy”

Responding to the will of my fansubbing nakamas, I have dropped each grade one point lower. A -> A-, A- -> B+, etc. Future grades will be in line with these lower grades as well.


And I’ve also heard that my pictures are slightly smaller than they should be. Well, I think I’ve got a better size now. Individual pictures will be 25% larger. Multiple pictures will remain the same size so they can fit on the same line. I’m not going to update my old reviews because Too Much Effort, but they will be at that size going forward.


Any other suggestions for improvements? Any articles you want to see (anime/game reviews, karaoke, XXX)?

Note: No, I am not going to make an article on you, kusion.

0 thoughts on “Dark_Sage Listens – Updates to the Format + Suggestions?”

  1. I Would like to see reviews on the new Animes that have come out and that will come out, you know see your opinion on them and all that jazz.

  2. Lol reviewing the English translation of VNs will take a bloody long time. If he reviews Mangagamer’s Edelweiss, he’ll probably want to commit suicide.

    That aside, would you do a sort of mid-season re-review of the animes that have multiple groups doing them as certain groups may improve over time, maybe even after reading your reviews.

    I say this because I think Doki has a bunch of new translators, editors and the like who may not have had any experience, and thus need time to mature.

    • I think he meant reviewing the VNs themselves. I won’t, because I hate VNs. The original Whiners (aka the people who posted here first with me but won’t anymore cuz they’re too bashful) do love ’em. One guy, Ramsus, eats ’em up like candy. Maybe I can get him to finally make another post.

      Mid-season? Can’t promise anything. I might.

  3. u sir have WAY too much free time. Also HorribleSubs should be auto-A+ because they are professionals! ( ̄へ ̄)


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